List of Chinese Meat Importers

List of Chinese Meat Importers in China

Ever wondered how foreign meat brands can break into China’s meat market successfully? Have they ever thought about the essential partners they need and what it takes to make a mark in this industry? China’s appetite for meat is soaring, and to get your product on Chinese plates, you need to understand the key players – the meat importers.

In China, where tastes vary widely, and more people are looking for diverse meat options, it’s crucial to know who connects the dots between international suppliers and local consumers. This article is your guide to the meat importers.

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We’ll keep things practical and straightforward as we reveal not only who these importers are but also why they matter. If you’re a foreign meat brand thinking about the Chinese market, this article is your no-nonsense insight into what these importers need and how teaming up with them can be your ticket to success in a country that loves its meat.

Join us as we uncover the key Chinese meat importers, demystify the meat market, and give you the lowdown on why their collaboration is crucial for your meat brand’s journey in China.

Key Players in China’s Meat Import Industry

The following companies represent a diverse range of options for foreign meat brands looking to partner with Chinese meat importers to enter and thrive in the Chinese market. Each brings its unique strengths and capabilities to the table, making them potential collaborators worth considering:

  • IFF (China) Ltd. (Yunpu Plant)
  • Shanghai Great Champ Oils & Grains Co.,Ltd
  • Parker International Llc Migliorini
  • Wuhu Shuanghui Foods Co., Ltd. Linjiang Industrial Zone, Sanshan
  • Thomsen Food Line A / S
  • Whole Sun Ltd
  • Win Legend International Limited.
  • Guangyao Shangmao Ltd
  • Hongxings Shengye Food Co.Ltd.
  • Chuhai Trading Company
  • Smart Trend Trading Ltd

Market Entry Made Easier: Strategies for Winning Chinese Distributors

Attracting a distributor for your meat brand in China is a critical step towards entering and succeeding in the market. Here’s a practical guide on how to do just that:

Understand the Chinese Meat Market

Before engaging with potential distributors, comprehensive research into the Chinese meat market is imperative. This research involves gaining insights into local preferences, consumption habits, and regulatory requirements. Such knowledge is the cornerstone for attracting a distributor.

Consider “McDonald’s” in China, which adapted its menu to include localized meat items like the “McLobster” and “Spicy McWings” to align with local tastes. This flexibility helped them thrive in the Chinese market.

“Dairy Farm,” operating the “Wellcome” supermarket chain, capitalized on Chinese preferences for fresh and imported meat products. This strategic alignment strengthened its reputation as a reliable source of quality meat imports.

By understanding the nuances of the Chinese meat market, foreign brands can tailor their offerings and demonstrate their commitment to meeting local demands, making them more appealing to potential distributors.

Develop a Quality Product

Ensure your meat products meet high-quality standards, including taste, safety, and packaging. Chinese consumers value product quality and safety, so having a top-notch product is essential.

  • Taste: “Wagyu beef” from Japan is an excellent example of a high-quality meat product that resonates with Chinese consumers. Its marbling and rich flavor have made it highly sought after, with restaurants and retailers often highlighting its origin and quality.
  • Safety: “Smithfield Foods,” a U.S.-based pork producer, invested in stringent safety measures and certifications to ensure their meat products met Chinese regulatory requirements. This commitment to safety helped them establish trust among Chinese consumers and distributors alike.
  • Packaging: “Iberian ham” from Spain is renowned for its quality, and its packaging reflects this. The use of premium materials and elegant design in the packaging not only protects the product but also conveys a sense of luxury that appeals to Chinese consumers.

By emphasizing quality in taste, safety, and packaging, foreign meat brands can not only meet but exceed the expectations of Chinese consumers. This commitment to excellence is a compelling factor when attracting distributors in China.

Compliance with Regulations in the Chinese Meat Market

Complying with Chinese import regulations and food safety standards is a non-negotiable step for foreign meat brands looking to establish a presence in China. Ensuring that your meat products meet all the necessary certifications and standards required for importation is not only a legal requirement but also a critical factor in building trust with Chinese consumers and attracting reputable distributors.

