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Our client is today one of the leading manufacturers in the thermoplastic tubing industry. Specialist in solving water transport issues, particularly in sanitary, heating, and wastewater piping, the company is present in more than 70 countries thanks to an extensive sales network. Quality is engineered into their products throughout the entire manufacturing process. We have learned and adapted many of the best practices of successful quality management systems in developing our own Quality System. ISO 9001 certified Quality System is designed to be a continuous and unceasing cycle in order to create satisfied customers, management, and employees. Apart from internal controls planned and maintained by our technical departments, there are also periodic external controls carried out by independent international organizations. External controls include both product testing according to specific and relevant standards and complete quality system controls. Conducted by the most prominent authorities in the world, external controls are our essential tools to ensure the highest quality products and, consequently, satisfy our customers’ expectations.



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