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In recent years, China has seen tremendous volatility in overseas property investment. In a country with a population of 1.3 billion, its GDP grew by about 7% over the same period of last year, and the market potential of overseas real estate investors in China is boundless.

Investors are aggressively buying in their minds in an attractive way of life, immigrant investment and educational opportunities.

Coupled with the depreciation and instability of the yuan and the local economy. As home prices are soaring in sky-high prices in China’s metropolitan areas, the wealth they invest overseas is becoming more and more attractive to the wealthy in China.

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 The United States is the most popular investment destination

The United States is currently China’s largest real estate investor and is currently the most popular choice for real estate investment in China and currently accounts for 29% of total U.S. real estate investment.

The east-west coast is often the most sought-after area and New York is currently at the top of the list. Not just wealthy people buy foreign property. Chinese companies are also starting to invest in overseas offices as a way to invest in the company.

In general, overseas investment returns are better than investing in China, so it is easy to understand why far-sighted companies are jumping out of investment opportunities.

In order to really start selling real estate to China, it is important to have a very thorough understanding of buyers buying habits. Gaining insight from what they are looking for across the various marketing platforms used throughout China can be very helpful in helping you be successful and successful in your conversion.

The key to understanding is that China’s answer is digital, with a net investment of 900 million and an Internet penetration rate of 65%. The entire investor ecosystem centers on online activities. It also makes the Chinese market different from the rest of the world where other offline branches play a bigger role in China.

Your reputation may not extend to China

Large, reputable companies often show me that they do not need to sell themselves in China, they are world-renowned and investors come to them. In fact, this logic in China does not work. China’s commercial and online environment is actually very unique and is known as the “Great China Firewall.”

Digitization is the solution, but dominates on the Chinese Internet local platform. No Google, Baidu. No Facebook, but WeChat. China news sources such as Sohu and Fung Fung are the places where investors can browse information.

If you are not active and have not yet developed a Chinese content, you will not be able to see in Mandarin character keyword search. This is a problem, even for big companies that attract large numbers of wealthy investors.

Make a good Chinese website and good Mandarin content

No matter how strong your reputation is in the United States, remember that when your company enters China, you are essentially invisible. All your positive reviews are inaccessible due to “great firewall”.

Therefore, building a good Chinese website is very important, so that potential investors can understand your company’s situation and the type of property you provide.

Writing written content about your property that can be accessed from various Chinese platforms is also recommended to help establish your visibility and credibility.

These should include backlinks to your website to increase website traffic and your rankings in search results.

Keep in mind that some overseas investors may not have the chance to see the property they are investing in. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a wide range of asset profiles with very concise details, so investors can better understand what they are getting.

Video is another great way to see what you’re providing and generate high-quality video from the properties of your video. Videos, images and your website should all be well translated into mobile form, and most Chinese use their mobile phone for all their web research. The above suggested content can be sent directly to investors via IM on WeChat account.

Be the first in Baidu (China Google)

After you create a strong mandarin website, you need to start to increase your visibility. Baidu (as the most popular search engine in China) is the most important starting point. Statistics show that if you do not appear on the first search page, you may lose 65% of your potential internet traffic.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to do search engine optimization in order to rank on the home page. Find the right keywords to help you generate the most potential customers and optimize y
Our cost-per-click and bids targeting, as well as constantly updating your landing pages while monitoring web traffic, are the keys to the success of Your First Search Page. Baidu ranked high organic results, promoting the highest quality leadership.

The site needs to be built on Baidu search and auditing mandarin characters. This Chinese website will be your “store front desk” in China, and PPC is also a great way of complimenting the ongoing search engine optimization of real estate companies.

This will keep you in the top spot for paid results, while real estate will still provide a good ROI. The combination of these two approaches works best for PPC and was initially more important when you entered the market, and SEO became more viable after months of activity.

Social Media (WeChat) is indispensable As the most popular social media application in China, it is advisable to become familiar with the internal operation of WeChat and its promotion methods. By setting the official WeChat account, your audience will have more direct contact information. It will also allow potential investors to keep updating any updates about your company.

For example, any new properties you provide can be shared on your official account so that your users can see them instantly, without going to their way to your website.

Wechat as a communication “Swiss Army knife” to establish investor relations. The highest ranking in Baidu is the best way to produce qualified clues, WeChat is the first step toward conversion.

Almost every website in China is accessible via QR code, so include your QR code on your WeChat account so potential investors from your WeChat account to your site.

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  1. Thank you for these information.

    I would like to Market the Real for Estate Miami FL USA to Chinese Investors.
    Do you think it can works ?
    What is the minimum investment ?

    1. Hi Etienne,
      we can promote your Property on WeChat Real Estate Group and on Real Estate Forums / Plateforms.
      We offer these Service.
      Cost start at 1000$

  2. What Chinese Rich Peopleare looking for? 1. better returns elsewhere around the globe.
    2. Chinese purchases of residential properties have increased from $11.2 billion in 2010 to $28.6 billion in 2015 (33,000 homes).

    The United States real estate market has become a preferred destination for Chinese capital. Chinese business Men have also been particularly active in Australia, the UK, and Canada, Dubai, Thailand…
    Record numbers of Chinese buyers flock to the UK housing market. This is What Chinese Investors Are Looking For in Real Estate

    So, what are Chinese investors looking for in real estate?

    We have put together a list of the things Chinese buyers specifically look for in the real estate they purchase.

    • Education – proximity to top-notch high schools and universities
    • Cachet – conveyance of wealth through a well-known location
    • Rental – investment return through rental income
    • Visas – regulations benefit Chinese tourists, investors or migrants
    • Value – price comparison versus Chinese real estate
    • Financial Security – investing for future generations

    The Chinese government has loosened capital restrictions, effecting the country’s Rich SItuationa to move more money overseas.

  3. With luxury markets slowing, Real Estate sellers must demonstrate the long-term potential of their homes to attract Chinese buyers, they buy Cash, and can buy several Properties if you help them to find a way to take their money out of China
    Really good Business

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  5. Hi, I want to market condotel and condominiums, residential to commercial properties to Chinese Investors. I am from Philippines. May I know for the packages. Thank you.

  6. for investors and buyers, there is a general feeling of insecurity in the Chinese domestic market, a number of factors contributing to it, including; the instability of the stock markets, the lower value of the RMB, the limits of the state regulatory framework and the lack of property rights.

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