List of Chinese Meat importer in China

With 1.4 billion inhabitants, China’s population is growing a lot, just as its consumption. The demand for food and beverages is huge and does not decelerate. The Chinese care more about they eat and aspire more and more to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Chinese meat market in 2020

  • About 30% of the world meat consumption is by China
  • A huge market the size of more than $209 billion in 2020
  • Meat is the second largest sector in China’s retail food market (after fresh vegetable sector)
  • Pork and beef are Chinese’s two favorite imported meat
  • Expected annual growth over +3%

Why exporting meat in China is THE chance for you?

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The local demand for fresh products such as fruits or vegetables is of course growing, and it goes the same for fish and meat.

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Chinese people are used to eating meat: they love eating pork, beef, chicken, sheep, lamb … Beef and pork are ingredients that are omnipresent in Chinese cuisine and street food. That is why the consumptions of these meats are so high!

By the way, it is well known that Western countries sometimes find some Asian and Chinese food very strange or special. Chinese people are more willing to try new foods and eat a bit of everything while European people for example won’t even try to taste different things.

But let’s get back to our topic: local food consumption is increasing, and it’s the same for imports. China imports a lot of foreign food products to satisfy the local demand and Chinese consumers are big fans!

They love fruits, wines, cheese, cakes, olive oil, but also and more than anything else: MEAT!

Moreover, foreign products are warmly welcomed because they are seen as products with a high quality that the Chinese could not find in their country.

Exporting your meat in China

To meat producers: here is THE opportunity of this decade. Many companies in China are looking for importing meat from abroad in the country, even at high set prices!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Chinese meat importers you can start do business with as soon as you will decide to:

  • IFF (China) Ltd. (Yunpu Plant)
  • Shanghai Great Champ Oils & Grains Co.,Ltd
  • Parker International Llc Migliorini
  • Wuhu Shuanghui Foods Co., Ltd. Linjiang Industrial Zone, Sanshan
  • Thomsen Food Line A / S
  • Whole Sun Ltd
  • Win Legend International Limited.
  • Guangyao Shangmao Ltd
  • Hongxings Shengye Food Co.Ltd.
  • Chuhai Trading Company
  • Smart Trend Trading Ltd

All of these meat importers are currently looking for new exporters of diverse types and parts of meat (pork, beef, chicken, …).

But doing business with a foreign company can be complex if you don’t work with a tiers party, and even more if you don’t speak Mandarin!

Obviously, everything you have to do is to find a Chinese meat importer that needs the type of product you are selling, but how will you understand what he wants?

We advise you to work with a professional team with strong knowledge of the Chinese market and who can speak Chinese, as the SEO Agency China team for example.

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  1. Hi,
    We are new start-up firm trying to get buying leads for meat (beef) importers from India to China. Could you please help us to get some buying leads in China?

    1. Hello we’re exporting beef since 1977 and finding some great buyers for expand our business.. looking for great buyers in great deals..

    2. Hi
      I’m Eid i live in Nairobi Kenya Africa.
      I have goat meat and beef meat if u need guys contact me.

    1. Dears,we are looking for beef fir China.CIF Chengdu.All prime cuts,6 way cut carcasses.
      If you can supply,contact us

      1. Hi, we are looking for beef/meet importing license into China for long term association and business alignement including partnership

  2. I am from Pakistan. We export meat from Pakistan. I have learnt that you import meat from several countries. We can also export meat from Pakistan to you. If you need any kind of meat we can provide you at reasonable price. If needed than plzz contact with us. We can provide you pure, hygenic meat of any kind.

  3. Hi, we are global trader solutions europe sl.we look for china’s companies importers to frozen chicken, pork, beef and lamb. Please, send us information for an posible trade colaboration. Send information

    José R montoys

  4. Hello I’m from India. I am finding chinese big buyers who can import our Halal Buffalo Beef and sell in china. Contact on my whatsapp number +918076755226

  5. Have a Good day.

    I am from Karachi Pakistan,
    We have been Exporting Hala Meats 🍖 to several countries specially China all Middle East

    Our prices are market competitive.

  6. With greetings
    I need contacts from food buyers in China. sugar, Frozen meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat). corn flour, cassava, beans, white rice, tomato sauces, pickles, cachaça and coffee in vacuum and capsules (nespresso) all origin in Brazil.

    Best regards

  7. I am Sohel
    I want to export good quality beef from Bangladesh to China. So if good company have for beef import from Bangladesh and jointly work with me.
    Actually I want Chinese company and me jointly will make beef processing factory.
    Everybody knows Bangladeshi beef cheap and also wages. So here have big opportunity for chinese people’s.

  8. Hi need to start meat export to china Buffalo meat
    Can you help me start the same
    Advise ..

  9. Hi, I am contacting from Mongolia. I am looking for buyers in China to buy our Mongolian meat.

  10. Hi, I am contacting from Mongolia. I am looking for buyers in China to buy our Mongolian meat.

  11. Hello,
    We supply Ostrich meat to Asian countries. If you are interested to buy Ostrich meat you can contact us at +60168705014 (Whats App).


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