Working with Chinese Outbound Tour Operators in 2023

China reopens its borders today , it could be a GREAT year for any business in the Tourism industry.

All over the globe, Tourism experts welcomed the news but they are not expecting an immediate influx of Chinese travellers, traditionally saw a boom in Chinese tourists for the Chinese new year.

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China was the most important source of international tourists in the world. In 2019, more than 25 million Chinese tourists spent less than a trillion dollars outside of China’s borders.

This huge amount of money fell precipitously in the last three years, as China essentially closed its borders. As China prepares for reopen Sunday, millions more tourists will return to the international stage. This raises hopes for a rebound in the global hospitality sector.

Analysts predict that while international travel will not immediately return to pre-pandemic levels in the immediate future, countries, industries, and companies that depend on Chinese tourists will see a rise in 2023.

History of China Tourism (Before Covid)

According to the statistics of China Tourism Academy, the outbound travel of Chinese tourists was approximately 140 million in 2018, with a  13.5% year-on-year growth. China’s outbound tourism market is expected to reach US$ 365 Billion by 2025.  According to a report conducted by UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), China was the world’s largest outbound tourism market in terms of spending in 2018. Tourism spending increase by 8% year on year to USD277 billion. With the increasing affluence, Tourism, especially outbound tourism, has become more and more popular in China. Chinese tourists increasingly pay attention to high-quality services and better shopping experiences. The skyrocketing numbers of Chinese outbound tourism stimulate global destinations and local businesses to make great efforts in order to attract China’s outbound travelers. Local businesses in the world often work with Chinese tour operators to get Chinese tourists.

Why outbound tour operator from China is so popular?

In China, not many people can speak basic English when they are traveling. Because of the difficulties in communication between Chinese tourists and global-local businessmen, those Chinese who can not speak local languages, choose to join tourist groups organized by tour operators. Often those tour operators attract Chinese tourists with an extremely low price, thus the trip experiences are not very good. 

Bad experience during an outbound trip organized by tour operators

As explained before, Chinese tour operators decrease the prices to get more and more tourists. But how can they cover all the costs, the answer is simple: lowering the trip quality. Thus, Chinese tourists often have bad outbound travel experiences. They are very stressed during the trip because they are pushed to walk fast, eat fast, get up very early in order to ensure the team trip takes place as planned. Those trips are very compact, letting travelers no time to appreciate their journey.

Those Chinese team travelers are just like a walking machine and taking-photo machine, which is not really good for the destinations. They thought Chinese tourists are great opportunities for local business. Unfortunately, the reality is not.

The Chinese groups have their own Chinese-speaking guides, who manage absolutely everything from the moment visitors arrive in the country until the departure. Tourists have no freedom at all because everything is already planned. Locals don’t get anything from it, except restaurants and hotel fees. Even for the hotels and restaurants, tour operators try to negotiate very low prices. They do whatever they want because they have Chinese tourists! 

China’s new outbound tourism trend

With the scandals and bad trip experiences, organized team travel created distrust between tour operators and travelers. As early as 2016,  great changes have taken place in Chinese outbound tourism. Team travel is no longer the main form of Chinese outbound tourism. Instead, the main force is “free and independent travelers.”

In the past, Chinese tourists were keen on luxury goods’ consumption, becoming a boost to global consumption. However, the ample supply of domestic luxury goods and the transparency in prices have made this overseas shopping craze gradually fade.

Those new trends are fabulous chances for local businesses. Chinese tourists don’t want to be controlled anymore, instead, they want to have contact with local people, to see what real local lives are, and to travel freely and independently!

How to get Chinese tourists by yourself?

There are some tips for you to develop activities with Chinese tourists:

  1. Speak Mandarin or have someone speaking Mandarin
  2. Create your own website
  3. Baidu SEO
  4. Be omnipresent on Chinese social media
  5. Use those travelling websites that your target use

1. Speak Mandarin or have someone speaking Mandarin

Language is the essential tool for you to get Chinese tourists. As Chines consumers are very suspicious, they want to know the maximum of information before they make their spending decisions. When they travel abroad, they are worried because of the different cultures and languages before going.

So if they want to travel independently abroad, and that your company has someone who can speak Chinese can solve a lot of problems. Once they get enough first-hand information in Chinese, they will be persuaded and ensured to choose your company. 

2. Create your own website to be more reliable in China

Your website is the portal between you and your target. Just like what has been discussed earlier in this article, Chinese people like to search on the Internet to find most of the information about what they are going to pay for.

Although Chinese are unlikely to make their reservation directly on your website because they have habits to pay with their familiar e-commerce platforms and ways of payments by Alipay or WeChat pay.  But your website is still useful for the informative function. 

