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Digital Marketing

Cheaper & more efficient than traditional advertising, Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective way to go in China.

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Baidu SEO & PPC

Baidu being the most used Chinese search engine (70%+ of researches), it is inconceivable not to use it for your China marketing strategy.

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Kols & PR

Chinese Kols are extremely powerful and the best way to increase your conversion rate by quickly building a good e-reputation in China.

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Learn more about our cheap solutions to rapidly find a distributor/buying agent in order to start selling your products in China.

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TikTok Douyin

Promote your brand/services via this unicorn app. Great targetting for a better ROI. Definitely an app you don't want to miss out on.

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Integrate Chinese eCommerce platforms and start selling your product to chinese consumers asap with our cost efficient solutions.

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Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, you'll need a Wechat official account and an e-brochure to get started

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In China Branding is everything. If you are no one then no one will buy your products/services. Find more about our branding solutions.

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Latest China Marketing News

Fliggy Agency (Ex Alitrip)

We help Tourism players, Tour operators, and hospitality companies to enter Fliggy and develop their Business on Fliggy (ex Alitrip). Chinese Hotels, Travel Agencies, or Airlines all have heard of Fliggy, formerly Alitrip may want to…

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Solutions to Get a Chinese Business License

Are you in the business of doing anything that takes place or is based within Mainland China? If so, it's probably time to take a look at your Chinese business license. This article will tell you…

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Booming of Fitness Centers: Getting FIT in China!!!

  China's fitness industry is growing at a fast pace The large and active Chinese millennial population has also encouraged this trend by suscribing to gym memberships and fitness classes. China’s fitness boom is also encouraged…

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