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Our PR & KOL in China Case Studies

PR, with SEO, is one of the biggest components for a strong digital Marketing base in China. Being one of your specialties, many brands have trusted us with their PR effort in China.


Importance of PR in China

Public Relations through Chinese media agencies are the most effective in terms of results as well as price.  When hiring an agency like ours, you not only get a team of PR experts working on your project but also gain access to an extended network of Chinese media, Kols, and newspapers each using various platforms. Here are some of the benefits of PR: => Experts of your industry talking about you: Credibility. => Backlink to your website: better Baidu ranking. => Brand/ Company Presence on 3rd party neutral websites: More visibility & Trust building. Do not skip PR. It can be a complement to an already existing marketing strategy or a first step into China for small budget start-up etc.. it is for everyone and It can't be recommand it enough.

Work with Micro Influencers & KOCs

Chinese influencers & KOC  are "public" personalities that have been gaining leverage with brands during the last few years. Micro-influencers and Key opinion consumers are as the name suggests influencers with a smaller audience than Stars or Kols but don't be fool by the size of their following, there is a reason we are mentioning them here. Micro-Influencers are cheaper than stars and Big Kols. They work very hard to please their community. They have fewer sponsorships which make them more genuine, less like living ad. Meaning that: Even with a small budget, you can hire an influencerSince you pay less, you can hire a few Kols and reach out to different audiences.More trust. Your micro-influencer willspend more time engaging with its community and answer their questions about you.

The Key Opinion Leaders [KOL]

Public Relations are run by key opinion leaders on social media, billboard screens, and paid ads. The great thing with Kols is that they are available on any existing platform, they are creative peoples able to adapt their content to make it appealing to their followers whatever industry they are specialized in. Although Kols are amazing to reach out to your target audience, they are expensive and the market is so lucrative there are obviously fake. This is where working with an agency comes to use. An agency like ours has a well-developed network of KOLs in various industries as well as a team always working at growing this network.

Chinese stars

Working with stars is tempting, but be aware that unless if you are a very well known brand or have a consequent budget it might not be the best option for you. However, when it works, it works and you will sell thousands of units in minutes. A brand can employ these Chinese stars from sports, journalism, academics, hospitality, tourism, Fashion and so many other fields in vogue to promote products. These stars are believed to be experts with advice that can change the image of brands no matter the negative reputation created. Brands that use Chinese stars in social media can redeem battered impression and build formidable public relations among the Chinese internet community.


As a PR and digital marketing agency in China, we have extensive experience in doing PR as well as a well developed media and Kols network.

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Why do I need PR in China?

You need it to become a reference in your industry and gain the trust of your target audience. PR is a long-lasting solution that will help with increasing your conversion rate while getting more traffic. It is also cheaper than most solutions.

How do I choose a KOL ?

There are many KOLs in China. You need to find one that share the same values as your brand. Thus, its community will feel more concerned with your brand. You also need to pay attention to its community. Is it the kind of consumers that you want to target ? Be careful, because sometimes, an influencer with the biggest amount of followers isn’t always the wisest choice. As we are in contact with many of them, we will find the perfect KOL for you.

Should I hire Kols for live-streaming?

Be aware, just as when working with stars, the status of your brand and your budget will play an important role in your success if you decide to go that path. You don’t have to go for live streaming right away, there are other options to unlock the Chinese Kols Economy.

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