The website can transmit a reliable image of your brand, and this is very important to get Chinese tourists’ trust. Brand credibility in China is primordial for brand success.

3. SEO boosts your brand awareness

If you are in Europe, you can choose to do SEO with Google to achieve your marketing goal. However, in China, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others are blocked, there’s no way for you to maintain the same strategy in Europe to tackle the Chinese tourism market. You have to adapt and learn to use Chinese ways to launch a marketing campaign.

Baidu, a Chinese equivalent of Google, in essence, is the largest searching engine in China. This tech behemoth has more than 70% of the total Chinese market share. If you want to do SEO in Chine to create your brand recognition, Baidu is undeniable your first choice.

It is also important to know that the keywords for your brand SEO on Baidu need to be chosen carefully. Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for your target to find your website via Baidu. Keywords well-chosen can help you rank in a good place.

This is why developing a list of keywords is the first and the most important step in your SEO optimization. For doing this, you need to know your target habits and social trends so that you can ensure your SEO keywords are highly relevant to your audience.

Our agency is an expert in Baidu SEO, with its Chinese and Western marketing specialists. We can help you find the most efficient keywords for your successful Baidu SEO.

Douyin SEO can also work. Douyin aka Tiktok in 2023 is super popular in China and optimisation tehre can bring direct results for travel Players.

4. Be omnipresent on Chinese social media

Chinese are highly connected by mobiles. The Internet arrives in China in 1994, and in just 20 years, it has penetrated the country’s every sector. Fundamental changes brought by the Internet and e-commerce have transformed Chinese shopping habits. Recently,  China’s social media and social media-related e-commerce have demonstrated explosive growth momentum. 

Therefore, to get Chinese tourists, it is obligated to be omnipresent on China’s social media. Since social media now is linked with China’s e-commerce, people are very sensitive to what they see on the social platforms, and when they make their purchase, they tend to choose what they have seen on the Internet because this kind of presence familiarizes Chinese consumers with the brand.

RED aka Xiaohongshu is the last trendy social media for travellers. it is like instagram, people share video and pictures about places creating buzz.

What are the main social media channels for your brand awareness?

WeChat: N.1 social platform in China

When we talk about China’s social media, the first that comes to the brain must be WeChat. With more than 1.2 billion users, WeChat is the number one among Chinese social media.

WeChat, the equivalent of What’up, is much more than just a messaging app. With WeChat, people can send money, pay, reserve hotels, follow KOLs, etc.

WeChat has more than 1.1 billion monthly active users, which can help you achieve massive brand exposure, convey brand culture, strengthen brand image, and cooperate with precise targeting to allow more users to participate in brand activities and achieve integration of product and efficiency. There are three types of WeChat advertising:

  1. Moments ads
  2. Banners ads
  3. Mini-program ads
chinese tour operator online - chinese social media wechat

Moments ads are promotion content in the form of friend content in the WeChat feeds. Banner ads are in WeChat subscriptions. There are three forms of banner ads, which are ads at the bottom of an article, in-article ads, and KOLs ads. Mini-program ads, as the name shows, are advertising in WeChat mini-programs. 

Mini-program is just like an app, but it is integrated into WeChat, and users can open it without downloading. Because it is user-friendly and also because of the giant user database of WeChat, most Chinese e-commerce and social media have mini-program versions within WeChat.

Weibo: open microblogging platform

As one of the largest social media in China, Weibo is a center for KOLs marketing. Not like WeChat who is quite “closed” like a community, Weibo is open to everyone. It is thus an ideal place for mass marketing and buzz marketing. 

There are also several categories of advertising on Weibo:

  • Weibo SEO
  • KOL advertising
  • Rewarded marketing
  • Interactive Marketing

Weibo SEO is similar to Baidu SEO. It can generate traffic, and expose brands to users. KOL marketing is cooperation with KOLs or influencers to boost brands awareness. Providing free gifts for viewers to like and forward promotion content is a marketing model on Weibo. This is currently the most popular marketing model applied on Sina Weibo.

To retain a user and get a high CR, we need to combine Weibo marketing, WeChat marketing. When a user sees the content in one of the platforms in doubt, we use Weibo marketing to stimulate users and finally conclude the transaction.

How Chinese make reservation for their trips?

China has a unique system of e-commerce, social media, and search engines. In response, China’s online travel agency and information integration system are also unique, mainly dominated by local companies “Ctrip” and “Fliggy” and “Where to go”. Our survey results show that 2/3 of respondents use Ctrip for flight and hotel reservations, while Alibaba Fliggy platform followed closely behind.