  • Food Safety Standards: Chinese consumers prioritize food safety, and trust in the source of meat products is paramount. A noteworthy example is “New Zealand’s Silver Fern Farms,” which consistently adheres to stringent food safety standards. Their commitment to traceability and safety reassures Chinese consumers and distributors alike, making their products a preferred choice in the market.
  • Regulatory Compliance: “Australian Meat,” a collective of Australian meat producers, has gained a strong foothold in China due to its unwavering compliance with Chinese import regulations. By obtaining the necessary permits and certifications, such as the Exporter Establishment Number (EEN), they have streamlined their entry into the Chinese market and fostered trust among distributors.
  • Quality Assurance: “Angus beef,” known for its consistent quality and adherence to strict export requirements, has successfully navigated China’s regulatory landscape. Their commitment to meeting not only Chinese but also international standards in meat production has earned them a solid reputation in the Chinese market.

By emphasizing compliance with Chinese regulations and food safety standards, foreign meat brands not only fulfill legal obligations but also gain a competitive edge in the Chinese market. Distributors in China seek partners who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and regulatory adherence, making it a pivotal factor in attracting trustworthy distribution partners.

Localize Your Marketing in the Chinese Meat Market

Tailoring your marketing and branding strategies to resonate with Chinese consumers is a strategic imperative when venturing into the Chinese meat market. Localization goes beyond mere translation; it encompasses understanding cultural nuances, preferences, and regional diversity within China. Effective localization efforts can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal and success in this dynamic market.

By localizing marketing strategies, foreign meat brands demonstrate respect for Chinese culture and consumer preferences. This approach not only enhances brand acceptance but also fosters a sense of connection with Chinese consumers. Distributors in China are more likely to partner with brands that showcase an understanding of and respect for the local market, making localization a key element in attracting distribution partners.

Build an Online Presence in the Chinese Meat Market

Establishing a robust online presence is paramount for foreign meat brands seeking to penetrate the Chinese market. This digital footprint should encompass a well-structured website, active engagement on social media platforms, and a presence on popular e-commerce channels. In a digitally connected society like China, where consumers increasingly turn to the internet for product information and purchasing decisions, a compelling online presence can significantly impact brand visibility and credibility.

E-commerce Dominance

“JD.com” and “Alibaba’s Tmall” are two e-commerce giants in China that have been instrumental in helping foreign meat brands reach a wide audience. Brands like “New Zealand’s Silver Fern Farms” utilize these platforms to showcase their products, provide detailed information, and facilitate direct sales to Chinese consumers.

Meat on JD

Social Media Engagement

Platforms like WeChat and Weibo play a crucial role in engaging Chinese consumers. For instance, maintains an active presence on WeChat, where it not only shares product updates but also leverages features like loyalty programs and mobile payments to enhance the consumer experience.

Educational Content

Foreign meat brands such as “Iberian ham” from Spain use their websites and social media to educate Chinese consumers about their unique products. They provide content explaining the origins, production processes, and culinary uses of their meat, fostering a deeper connection and understanding among consumers.

By building an online presence, foreign meat brands tap into the immense potential of China’s digital landscape. A well-designed website, active social media engagement, and e-commerce accessibility not only facilitate consumer research but also provide a convenient avenue for purchasing products. Distributors in China value brands that leverage the digital sphere to establish trust and accessibility, making a robust online presence a compelling factor in attracting distribution partners.

Other Key Strategies for Attracting Meat Distributors in China

  • Attend Trade Shows and Expos: Participate in industry-specific trade shows and expos in China. These events provide an excellent opportunity to network with potential distributors and showcase your products.
  • Utilize Business-to-Business (B2B) Platforms: Register on B2B platforms like Alibaba or Global Sources, which are widely used by distributors and wholesalers in China. These platforms can help you connect with potential partners.
  • Network Effectively: Build relationships with key players in the meat industry, including distributors, retailers, and industry associations. Networking can lead to valuable introductions and partnerships.
  • Offer Competitive Terms: Provide distributors with attractive terms, including pricing, payment terms, and marketing support. Competitive terms can make your brand more appealing to potential partners.
  • Visit China Personally: Whenever possible, make a trip to China to meet potential distributors in person. Face-to-face meetings can build trust and demonstrate your commitment to the market.
  • Seek Legal Assistance: Engage legal experts who are familiar with Chinese business laws and regulations. They can help you navigate the legal aspects of entering into distribution agreements.
  • Be Patient and Persistent: Finding the right distributor may take time. Be patient and persistent in your search, and be open to considering multiple potential partners before making a final decision.

Remember that the success of your meat brand in China depends not only on attracting a distributor but also on building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. Choose your distributor carefully, as they will play a vital role in your brand’s growth and success in the Chinese market.

