China’s Skincare and Cosmetics Distributor / Agent

Do you want to distribute your Brand of Cosmetics in China? And need an agent that will have access to 100 of Chinese Beauty and skincare distributors?

Our Chinese and Western staff has strong knowledge and experience in distribution in China for Cosmetics and skincare Brands.

International cosmetics Brands to China

We are specialized in International cosmetics Brands that enter to the market.

  • You are searching for “cosmetic importer” “Cosmetics Agent in China or a “Chinese cosmetic online Distributor” .
  • You are introducing your brand on the Chinese market via China BEauty Expo, CosmoProff Hong Kong or alternative, qualitative way like via your own online store
  • We are a dynamic Brand and search a market in China


We are the link between Foreign cosmetic brands and Chinese retailers.

This page aims at promoting our values, as well as our specific, know how. We have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, France UK and Taiwan. And we have a connexion with distribution centers which can reach the consumers you need! 

Understand Chinese Distributors First

Cosmetics in China: A brand Market


Context of a Cosmetics Brand in China …

Find and select the right distribution partners in China for your company.

Discover how we can help you get off to a successful start.

Distribution in China: How to Be Successful?


What is the right Process?




In China, Brands Reputation makes the difference


Case Study


If you want to Be distributed in China, we can help you.

Contact us and send us a maximum of information about

  1. Your Company
  2. Your Brand
  3. Your history in China
  4. Your Ambition


We will send more information and case studies in Beauty and Skincare.



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18 thoughts on “China’s Skincare and Cosmetics Distributor / Agent”

  1. Hello

    Could I cooperate with you to Marke our cosmetic Brand with natural material in New Zealand to China.
    Sinna skincare


    1. HEY , i am finding some quality cosmetics for my brand and want supplier and manufacturer for same m i on a right place??

      can you help ????

    2. Hello Shu,
      We may be interested to resell your Brand. What s the name? website? wechat account?
      We have several taobao stores and we would like to be in your list seoagencyChina possible?

  2. Hello,
    Very nice explanation, I am interested to distribute and resell Brands with Discount Outlet concept. It is possible in China?

    1. It is possible, it is not easy and direct.. you need to register your Brand, and pass certificate;
      We can assist you. Contact us 😉 better with email.

  3. Hello,
    We are a Premium Beauty Brands, and want to distribute our products only to Premium outlet, and into selective distributor chain like Sephora.
    How can we enter to these specific distributor channels?

    1. Hello Amelie,
      These Premium Retail stores have strict rules and are very selective on the brands they distribute.
      Brands have to have a good awareness in China.
      We can guide you. Just send us an email.

  4. Hi Admin,
    We have several shops on Taobao, Kaola, xiaohongshu and we would like to collaborate with Brands, and make trial for them in the Chinese market.
    We have 3 millions of followers and have full logistics delivery partners.

  5. It is nice to contact you.

    We are trading company located in Japan and Korea(South).

    And we are looking for distributor who can distribute our cosmetic product(Product name : VitaDerm 60 : Skin Booster) in China.

    Our product, VitaDerm 60 is currently distuributing to Japan as a good quality product.

    So, if there is potential market in your country for our VitaDerm 60, we would like to discuss
    about more detail information.

    If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us by email(our email address :

    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Deok-Gyun Kim

  6. Hello,
    I am a private agent in China, and i have access to large number of groups selling cosmetics makeup and beauty products.
    I can sell with commission with good brands 🙂
    Give me your wechat or contact me

  7. hello
    We are an imported store chain in China, and we have 14 stores and Tmall store. We would like to resell premium cosmetics Brands from France, Italy, UK, Spain, Australia, Canada, Swiss, Germany…
    Contact me for further information.

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