Websites such as “Mafengwo” are an important way for Chinese tourists to obtain travel information. On this platform, tourists share their travel experiences. So it is important to have some articles talking about your brand and ensure positive comments.

Cooperation with those platforms can not only bring you target traffic but also can facilitate your transactions.

To conclude on China Outbound Tourism

The aim of this total article is to give you some useful information about the Chinese tourism market and the related marketing strategies. Keep in mind that only depending on yourself can lead to your success. Chinese tour operators are not reliable and outdated, now thanks to the new trend of outbound tourism in China and the Internet, it is just your chance to get Chinese tourists. 

Chinese tourists are highly connected to the Internet. They are keen on social media and are willing to follow the advice of others. The marketing for this group requires targeted localization strategies. Chinese tourists rely heavily on word of mouth and comments on the web.

Therefore, for those companies that want to catch Chinese tourists, they must ensure that they appear on the right platform, monitor and manage their corporate image, and avoid potential negative reviews very early. 

We can send you more information about how to get Chinese tourists, how to deal with these Chinese agencies, how to make deals, and what you should do and not do. We have a lot of experience and already helped 50 travel agencies successfully. Send us a comment or provide a 30-minute free call, and we will explain how we can help you with a tailored marketing strategy. 

We are a Digital Agency based in China, specialized in Tourism travel and hospitality management for Chinese tourists.

Contact us for Free Advices.

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    wide clients who wish to have a beauty in Sri Lanka.

    We have a wide range of holiday packages at very attractive rates which you
    ever find in Sri Lanka. Therefore we think this is the correct time to get
    join hand with you and establish a good business.

  35. Dear All,
    Greetings from Armat Tour Agency (Armenia)
    We are newly registered tour operator in Armenia and we would like to cooperate with Chinese outbound tour operators and tour agent. You can visit our website and check our tours ( or simply write us ( and get the information You need. We will be very happy to cooperate with You.
    Best wishes,
    Anna Geghamyan,
    Incoming Tour Manager
    Incoming tour manager.

  36. CommentDear colleagues,
    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina
    I am presenting an incoming tour operator in Bosnia and herzegovina – ¨AE Tour and Travel Agency¨. Our company is a fast growing company with wide range of services.
    The company cooperates only with reliable and experienced partners, so we guarantee our customers safe and comfortable vacations.
    We offer:
    -competitive rates for accommodation in hotels of any category on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
    -competitive rates for tours and tour packages;
    -professional licensed guides and drivers;
    -best restaurants.

  37. Hello,
    My name is Mery, I have an incoming agency in Spain and I would like to have chinese clients to come here.

  38. Hi, my name is Aziz, from Ulysse Tour travel agency from Uzbekistan! I would like to bring Chinese tourists to Uzbekistan. Please let me know how can I do it more efficiently.

    Thank you.

  39. Hello, we are officially registered travel agency in Maldives, we are expecting to receive Chinese market to Maldives for wide range of Holiday packages.

  40. Hi everybody
    we are a and authorized travel agent in Iran. we offer the best quality as well the best price for travelling to Iran and are ready to cooperate with companies.

  41. . For your information, every Chinese Citizen would be allowed to have Visa on Arrival to Yangon, Myanmar for the forthcoming of the 1st October 2018. As a result, Chinese people can be travelling very easy between two countries in any time, and then we both can cooperate business partnership and build up a severe mutual collaboration in the long-term. Therefore, it is a good time to work together and go hands in hands for the sake of mutual benefits.

    We are looking for a trustworthy business partnership like you, if you are able to be our counterpart and have clients who want to visit to Myanmar, just let know, we will handle it on behalf of you as one of your reliable representatives in Myanmar. If we have clients who are willing to visit your country, we will contact you too as our representative in China. In this respect, we would like to extend our interest in forming a partnership with your company for the long term mutual fruitful business partnership. On the other hand, you can also send out your tour packages in details to us in order to promote for you in Myanmar. ​

    For more information about our company and products, please visit our website at and All the packages with price and company’s milestones can be seen in attached files.

    Should you need any further information or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you very much, and we hope to receive your favorably response soon.
    Best regards,
    Hla Aye(MD)
    Shan Yoma Tours

  42. We are tour agency in Tbilisi, Georgia.Our company is KB Georgia and we looking forward to have partners in china as china tourists are high potential for us.

  43. Dear guests! We are tour operator based in Georgia, Tbilisi. We are looking for partner in China. If you are interested.

  44. We are by the name of Queenki Tours and Travels.
    Handling Inbound tours to SriLanka from world wide.
    if anyone who wishes to visit please contact us with
    cheaper and memorable tour packages.

