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How do we help you to sell via WeChat Store in China?

Set up

We help you to set up your shop and your products on the platform

WeChat store management

WeChat Content Management. Management of products and the smooth running of your shop

Design of your WeChat store

We create a graphic universe according to your brand spirit in the adaptation for the Chinese market

Mandarin customer service

Chinese staff to meet the needs and needs of your buyers. Customer Optimize the experience

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A lot of companies trusted GMA for their digital branding in China. Here are some of them.


WeChat store

While the mini shop offers little benefits, weidian shop offers elaborate functionalities for business. Wechat shops allow one-click payment for goods and services purchased within the application. Using your Union Pay card, you can pay for services in any Wechat shop without intermediary. The Smartphone has become an effective instrument to purchase goods from Wechat shops in the Chinese ecommerce. Customers can pay via your Wechat public account to access your Wechat shop products. Wechat shop offers the following features for its online shop management: Product upload Products management Order management Product display management Customer complaint management


For any brand to sell in Wechat e-commerce platform, verification of official account is a prerequisite. International brands can secure wechat account verification with Tencent. Brands that have been connected with Wechat payments API will be able to open an e-commerce store. Merchants from overseas will be able to sell items to potential wechat customers without directing them towards places outside Wechat application. In other words, Wechat application will handle all the transaction process within wechat platform. Wechat shop gives merchants the e-commerce platform suitable to set up their shop after due verification. This includes Wechat shop set up, customization and payment integration. With a brand shop fully configured, management of stocks and monitoring of sales will pass through Wechat payment system.

WeChat ecommerce strategy

Wechat is empowering brands to build their own stand-alone stores to strategize ecommerce focus on the Chinese market for customer satisfaction. Brands through Wechat application have Tmall and JD’com presence in China. The cost of maintenance in e-commerce channel has been reduced because of one payment Wechat wallet. There is maintenance of brand value, and some brands are weighing the option of having their own branded e-commerce site. With opportunity offered by Wechat shop, brands are evaluating the next scope of ecommerce shop in China.

Wechat account management

Wechat official accounts allow brands to generate awareness and create high-quality content to attract audience. Brands can broadcast message from this account like Twitter, post media content in text, photos, videos and messages to Wechat official account followers. Individuals can follow Wechat brand official account by scanning a unique QR code or get someone within their Wechat network to share. Wechat account has become a big marketing tool for many brands today. Define your communication objective, strategic marketing and effective advertising to sell in Wechat with relevant and consistent marketing.


Brands need a WeChat account in China because it is the most efficient social network on which create your account as a new-comer in China, and we are here to help you ! After several years in China and a multi-cultural team, we are experts of the market. This will ensure you a great implementation on the Chinese market.

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How can I sell my products on WeChat ?

WeChat miniprograms ! This new feature can be described as a kind of "sub-application". That is, one app inside another (in this case, WeChat). Mini-programs can therefore be compared to "mini-apps" built into the WeChat app itself. As a result, users will no longer have to use or download new apps because they may already be in WeChat! The mini-programs concern all types of services: sales, e-commerce and government services.