Innovative WeChat H5 Campaigns in 2020

You may have seen some of these WeChat Html5 (H5) campaigns on your WeChat; find below some successful examples of integrating H5 brochures in your WeChat marketing campaign in China.

WeChat H5 successful campaigns examples

     1. Avengers Movie

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Avengers’ calls to promote the movie’s movie service. Break 2,000,000 pages of browsing history in the first 6 hours.

     2. APPmixer

A video of a virus that introduces a virtual application called APPmixer. It can combine two applications of your choice, for example, Uber + Didi Dache; Baidu Maps + Momo; Mito Xiu Xiu + Finally, all the applications on the phone together to create a level application Program, you can enjoy everything for free, promoted by Yunnan.

The video gets millions of searches; 5 million views of the video; several WeChat accounts re-share this video with over 100,000 page views. The video won the “One China” Best Show Award and China Advertising Great Wall Award. There is only one word between us. WeChat H5 created three million page views in the first three days and brought over a hundred imitators within the first month of launch.

     3. New Balance

Promotion of eating and drinking activities at the level of restaurant inspection and booking service. New Balance video focuses on the Chinese middle class, young people. This video has 4 million views; news coverage and online debates revolve around controversial video stylesWhat color is young? The new Balance H5 campaign focuses on young Chinese millennials.

     4. Jiang Wen

Nine-step quiz on film to promote Chinese film star, Jiang Wen.

     5. Shoucao

Mr. Shoucao’s love letter. This is the first successful HTML5 campaign with lots of content and characters. It received more than a million bonuses in the first week of its launch. The life span of this exercise is 1.5 years (compared to 2 days of normal exercise).

What do these WeChat H5 sports have in common?

These WeChat H5 activities are all produced by marketing agencies: W is a young agency that only existed for a year. W is small with only 26 employees. However, if you look at its work, W is a revolutionary creative agency. This is 15 works

WeChat H5 sports

Every WeChat H5 activity is unique, new, and viral. For example, W is the first movement to use “caller”, just before the idea became the “industry standard” for the H5 movement. APPmixer event has been re-shared many times. The Guardian’s Love Letter campaign was still in use 1.5 years after launch, compared to two days of normal H5 exercise.

How to do it? The testimony

Today, we interviewed the founder of Li Sanshui W to find out why W has been so effective in creating the WeChat H5 campaign.

Go TheChat (WTC): Can you introduce yourself?

Sanshui (W): Before W, I had a lot of entrepreneurial experience: I have a film and television production company, two advertising agencies, I have been in W + K such as marketing agencies work. I am working with bookstores, restaurants, garment factories, and Chinese medicine factories.

WTC: Why did you create W?

W: After starting all these “detours”, W naturally created. In all other industries, advertising is a truly creative industry. You must advertise with your experience and judgment. It’s like looking for and combining solutions and methods for cross-industry use.

World Trade Center: Why do people call you Wild Dog?

W: Our nickname is W. Wild dogs represent different spirits: creatures that survive beyond the civilized circle. Unlike domestic dogs, we do not want to be spoiled or ordered by our customers, and we want to think like our customers. W is not defined in one direction, but rather we want to become “a (client) mentality of the company.”

World Trade Center: Does this mean many compromises on the part of our customers?

W: Give you an example. If a customer goes to a restaurant to order something not on the menu: Fried rice with egg. A good restaurant will make fried rice, may have different combinations, different tastes. Finally, fried rice.

  • However, when customers enter the “W” restaurant, we will not make fried rice as required. We will not ask customers what they want, but: Why do you want to eat? Why do some fried eggs? Is this your correct dish? What is your favorite taste? We will provide them with another dish, what customers really want to eat.
  • When we sit with our clients, we will not sell them what they want. Instead, we’ll sit down with top decision-makers to really understand their business model, strategy, and how they make the decision. The way we work is talking about business, really understanding business, not just advertising.

World Trade Center: China and Western countries do marketing activities What is the difference?

W: The principle is the same: promote the product. But the ways and methods of doing this are different, although the quality of level is getting closer. Advertising channel is the biggest difference. All WeChat in China are about WeChat, and in the Western culture, you cannot just advertise through WeChat.

World Trade Center: What is culture? What makes you so creative?

W: When you see our work, you may see a lot of diversity, some new and very artistic, you may think it is W’s culture. But in fact, the opposite is true. We are very cautious, logical, and focused on problem-solving. When you think of an advertising agency, they usually do the executive. They have a Problem, they will be beautifully packaged, for the market.

Advertising companies follow the order. Our concern is to solve the problem. In W, we will ensure that everyone truly understands the project, the strategy behind it, and the purpose of WeChat H5 activities. You cannot measure creativity, but you can measure what is right and what is wrong. In this way, we rarely lose our way of thinking, because we have been focused on problem-solving.

World Trade Center: How do you train your staff?

W: The motto of our company is “instinctive heart, thinking innocent, face to face” (translated into English is: spiritual instinct, pure heart, outspoken). 

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