  45. Pingback: Most Important Chinese Luxury Travel - Day Time Travel
  46. Hi Admin.
    It is Hoth Phanivong again . Now I need your help if you can find the people who interested to join with me to invest:
    1-) to build the resort in Vang Vieng ,Laos , well know as the famous eco-tourism site surrounded by the mountains and the river. Land area 10 hectares.Project cost around 7 million USD.
    2-) to invest in the agriculture for export to China . Land area 350 hectares +two big lakes with water for the whole year.Project cost ?

  47. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Warm greeting from Twin Bay Resort, Koh Lanta,Krabi,Thailand.
    We are pleased to be your partner for accommodation if you have a program tour to Koh Lanta, Krabi.
    Ko Lanta (also spelt Koh Lanta) is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, located just off the coast of Krabi. Its long coastline has nearly a dozen beaches, some considered the finest in the country, and each one with its own charm and atmosphere.
    Twin bay resort start in 2003 with 39 bungalows:
    18 Standard ,8 Family, 6 Beachfront,1 Deluxe garden,3 Deluxe beachfront,1 Suite garden,1 Suite family and 1 Suite beachfront.

  48. Hello, Im owner of Jambo Maasai Tours and Safaris, I’m looking for China tourists market for tours to Tanzania, Africa any agencies that handle group of people to having tour to Tanzania?

  49. Dear Admin,
    I’m Narine from Tour Advusor company (Armenia). We offer varous private and group tours for every kind of budget. We want to promote our company in China, and If you are interested in Caucasus, especially in Armenia,, please feel free to contact us.

  50. We are an inbound tour operator in Sri Lanka that is looking forward to collaborating a partnership with Chinese outbound tour operators. We provide a variety of tour packages along with hotel accommodation and transport services. Please feel free to contact us for further details on packages and pricing details. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  51. Dear Admin,
    I’m Nigora from The Best Travel company (Uzbekistan). We offer various private and group tours for every kind of budget. We want to promote our company in China, and If you are interested in Uzbekistan, please feel free to contact us.

  52. Dear Admin,

    We are Travel agency from Cebu Philippines, who offers english Tourism for none speaking english countries, it would be great if you could help us promote our agency to Chinese market we can as well be our partner for this tour program.


  53. Baltistan Tours Pakistan
    Baltistan Tours Pakistan has the honor to be the first and senior most Tour Operator of the region in culture and adventure travel having its base in Skardu, Gilgit- Baltistan Pakistan and the gateway to the Throne Room of Mountain gods.

  54. Hi
    We are Champa Lao Travel. We need to contact Outbound Tour Operators from China to Laos.

    Best regards
    Hoth Phanivong

  55. Hello….Greetings from the
    We are one of the most leading,active Authorised travel agents in Bhutan.
    Till now, we have never sent back any guests unsatisfied with our richest culture and the most vergin and scenic environment ever on this planet.
    So I would welcome any tour operators interested from any country to partner with us the tourism in our country.

  56. Green Nature Tours & Travels (Pvt) Ltd. is an inbound tour operator interested in the Chinese Market .
    We are interested inviting Chinese tourist to Sri Lanka. We have an excellent package and set tours.

  57. Hi,Jambo,we are a tour company based in Kenya specialized in East and central Africa safaris with over 8 years exprerience in wild,mountering and beach safaris.we are a prefered tour operator becouse of our best rates in the industry.we are looking for an agent to partner with us in East Africa safaris.

  58. Jambo! We have problem to be found by Chinese Tourists and We are real Travel Expert here for Mount Kilimanjaro & Safaris in Tanzania.
    We have a reasonable price and our Services guaranteed.

  59. How to find a list of reliable China Tours Operators?
    What’s your experience with collaborating with Chinese tours groups?
    For me it is pretty bad, they always ask for hundreds of information, and never give you any clients, it is really frustrating…
    I have the feeling that they use you and do by themselves

  60. Hello,
    I would like to buy from you the list of China outnound Tour Operator?
    How much it cost? What do you provide in this list?

