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Wechat Official Account

Let su take care of creating your Wechat Official Account

Wechat Branding

WeChat is an incredible place for you to share interesting content about your brand and your products.

Wechat Group Marketing

We specialize on the promotion of Wechat Channel on Social media, forums, Wechat Groups, or among users to get you a better exposure

Wechat H5 Brochure

High quality brochure that can easily be shared around

Wechat CRM

Set-up of a smart menu or CRM to improve communication with your followers

Wechat Paid Ads

There are many way to paid advertising on Wechat, let us guide you.

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An official WeChat account is the most important thing for a company to have in China. We have created and managed them for many companies.


Top Wechat Marketing Campaign

Behind every great social media campaign, you have a creative marketing agency that has worked hard to make your concept a reality. We help you find out what is possible for you and your budget and define a social media strategy that will work for you: organic content, as well as paid advertising.

Wechat H5 Brochure

Wechat H5 brochure is the best way to share the most interesting information about your business. It could be your product Listing, your company intro, your services description, your case studies, and so on. Keep in mind that WeChat is the most common way of communication in China, way more popular than Emailing. Having a WeChat Brochure will also give you an advantage in trade fair compare to the paper format brochure that often ends up in a trash bin and is expensive to print.

Wechat CRM

WeChat official account is becoming more and more sophisticated with time. If WeChat menus with automated responses have been around for a while you can now do much more such as managing membership. Setting up an easy-to-navigate menu and smart automation can go a long way in nurturing your followers. Don't skip this step.

Social Media Agency in China

Many Social Media agencies across China offering WeChat and social media services, but which ones are at the top? It is today not enough to offer standard Services for Wechat, your social media campaign has to be “creative” and use solutions that will reach Chinese people.

Why chose China SEO Agency for your Wechat & Social Media Marketing in China?

We are a Top Digital marketing and social media agency based in China (Shanghai) focus on the promotion of international brands tell their stories among Chinese consumers, increase their branding and reach the people that your company target.

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How can WeChat help my brand to implement my company in China ?

WeChat is the app on which the Chinese spend most of their time. They literally spend several hours on it every day. It is the number one app in China. Wechat is a great tool to create a community but is not the app to gain visibility. However, you need it for your brand credibility. A brand/company that is not on Wechat has more chances to look suspicious in the eyes of the customer.

Should I use Wechat Paid Ads?

You should definitely think carefully before incorporating Wechat Ads into your marketing strategy. The main reason for that is that Wechat is not per definition an advertising-friendly app. For a long time, in fact, advertisements were relatively rare on Wechat. If your company already has brand awareness in China and a budget that allows it, then go for it.

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