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Here are some companies that trusted us with exploiting all the possibilities that Zhihu offer:

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Zhihu Organization Account

Credibility is key in China, open an organization account to increase your author authority on the platform and unlock Zhihus' many features. Regularly publish quality content in mandarin to boost your authority level and rank higher in the results research. This content will also rank on Baidu.

Zhihu Community Management

Position yourself as a figure of authority and become an influencer. Leads discussion trends, launch trendy topics and create an active community around your brand. Community in China are powerful and influential. The more your community is active, the more content related to your brand will rank higher on Baidu. A cheap and efficient way to increase your credibility and visibility online.

Zhihu Tools & Features

Zhihu has tones of features to explore and exploit to promote your brand. Such as Zhihu column (知乎专栏) which allow users to write an article on specific topics without having to answer a question, Zhihu bookstore (知乎书店) a collection of the best q&a, Zhihu Round table (知乎圆桌) feature to gather specialists of a topic together, Zhihu « 值乎 »: answer question with a voice message, Zhihu live (知乎Live) live streaming, sell your time, perfect to sell classes and training. Zhihu tip service, good content get tip via Wechat wallet...

Why Hire Us for your Zhihu Marketing?

Seo is our passion, to be precise cost-efficient SEO. We are using all the tool available to offers our client the cheapest solutions the Chinese market offer. Cheap does not mean mediocre, we are expert, and we know what we are doing, we like things to be done properly and quickly. Whether you are looking for a 1-time engagement free marketing campaign or a full strategy, we have packages for you.

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Zhihu Marketing - Frequently Asked Question

What is Zhihu?

Zhihu is the Chinese version of Quora. The concept is simple, ask a question and get answers from netizens. For every Baidu, a request typed at least 1 Zhihu page will rank high.

How many users on Zhihu?

Zhihu has 34 million daily users as of 2019;

Who are Zhihu users?

As of 2018, +78% of users were age 25 or above and more than half of users were men

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