Booming of Fitness Centers: Getting FIT in China!!!

With the rising of disposal income, fitness centers are increasing very fast. More and more Chinese customers paid more attention to their health, appearance…this is the reason why, most of them develop a big interest for fitness.

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China’s fitness industry growing very fast

The large and active Chinese millennial has also encouraged this trend by getting gym memberships and fitness classes. China’s fitness boom is also supported by the government. Recently, the government revealed a five-year fitness plan for 1.5 trillion yuan ($225 billion) in national spending on sports and fitness by 2020. The plan focuses mainly on teenagers, who will likely carry fitness habits forward as they age.

China’s sportswear market

China’s sportswear market is predicted to surpass the luxury goods market by 2020. The gym, health and fitness clubs industry in China generated “$5.81 billion in 2016, with annualized growth of 11.8% from 2011 to 2016”.

Due to the increase on disposable income among the Chinese, they are more concerned with their health, therefore the demand for fitness centers are increasing. Larger cities in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai first started to develop fitness center. Over the years, China’s fitness centers are becoming more mature and are more focused on their brand image and brand value. All these fitness centers are targeting different segment of clients. Fitness centers are separated into three categories: high-end, middle-class and more cost efficient to suit different clientele.

Yoga and Dance Sessions: very popular in China

Chinese people like pretty much Yoga, this is the reason why, many fitness centers have different types of Yoga and dances classes. This means the demand and popularity of such classes are relatively high. Even though there are Cardio and Bodybuilding session in Chinese fitness centers, there are not as many demand as sessions on Yoga and Dance.

Established brands are doubling in the region.

For example, recently Adidas announced a plan to open 3,000 new stores across China by 2020, bringing its total to 12,000. At the same time, other fitness companies plan to enter in this industry. Even, Under Armour opened 120 stores across Greater China by 2016, and they operated a Brand House in Beijing.

Chinese people like so much fitness blogs

The boom of fitness centers in China coincides with the growth of mobile Internet and the boom of social media. Unlike the older generation of gymrats, the milenials are very enthusiasts about that and they are more apt to explore online resources to work out smarter.

Wechat Communication

Through their WeChat account, many Chinese people follow a dozen of fitness blogs. Every day, they will look for the news feeds to learn about new workout programs or dietary instructions. For example, Wang, a Shanghai-native decided to share health, nutrition and fitness knowledge he has learnt with others. His blogs became an instant success. He has garnered about one million followers on Weibo, and nearly 400,000 on WeChat over the past two years.

As the Chinese government has been looking to entrepreneurship and innovation among the bright spots in a slowing economy, Wang also felt he has found a sweet spot to cash in on the booming demand for keeping fit.

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2 thoughts on “Booming of Fitness Centers: Getting FIT in China!!!”

  1. Fitness just as sportswear brands are indeed booming, I think it mostly concerns young generations: they link China to the Western lifestyle and import trends there!

  2. Hello,
    we are a Yoga school chain in China. We already have 3 centers in big cities in China Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. Our company plans to open 300 yoga school and sport center in China during the next three years.

    We would like to resell foreign popular brand of sport wear or yoga cloths (like lululemon).
    We can resell in our centers, and open to a a real partnership in China with foreign famous brands.

    Contact me to know more

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