Contacting Meat Distributors in China with Expert Assistance

When it comes to reaching out to meat distributors in China, it’s essential to have expert assistance by your side. Our agency is here to guide you through every step of this process, ensuring that you establish fruitful partnerships with distributors in this dynamic market.

We are a well-established China marketing agency with over a two decade of invaluable experience. Our team comprises both Chinese and international experts who possess the essential expertise required to thrive in this fiercely competitive market. In a market as vast and dynamic as China, opportunities for meat sellers abound. However, to effectively captivate both distributors and consumers, a well-crafted strategy is imperative.

In the realm of the food and beverage industry, we have a proven track record of assisting numerous brands in not only reaching their objectives but surpassing them in China. Our portfolio includes a range of successful case studies, showcasing our ability to navigate the intricacies of this diverse market.

We welcome your inquiries and encourage you to reach out to us for a complimentary discovery consultation. During this session, our dedicated food and beverage expert will delve into the nuances of your brand, unveiling the optimal opportunities and tailored solutions available within the Chinese market. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us today to take the first step toward conquering the Chinese market.

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    We are new start-up firm trying to get buying leads for meat (beef) importers from India to China. Could you please help us to get some buying leads in China?

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          5. We are beef and chicken exporters if you have a requirement please contact me on my whatsapp: +92 323 8090005

          6. We are exporters if you have a requirement please contact me on my whatsapp: +92 323 8090005

          7. We are exporters please contact me on my whatsapp: +92 323 8090005 if you have a requirement

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          16. there are lots of documents needed for China customs. Recently direct from India to China can’t export due to documentation issues. WOAH has published that India has AI epidemic and foot-and-mouth disease, so this is the reason Indian meat products cant export.

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        3. Dear Marco. We supply A grade freshly frozen beef of 100% South Africa origin. Our beef is slaughtered on order and so is always freshly frozen/chilled for each order. Let us talk about how we can supply you. GREG

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        12. Hello from Mauritius,
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        13. We are a beef processing factory. Machinery and equipment imported from China, installed by Chinese and now ready to run. we looking for Beef importers from China. Please contact us by email

        14. Hi we would like to inquire for chicken and meat products. We are a supplier here in the philippines

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      1. Hi there, we would like to extend an invitation to participate in our China – Brasil Virtual Business Round.

        This Monday, November 28th to Friday, December 2nd, 2022 we will be hosting the AGRO MEET & EXPORT CHINA 2022, a virtual event at no cost hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and International Relations of Brazil in China.

        It is a forms registration please let me know if it works for you

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    2. Hi
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    3. Greetings from Al-Marzia

      Incepted in the year 2008, we, at Al-Marzia Agro Foods, is a leading processor, exporter and supplier of fresh and frozen meat from India. The company is one of the most recognized processors and exporters of hygienically packed fresh, frozen buffalo meat.

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      The company has a team of well experienced and result oriented staff members dedicated to meet the needs and requirements of customers all over the world. We are focused on sourcing livestock raised in a clean, green, safe and natural pollution free environment. All products are packed hygienically within proper packs.

      Warm Regards!

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      1. Hi, we are looking for beef/meet importing license into China for long term association and business alignement including partnership

        1. Idaho’s beef a subsidiary of Idaho Foods is growing and expanding and we are interested in a business relationship to be one of your suppliers of our 100% Natural beef

          We are a family farm. Our Cattle are 100% grass-fed and grain-finished for extra flavor. The Beef is vacuum sealed for guaranteed freshness when ready for use.

          We are Halal certified, USDA and organic certified. All our meat is Non-GMO Project Verified and Animal Welfare Certified.

          We have 8-way cut of 12 containers ready for China. We are able to ship 12-16 40ft containers per months.

          We also process pork and meat products. We have delicious hams, loins, delicatessen products( Pate products, smoked, sausages, slices, frankfurters, minced meat, dry sausages and cabanas semi-finished products, and others)

          We service retailers, food services, brokers, and Horeca. We provide the following cuts in China

          Kabob Meat available
          Patty or meatballs
          -Also can season the meat if needed

          Our Beef program is specifically designed to bring you the freshest, tenderest, and most flavorful meats directly from our ranches to your table

          For China, we are capable of co-packing, private labeling, and meeting any of your demands, with prompt delivery. Please do let me know of your needs

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  6. With greetings
    I need contacts from food buyers in China. sugar, Frozen meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat). corn flour, cassava, beans, white rice, tomato sauces, pickles, cachaça and coffee in vacuum and capsules (nespresso) all origin in Brazil.

