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If you are a sport brand and you want to sell in China in 2024, we can help you, support you , guide you.

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Your business can get easier in China. Just count on the knowledge of your own China based Distribution Consultant.


With the Digital Marketing and ecommerce Channel, you can expect to virtually always fill your order and develop the distribution in China


We’re business mind who know Sporting Brands, Sport equipment fitness and nutrition in China. We want to make your business as important as our own.

We know the  largest Chinese distributors of high quality international sporting goods, we have the network  and we know the know to Work on your Brand and Reach them

sport market in China is booming and many Distributors want to distribute good brands.

Example of Video on Douyin (Chinese tiktok).


We already have worked with different brands in Sport , sporting goods, athleisure accessories

  • We worked with Volley australia and identify agents, distributors.
  • Marketing campaign, social Media
  • SEO and baidu Reputation
  • Then identify potential partners for the brand

Results they partner with their distributor to open 50 retail stores in China

a Chinese star use Volley Shoes in China , make sales boost.

Marketing to Distributors for a Luxury Brand

We have worked with Isla Caribica to develop their distributors network in China

Le Coq Sportif Marketing campaign for new retail engagement

Develop new retaillers and online distributors for le Coq Sportif and new range of products.

Trends in the Sport industry in China 2024

In China, the sports industry is experiencing rapid growth, driven by increasing health consciousness, government support, and digital transformation. For brands looking to tap into this lucrative market, understanding the current trends is crucial. Here are seven key trends shaping the sports industry in China:

  1. Government Endorsement of Fitness and Sports
    • The Chinese government has made the promotion of sports and fitness a national priority, aiming to expand the sports industry and encourage a healthier lifestyle among its citizens. Brands can leverage this by aligning with government initiatives and programs to gain visibility and support.
  2. Rise of E-Sports and Digital Engagement
    • E-sports have skyrocketed in popularity in China, creating opportunities for brands to engage with younger demographics through digital platforms, sponsorships, and interactive events. The digitalization of traditional sports events, with online streaming and virtual participation, also opens new channels for brand integration.
  3. Health and Wellness Movement
    • With a growing focus on health and wellness, there is increased demand for sports and fitness-related products and services. Brands offering athletic wear, nutritional supplements, and fitness technology can capitalize on this trend by promoting the health benefits of their offerings.
  4. Innovative Tech in Sports
    • Oh yes 😉 Tech plays a pivotal role in transforming the sports experience, from wearable fitness trackers to smart sports equipment. Brands that innovate and integrate cutting-edge technology into their products can differentiate themselves and appeal to tech-savvy consumers.
  5. Personalization and Customization
    • Chinese increasingly seek personalized and customized products and services. Brands that offer bespoke options, personalized fitness plans, or customizable products can better meet these individual preferences, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  6. Sustainability
    • Sustainability has become a significant concern among Chinese consumers. Sports brands that emphasize eco-friendly practices, sustainable materials, and responsible manufacturing can build a positive brand image and attract environmentally conscious sportive customers.
  7. Social Commerce and Influencer Collaborations
    • Social media platforms and influencers play a crucial role in shaping consumer preferences in China. Brands that effectively utilize social commerce, collaborating with sports influencers and KOLs, can enhance their visibility, credibility, and engagement with target audiences.

For sports brands, navigating these trends requires a keen understanding of the Chinese market, consumer preferences, and the digital landscape. By strategically aligning with these trends, brands can position themselves for success in China’s evolving sports industry.

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  2. Hello,
    We are a distributor of Fitness equipment, and we have more than 200 stores on taobao, wechat, jd, alibaba, kaola.
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  3. Distributors are searching for Quality Sports Products: Sport distributors in China seek high-quality sports products that meet international standards
    Promotional Support: Sport distributors in China value marketing and promotional support from brands. They seek assistance in marketing campaigns, product launches, and brand-building activities to create awareness, generate demand, and increase sales. This support can include advertising materials, sponsorship opportunities, and collaboration on events and initiatives.

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