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Digital Marketing

Cheaper & more efficient than traditionnal advertising, Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective way to go in China.

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Baidu SEO & PPC

Baidu being the most used Chinese search engine (70%+ researches), it is inconceivable not to use it for your China marketing strategy.

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Kols & PR

Chinese Kols are extremely powerful and the best way to increase your conversion rate by quickly building a good e-reputation in China.

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Learn more about our cheap solutions to rapidly find a distributor/buying agent in order to start selling your products in China.

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TikTok Douyin

Promote your brand/services via this unicorn app. Great targetting for a better ROI. Definitly an app you don't want to miss out.

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Integrate Chinese eCommerce platforms and start selling your product to chinese consumers asap with our cost efficient solutions.

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Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, you'll need a Wechat official account and an e-brochure to get started

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In China Branding is everything. If you are no one then no one will buy your products/services. Find more about our branding solutions.

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Our Awesome Packages

Badass Pack


  • Baidu Seo
  • Baidu PPC
  • Kol
  • Social Media
  • Branding

Start-up Pack


  • Wechat Brochure
  • Wechat Group
  • Press release
  • Baidu SEO

Wechat Pack


  • Wechat Account
  • Wechat Brochure
  • 50 Wechat Group

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