    Best regards

      1. Are you still looking for beef and chicken feet.
        I can supply beef all cuts from argentine and Brazillian chicken feet

  7. I am Sohel
    I want to export good quality beef from Bangladesh to China. So if good company have for beef import from Bangladesh and jointly work with me.
    Actually I want Chinese company and me jointly will make beef processing factory.
    Everybody knows Bangladeshi beef cheap and also wages. So here have big opportunity for chinese people’s.

  8. Hi need to start meat export to china Buffalo meat
    Can you help me start the same
    Advise ..

  9. Hi, I am contacting from Mongolia. I am looking for buyers in China to buy our Mongolian meat.

  10. Hi, I am contacting from Mongolia. I am looking for buyers in China to buy our Mongolian meat.

  11. we manificutre ,trade group located in brazil and middle east ,africa exporting beef meat ,live cattle to
    more than10 country ,we can also export to china if there is good buyer

    greating mohsen said

    AMB ,assuan investment

  12. Hello,
    We supply Ostrich meat to Asian countries. If you are interested to buy Ostrich meat you can contact us at +60168705014 (Whats App).


  13. Hi we have offers for grade A, export frozen beef. pork, chicken ( mjw, paws, wings and others); halal, and with S.I.F China, Hong-Kong, and other.
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  14. Hello Everyone,
    We’re a Trading company we export Buffalo meat, Chicken, lamb and goat meat in Gulf Countries and now we’re trying to find meat importer from China so if any meat importer from china interested to do business with us kindly let us know



  15. We are a fully registered and licensed Exporter of Beef Meat and related Beef Meat Products. Our fully traceable beef meat is also Halaal compliant and certified. We produce meat to the highest global food safety standards and are ISO and FSSC 22000 certified.
    We would like to supply Chinese Beef Importers.

  16. Seal Meat , looking for markets for Harp Seal and Gray Seal meat products , as well as the pelts ,
    seal oil . There will soon be a need for bulk seal products to be sold from NL and Labrador . A much needed population management cull will happen soon .

  17. Hello everyone,
    I am an entrepreneur from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    We have seen that the beef cattle need is one of the essential in the Indonesia market. It is a critical thing along with the increase of population growth in Indonesia from year to year. The large beef demand in Indonesia is what opens up great investment opportunities in Indonesia for investors.

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  19. I want to supply you quality – “Frozen Goat and Cow meat” every week about 1,000KG or above from Tanzania East Africa for Cheapest Price. It can be Carcasses or any cuttings as you may desire.


    Milton Lutabana

  20. Hi, i’m from Malta and my company would like to start exporting pork to china or any other eastern country.
    Maximum availability would be around 1,500 ton.

  21. Hi
    My name Maem here looking for chicken smoothie (special process can keep for a year) buyer from china
    How to deal with them?

    How much cost your list of Wholesellers?

  22. Hi Dear

    We Export Meat Worldwide, Like China, UAE, Qatar, Saudia arabia, Kuwait,Oman, Malaysia & Etc
    Beef, Bull, Buffalo, Mutton, Cow, & Goat Etc
    Pakistani Origin

  23. Good day,

    Our company specializes in the export of premium certified game meat from South Africa.
    Our products are 100% free range, grass fed, organic, hormone free low cholesterol game meat.
    All products can be traced to the farm of origin and species.

    Species include:

    Cape buffalo
    Blue wildebeest
    Red hartebeest

    Please let me know if you are interested.

  24. Dear Vikey,
    Thanks for your email. I am Peter Heilmann, Export Manager at Ida-Beef LLC. We are a well renowned beef exporter in the United States. We are approved to export beef to the EU, Middle East, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and so many other countries. Our plant approval number for is 45948 . Please send serious inquiries to our email : info@idabeefllc.com

    thanks and best regards

  25. Hello
    We are Shuanghui Foods Imported , a meat importer and we would like to work with factory only.
    Your company need to be able to deliver label and have a trustable brand
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    1. Hi Victor,
      We are brokers working directly with slaughterhouses, we have fantastic offers to make.
      How can I contact you, if you want to e-mail me:

  26. We are exporters of frozen meat from Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, we can offer you the volume you need with good price and excellent product.
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