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We worked with many companies and helped them get the best implementation possible in China, here are a few examples

SEO Agency China : a GMA Division for SME & Start-ups

China SEO Agency

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SEO Agency China is a sub-division of GMA made of 15 peoples experts in their field. The goal of this subdivision is to let a chance to SME & Start-up to get started in China without losing in quality. The solutions offered by our SME & Start-up Division have been designed specially to adapt to the humble budget. This was only possible because the team is composed of talented individuals that master their speciality and our of course our years of existence and existing infrastructure.

Philip Qian: Baidu SEO Expert

Philip is the Co-founder of the Agency. After 4 years as Freelance SEO ( Backlinks Campaign & Content), he creates with Olivier Verot GMA and later on this division. Philip's expertise with Baidu SEO and the Chinese Market was critical in launching our subdivision. The team is now thriving and growing on its own and Philip oversee it among other projects.

Olivier VEROT: SEO Specialist

Olivier, with Philip, is co-founder of the Agency. He arrived in China in 2007 with already a few years of SEO on his belt. It is not an exaggeration to say that Olivier has seen both Google and Baidu grow from its infancy to what it is now. Olivier was at the origin of the subdivision. Indeed, he was in regular contact with small & medium companies wanting to enter the Chinese market, he saw an opportunity and grabbed it. Just like Philip, his expertise and international background were a major part of the success of the agency but also to develop our SEM & Startup Division. Olivier is an entrepreneur and is at the forefront of many projects within GMA.


Our division of 15 peoples was created to developed solutions based on the needs and budget of small & medium companies. As part of a bigger organization we have a strong structure and a well-developed network of media outlets, Kols, distributors and so on to offer you the best prices on the market.

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