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JD.com, aka Jing Dong, is China’s second-largest online market (after Alibaba) and JD Worldwide is the Crossborder Website for JD. You need an agency to integrate this e-Commerce platform 

About JD Worldwide

JD.com is the second-largest B2C e-commerce platform in China, with 188 million active buyers. They have more of a hybrid model today, which I will come back about in a moment, but JD.com continues to search for products and sell directly to end customers.

Cost-Effective Agency

KPI and Results focused. We are the most visible Marketing Agency for China. Not because of huge spending but because of our SMART Strategies. Let us help you with: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

How to Register a Store on JD WorldWide?

JD Buyers

JD.hk has 240 million registered buyers. 68% are male & 32% are female. 65% have university degrees.

JD Accepts Popular Brands

JD.com, therefore, works more like a traditional online store. JD.com’s market platform allows sellers to connect directly to customers through the JD.com website and mobile channels. Vendors can also view the execution infrastructure, customer marketing and targeting services, financing and other value-added services from JD.com, the industry leader. The plate-shaped market was launched in October 2010 to expand the selection of products available on the plate-form and enrich the customer’s experience.
JD Worldwide is JD.com’s cross-border e-commerce platform and allows customers to purchase Chinese products with other products with JD.com.

JD Worldwide offers international merchants the opportunity to exploit the Chinese market even though they are not physically present in China. JD.com, JD Worldwide, JD Worldwide, travel and maintenance guarantee the delivery to customers of products in China with ease.

  • JD Worldwide is legally registered outside of China.
  • JD can integrate with your WeChat account , which can offer double connexion*

How we can Help you with JD Wordlwide

  1. Communication with JD (we speak English)
  2. To negotiate with JD team 
  3. To apply to join JD 
  4. Upload Great product Page content
  5. Create and Design Great Store 
  6. Customer support
  7. Content Management System
  8. Ordering System and Logistics Coordination 
  9. Work on your Branding: ereputation & awareness 

To sell in China, you need to plan a reasonable annual marketing budget. This platform is done to receive orders not to create Business.

JD Payment Process

  • Payments term : 30 days
  • Currency : USD


How to Sell on JD ?

Marketing is the Key
Brands need to work with an official third-party, trusted JD agency For handle translations, optimization, management process and logistics, optimised Product descriptions, perform on customer service and return handling.
A marketing budget must be set to a Marketing Agency, to drive Sells and create Customers engagement, as it’s essential for Brands to word on Branding Ereputation + Awareness in China.


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