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Audit of your website

We analyze your website in order to find the best solution for your SEO on Baidu.

Optimizing your page

We know the solutions to improve your SEO.

Creating content

We help you to create content to have a better optimization of your website.


We take care of choosing the right backlinks for your SEO.

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These are 6 companies that chose GMA for a better implementation in China and an efficient entry into the Chinese market.


Flexible: We adapt our solutions to your needs

Do you need link removal? Do you want a one time audit? Or maybe you want content marketing? Or is it ongoing SEO that has retained your attention? Or maybe you don’t’ really know. Either way, we are here to design with you a SEO/SEM strategy that meet exactly your needs and is in agreement with your own target. We also commit ourselves to giving you regular reporting as proof of our efficiency and results. We are skilled at identifying our clients’ needs as our previous clients attests. Our best advertisement is our client‘s satisfaction. We have already been working on SEO strategies with a wide number of clients. We have brought each and every single one of them the best service we could offer in order to help them increase their profits. We think that you have the right to keep your options open and therefore provide you with free quotation and our case studies so that you can see how good we truly are compared to our competitors.

Champions of our discipline

Our team of passionate SEO experts continuously improves their knowledge and are result oriented while always providing the best customer services. We are focused on return on investment and are looking to offering the best prices to our customers with guaranted results. There are plenty of very unreliable companies out there that spread distrust by scamming others. We believe that honesty and availability are important for our customers. They need to be able to reach us anytime to know where their project is at. E-mails if definitely convenient can feel quite impersonal and that is why we prefer to it video call and face to face.

SEO Result-oriented

We don’t promise you the moon, but we want results, not only for you, our client and partner, but for us as well. In that regards, we always work on optimizing your campaign. Ideally, we aim at the first 10 results on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for all the chosen keywords with the first rank in mind for every single one of them as a top objective. We deliver the goal we set together. More information on Services description. SEO on Baidu Our team is always improving its knowledge. We learn from our past projects as well as from market researches and being always on top of the last technologies. We strategically craft original strategies with out-of-the-box thinking in order to stay ahead of both Baidu and the competition. With this, we ensure to obtain the best results! Cost-effective solution Our solutions are cost effective because we want our clients to obtain the best results whatever their budget is. Wasting money because we have a large budget in hands is not an option. In addition, with regular reports you know exactly where your money is going to and you can assess our efficiency.

Chinese team and western management

We have been a multi-cultural team right from the start which has allowed us to know how to manage two very different points of view to get the best of both and be more efficient. East and West have been combined in our company to obtain the best blend. Contact-us so that we can see together what we can do for your brand in order to give you the best visibility in China for entering the market of your choice.


If you are looking to build a strong SEO strategy but you don’t know how to process it, you can trust our experienced SEO expert. Gentlemen Marketing Agency has years of experience working with brands, big companies as well as smaller ones. We work with clients from every industry and help them getting the best online image they could have in the Chinese market.

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What is Baidu ?

Baidu is one of the most powerful search engines in China. Have you ever heard of this Chinese expression: "Baidu yi xia ba" Baidu is not only a simple search engine, it is belonging to Chinese lifestyle and everyday life. If you want to break into the Chinese market, Baidu is a must step and a must have. However, Baidu is really different from Google, if you want to know more, you can contact us