How To Open a Verified Douyin Account?

Reach Chinese Millenials with Douyin

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Register on Douyin/Tiktok as a Company

Open verified Douyin Account

register Officialy on Tiktok to get more promotion options & credibility

Short Video Editing

Awesome videos to draw traffic and creation engagement on your Tiktok Page

Douyin/Tiktok Community Management

Engage with your community and manage their reactions

Douyin/Tiktok Social Ecommerce

Run CPS Ads to promote your company

Douyin/ Tiktok Paid Ads

Display your ads on Tiktok most popular account

Douyin/Tiktok Marketing

Contest, Kols, Coupon.. Use tiktok to promote your brand

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More About Douyin Marketing

Open Your Douyin Official Account

Tiktok / Douyin, has created a special accounts for brands to help them promote special content. It will cost you 600rmb to create this kind of account. We help you with the whole registration process. At the same time, we open an account on Toutiao (the Chinese buzz feed), for the same price. Toutiao belongs to the same group as Tiktok (Bytedance) but has a different audience. With a verified account unlock access to specific data on Douyin users, more control over sales and content distribution.

Video & Community

Short videos are easily consumed by people and very addictive, but they can be time-consuming to produce and without a good knowledge of your target audience you might totally miss the point and not engage with them. We've got a dedicated team of locals creating and editing videos on a regular basis for you.

Douyin Marketing

We create various marketing campaigns on the Tiktok platform for you. From Kols to gain the trust of your target audience and promote your products, to buzz campaign to become viral and draw traffic to your page/website/online store. Use contest games to get more engagement and create a special bond with your followers. We also run pay ads for you, banner or videos ads. They will smartly target peoples that are interested in what you are selling. Depending on your products you can display PPC ads on Tiktok, Toutiao, or both.

Hire Us to register your Company on Douyin / tiktok

Affordable and efficient, we have Online Marketing solutions for everyone. We have been working on Tiktok since its very beginning and our team of videos creators knows how to create catchy content without spending millions

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Douyin Marketing - Frequently Asked Question

What is Douyin?

Douyin is the Chinese version of Tiktok. In fact, Tiktok, previously musically belongs to the group Bytedance. This is a short videos app extremely popular among Gen Z and Millenials in China; This app uses AI to smartly target its users and suggest content they may like. It is a great tool for paid ads.

Top Douyin marketing tips for brands?

  • Get a Douyin verified account
  • Don’t rely entirely on Douyin for your marketing strategy in China but rather use it a tool for vrality and customers engagement.
  • Create entertaining content, fun videos are the most watched.
  • Contest & Challenges
  • Kols
  • Douyin Paid ads

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