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web design

Design of a website optimized for the Chinese internet

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We migrate your existing website so it can work in China

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We get you a licence so your website URL can be .cn


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We help you get your website rank on baidu & get traffic

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We designed their website and accompanied them into their China journey


Chinese website Creation

It is important to create a website, in line with Chinese reading habits. In the Middle Kingdom, there are nearly 900 million very active users on internet. Our goal is to help you initially analyze your target group to create a site for your brand. With our experience, our team will advise you in the creation of your site. Your website is the first contact with your prospects. That’s why, it is essential to have an attractive website to make them want to stay there and maybe to buy your products. It should be noted that in China, the criteria for an attractive site are not the same as in the West. For example, Chinese netizens prefer sites with lots of text and links and few images. Also, your site needs to be mobile-friendly, as most users will visit your website on their mobile phones. Our agency helps you to create a graphic world according to your brand spirit by adapting it to the Chinese market.

SEO and SEM on Baidu

Just as in the West, a website is not enough. It must be found using search engines. In China, Google is censored however, Chinese has an equivalent which is Baidu. Baidu favors websites and pages according to certain criteria like website using mandarin. These can be very different from what you might have faced on Google. Our agency has the necessary expertise to optimize your site in China, and offers a comprehensive range of services related to this task. Another alternative of SEO is SEM on Baidu. Ads on the search engine can help you to gain follower and visitors in China


We are a 100% digital company. Our teams of passionate and locals experts have been running successful campaigns for our customers from 2012 to today. We design cost-efficient websites that are optimized for Baidu and a Chinese audience.

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Why should I hire an agency to advertise my company in China?

Marketing in China is very different from what you know and just entering China can be challenging. A Chinese website in mandarin can help you from getting a Chinese business license to creating great content that 1 billion people will understand to promoting your brand and even manage your e-commerce store with services such as listing and customers service.

Do I need an ICP licence?

If you want a URL in .CN yes you’ll need an ICP licence. However, keep in mind that while it is great to have a .cn website it is not necessary for your website to work in China and rank on Chinsese search engines.

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