What is really important for Baidu SEO ?

In 2024, for effective Baidu SEO, several factors are crucial (Done by Expert of SEO that works on 20 websites per year)

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  1. Website Popularity: High traffic and quality backlinks indicate relevance and authority, boosting SEO rankings.
  2. Trustworthiness: Sites with credible links and authoritative content are favored. It’s vital to build a trustworthy online presence, including obtaining the ICP license for websites hosted in China, and quiality backlinks.
  3. Focus and Specialization: Niche websites with a clear focus tend to rank better. Specializing in specific topics helps establish authority and relevance, quality backlinks in the industry is a plus.
  4. Quality Content: Engaging, informative content tailored to the Chinese audience is key. It should align with local preferences (Baidu Knows Chinese needs)
  5. Website Speed: Fast-loading websites provide a better user experience, a crucial factor for Baidu SEO. Hosting the site locally in China can improve loading times.
  6. Clear Baidu Sitemap: A well-structured sitemap submitted to Baidu helps the search engine effectively index the website.
  7. Regular Updates: Constantly updating the site with fresh, relevant content signals that the website is active and current, which is important for search engine rankings.
  8. Fresh Content: New, regularly updated content is preferred by Baidu. It indicates that the website is active and providing up-to-date information.
  9. Optimized User Experience: A site that’s easy to navigate, with clear calls to action and a mobile-friendly design, enhances user experience, which is critical for SEO.

Baidu is the search Enine leader in China. You already know that no ?  a70% of Market in 2024 , Share, baidu.com is much more than a simple search engine, it is hundred of websites , Baidu wikipedia, baidu Zhidao, baidu Forums, Baidu news, baidu insurance, baidu music…

It is an empire ! Baidu is the top 3 Internet company in China, after tencent and alibaba.

market Share for Search Engine in China in Jan 2023

Baidu  76%
360 12%
Sogou 9%
Bing 1%
Other (like google) 2%



Mobile Market Search

Baidu can bring you (Chinese) traffic, increase your reputation and increase your visibility

So what really matter for SEO on baidu on 2023

Backlinks , Quality is better than quantity

What is Backlinks, also known as” incoming links”, “inbound links”, it is alle the incoming links url with hyperlink to a website or web page. For Baidu it is still important.

Basically, the better backlink you get, the higher you rank on Baidu

For Baidu ,  backlink are any backlinks received by a web node … web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.

Inbound Marketing is the key for Baidu SEO, originally important , little bit less with Baidu new update, but still important.

nowadayw for Baidu  their significance(of the inbound links) lies in search engine optimization, it is Chinese world. The number of inbound links is one good indication of the popularity of your Chinese website or your page.

Good to know backlinks of a page can also bring you traffic, if it is good text, interesting topic people will may bring you significant visitors.

Update , Baidu like fresh content

Baidu loves Fresh Content. If you want to attack high competitive keywords you have to plan regular update on your homepage and your category.

Baidu do not really punish duplicate content, (now), because in China, every website copy each other.

If Baidu decide to punish duplicate content, it will be 99% of the Chinese website that will be affected. (It will be difficult to find the 1% that does not copy the other).
All the SEO specialists who are working on Baidu or other search engine like soso or Sogou know that you have to give regular news to get a significant bonus from Baidu.

baidu guide


As all the Search Engine, the title of the page will decide mainly the keyword positionning of this page. It is logical for SEO specialists, you have to indicate to the search engine what this page speak about.

title for SEO china baidu

Photo title

A photo Should have a good Title and a description. It is the only way for a search Engine to guess what the photo speak about. For example, the title of this photo is “she hates Baidu”, (alt=”she hat baidu”) so the search engine will associate this pretty face to the keyword she hate baidu.

she hat baidu

Nice Photo can really attract a lot of visitors. Not for BtB, because specialists search professional content not attractives photos. But geeks usually have a great sens of humour.

No Website mistakes

No Mistakes that an important rule. We start every project with an Audit to be sure that the website does not have any mistakes. A code mistake will disrupt the Spider of Baidu and Baidu (or other search engine) will be confused.

A mistake can be also to speak about forbiden keywords in Chinese, like Casi-nos , SE.X , or Vi-a;gra. read more

Sometimes, using CDN can disturb the spider of Baidu.

No Flash Java

Why Chinese Search Engine do not like Flash or Javascript ? Because most of them can not read, they can not see the real content , and it is dangerous for their results. Most of Chinese Search Engine are controled by Chinese governement and does not have the right to show content who criticize the Chinese governement, so they prefer to not care about All the blind content.

flash China
What are the others problems with Flash  elements ?

No Inner Page URLs: If your page is based on Flash, it will have just one URL which is the home page URL, and the lack of inner page backlinks means , little website, and no connexion with all your page.

Slow Loading page : You have to understand that Complete flash sites load not fast and it is very important for Baidu algorythm.

Poor User Experience: Baidu still care about User experience, specially the bad one, and most of people will not be able to read your flash and will your website, and you will have high risk to be punished.

Google is the only search engine who known to officially index flash, and google is Chine is 3% of Market share. Chinese search engines are based on html Texts

I convince you not not use flash for Baidu ?

Fast to uplaod

Every netizens hates slow websites. Baidu hates them too, websurfers hate them and blog owners hate them.

You really have to optmise your website for Baidu.

speed laoding China

1 Optimizing Photos  

It is the best Option to speed up your website loading time; with the Size , yes most of Chinese website have small image file.

2 Servor problem 

You need to be host in China to get high Speed (or Hong Kong)

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baidu content

sources image Baidu

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  1. there’s no business case for an SEO expert in China.
    Even more, Baidu itself is also struggling in terms of e-commerce.
    The biggest e-commerce firm in China, Alibaba (who owns Taobao, Tmall) is self-sufficient in terms of traffic, and it has actually prevented Baidu bots from crawling its sites

  2. Professional are supposed to cater well for healthy environment through creating chance for valuable discussions, but FOR BAIDU not keeping attention for less valuable articles as this. The article title itself is mentioning what kind of value it holds and expecting discussion and opinion on such will indicate what kind of time waste on it with more serenity.

  3. Baidu is the second-largest search engine in the world, with a market share of 71.23% in China.
    As of Q1 2021, Baidu had over 544 million monthly active users.
    Baidu has a range of products and services, including search, advertising, maps, cloud storage, and artificial intelligence.
    Baidu is also a leading provider of autonomous driving technology in China, with partnerships with major automakers such as BMW and Ford.
    In 2020, Baidu reported total revenue of $16.4 billion, with online marketing services accounting for the majority of revenue.
    Baidu’s market capitalization is approximately $56.4 billion as of May 2023.
    Baidu’s headquarters are located in Beijing, China, and the company has offices and operations in over 20 countries worldwide.
    Baidu’s search engine is available in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.
    Baidu has been involved in several controversies related to censorship and privacy in China.
    Baidu’s mascot is a cute little white bear named “Dumpling”.

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