How to Market a Niche Jewelry Brand in China?

You are a Niche Jewelry Brand, and you want to market in China with reasonable cost? This article is for you.

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. (work also in China)

Nothing says “I love you,” or “I’m sorry” like jewelry can, and nothing is a better alternative to bank savings actually than jewelry. China knows it.

The China Jewelry Market

China is currently the second largest jewelry consumer in the world.

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China’s economy has shown groundbreaking growth due to a higher average income of citizens. Lifestyle has been changing and sophisticated Chinese consumers are chasing not only big brand names now but care more about quality, a unique look, value, and design.

Jewerly in China a $ 49.06 billion Market

In 2014 jewelry sales in China achieved 41.2 percent of world consumption. China has about 50 percent of the total consumption of jewelry, with a taste thrust for consumption of gold jewelry. In order to meet local demand, China exports many jewelry items with a total value of USD$ 49.06 billion.

Jewerly a Fashion Item in China

Nowadays jewelry is seen as an essential fashion element, and Chinese consumers consider actual jewelry as an investment tool to increase their wealth.

Top Jewerly Brands in China

The biggest known jewelry brands in China are Chow Tai Fook, Lao Feng Xiang, Tourist Mart, Chow Sang Sang, and Luk Fook. In 2013, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd was the pioneer in the jewelry market in China in 2014 with a broad product portfolio and multinational partners such as De Beers, Disney, and Korean celebrities, to not only extend its collections but also enhance the brand exposure. In 2013 the brand has occupied the largest position in the Chinese market with 8.63 percent (in terms of sales) followed by Lao Feng Xiang with 5.34 percent. The latter opened its first store abroad in Sydney in 2012; and up to the end of 2013, there were approximately 2624 retail outlets, with over 1,550 distributors and 916 franchises. Currently, Lao Feng Xiang is preparing for the construction of the Canadian division and Vancouver jewelry store.

International luxurious jewelry brands are ramping up e-commerce and social investments working closely with celebrities and influencers to amplify their impact. Among the most desired international jewelry brand names are Chopard, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Buccellati. By the way, Swiss luxury holding company Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, which owns Cartier, is in talks with Chinese holding company Gansu Gangtai to acquire Italian jewelry brand Buccellati.

Buccellati opened its flagship store in China in Shanghai’s Plaza 66 in November 2017. Recently it opened additional outlets in Shanghai and Beijing and an official store on JD.com’s TopLife. The Rome-based jewelry company creates Roman-inspired designs for their necklaces and bracelet cuffs collections. Buccellati also takes pride in coming up with certain designs that give their jewelry a very appealing look, like brushing and mattifying metals and heavy encrustation using high-quality gemstones and diamonds.

How to market a Jewelry brand in China ?

China has the second largest diamond market (after the US). Diamond jewelry has become not just ‘popular’, but the dominating industry growing at light speed. In particular, the bridal market is the biggest jewelry consumer here. 2/3 of Chinese women consider gold and platinum jewelry an investment.

How to market a Jewerly Brand in China?

If you are a small Brand, it will be hard, but it is not impossible…


Social media like WeChat (Details here)

Think out of the Box with little Red Book

High Quality Content everywhere

Be sure to have Premium Reputation when Client Baidu(google) your Name

Think E-Commerce (more information here) JD is really agressive on this segment

Enlarge your resellers Network via online Communication

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