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Distributors List

We provide a list of distributors and can connect you with them

Wechat Brochure

Create a Wechat brochure to easily share your listing with chinese distributors

Lead Generation

Get more and more request from Chinese buyers with marketing

Distribution e-Commerce

Upload your listing on various chinese ecommerce plateforms.

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China Distribution Case Studies

With help these companies to build successful distribution network in China.

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Buyer Agent Contact

Your industry, how much you can produce, the demand for this kind of products, the competition ... these are all factors are important when looking for a distribution agent in China or elsewhere. We have an extensive list of contact and will be able to connect you with at least a few potential distributors.

Wechat Brochure

A Wechat brochure is a must-have in China. Chinese peoples and business man do not use Email. Create a Wechat brochure of your listing in Chinese and share it everywhere you go with a QR code. It is simple, convenient and a lot cheaper than printing business card and your listing. Most importantly, a Wechat brochure is expected when doing business in China.

Distribution-like eCommerce

China is a super innovative country and has all kind of e-commerce platform. Some of them like Tmall, work like a classic mall, you rend a place and sell your product whereas other work like a distributor. Convince them to buy your product, and they will sell it for you. Kaola, VIP, Pinduoduo, Tmall TOF... all offer these kinds of services. Let us help you to get in.

Lead Generation and Buyers

Use the Chinese web to get your company and products well known in China. Create a demand for your products and have more leverage when negotiating with distributors. The more your brand/products are popular and present on the Chinese internet the easiest it will be to get a good deal with several Chinese buyers.

Let Us Help you Find a distributors

We are experts and have a solution for every budget from start-up solutions to a very complete strategy. Do you just want a list of contact? We can do that, you want an engagement free deal? We are good with that and if later you want to continue growing with us, we will be honored and flattered to continue our collaboration.

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Distribution - Frequently Asked Question

What Can I sell in China?

You can sell coffee, you can sell Honey, you can sell meat, you can sell Olive Oil, fashion items, food complement, alcohol, cosmetics... There are buyers for everything really. We have access to more than 800 distribution Channels in China, so we will be able to help you. However, you can not sell drugs or drugs derived product