  61. Hello everybody
    Greeting from all of us at Kooleh Bar Safar, Tehran, Iran.
    we are an international travel & tourism agency with more than 2 decades of experience in the tourism industry We are an inbound tour operator in Iran that is looking forward to collaborating a partnership with Chinese outbound tour operators. We provide a variety of tour packages along with hotel accommodation and transport services, visa and… Please feel free to contact us for further details on packages and pricing details. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
    We are an inbound tour operator in Sri Lanka that is looking forward to collaborating a partnership with Chinese outbound tour operators. We provide a variety of tour packages along with hotel accommodation and transport services. Please feel free to contact us for further details on packages and pricing details. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  62. Dear, I am looking for a travel agency with which we will cooperate at the reception in Uzbekistan. We are the leading travel company BBS Travel in Uzbekistan, which owns its large fleet of vehicles, a network of restaurants with show programs for Chinese tourists, a hotel, an ethnic village and also engaged in providing a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities in Uzbekistan and Central Asia

  63. Dear, we are looking for a travel agency and chainese tour operator with which we will cooperate at the reception in Morocco . We are the leading travel company hmaidout tours Morocco , which owns its large fleet of vehicles, and hotels.

    1. Hi Brahim,
      Please read this article, and do not expect to find a Chinese Tour operator here… they do not speak English, search on Baidu and will in priority ask to Travel Agency that speak Chinese, have a CHinese website and using WeChat…

  64. Hi I’m Keerthi Basnayake. I’m a tour agent in Sri Lanka. How can I make a relationship with chinese tour agents?

    1. hi,
      1- you have no Chinese website
      2- You have no wechat
      3- You have no experience and nobody speak to your company in China online.
      4- and nothing interesting to Show … so tell us why Chinese Tour operators should partner with you?
      Why Should a Chinese people trust you?

      Just ask yourself the Right question

  65. Dear seoagencyChina,

    We are pleased to get to know about your steamed company. We are one of the leading inbound Travel Agent in Sri Lanka with handling all inbound operations, incentive groups, mice operations, charter programs, cruisers and it.

    From latest Cars, Vans to luxury coaches. We have our own guides, Chinese language professionals.
    We would be pleased to cooperate with your agency for promote our Tour Operator in China.

    Please get in touch with us for your inquiries, any assistance, itineraries and if you need any clarifications.
    We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

  66. So many leading companies here , even do not have a website.
    Why you guys, do not just to try to be a little professional. just a little bit.

  67. We are Sri Lankan Tour Operators over 4o years experience in tourism.We more tour holidays in sri lanka.Kindly go though

  68. I am writing from Ethiopia and I am tour operator in Ghion travel and tours. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce about Ethiopia as well as our company services to you.

    Ethiopia has huge natural, cultural and historical tourism resources and also has diversified ethnic group’s interims of cultures, languages, and religions.
    As a tour operator and service provider, we are happy to cooperate with your company.
    If you want to travel in the country, we can be the best choice. We can provide you with all the best hotels, tourist spots, and best guiding services in a just affordable price. We pride ourselves in being efficient and honest tour operators in Ethiopia.
    We give priority to customer satisfaction

  69. I am a Ugandan Based MICE and Tour Company handling safaris in Uganda and the Entire East Africa.
    We hanle :
    Mountain Gorilla Trekking,
    Source of the Nile
    Wildlife Safaris
    Group Tours

  70. Dear
    My name Hoth PHANIVONG ,managing director of CHAMPA LAO TRAVEL , an inbound Tour Operator in Laos PDR since 2001. We intent and we are looking for partnership with Outbound Chinese Tour Operators and Travel Agents from China. Laos and China are very closed countries in cooperation . For further information about us please visit our website or just write us .You will have the competitive price and good experience of chinese speaking tour guides.
    Best regards

  71. Hello,
    We are searching to partner with Tour Operator in Canada, USA, Latin America, South Asia to develop our offer.
    We only work with experienced travel agency (5years exeprience) with Chinese Packages, chinese website, Chinese Customer service and with a real experience in welcomed Chinese Travellers.
    Feel free to contact me and give me your Website and WeChat account.

  72. Hello we are a well-known venue called SENOR FROGS that would like to present both FIT deals and insignia group products to tour operators in ASIA!!

    My name is Alvaro Ramirez, I am the sales manager of this brand. I am reaching out as I would love to hear your guidance in this regard.

    What is the best way to tackle wholesale travel agencies and tour operators in this region?

    Thank you very much!!

  73. Hi everybody!

    I’m looking for tour operators/Travel agents in China who are planning to sell Tanzania, Kenya, and Zanzibar as a tourist destination. I am requesting for cooperation with your company.

    I look forward to hearing from you and for future business.

    Very Best Regards,

    Medison Samwel

  74. Hello . I am looking for Chinese Tour Operator for Nepal . We been giving service to Tourist since 2001 . My Company name is Specialized Tours and Travels . We can provide all kind of Tour and Trek for Nepal .Once 2014 i had operate Chinese group

  75. Hello

    my name is theo in Botswana

    we are looking for partnership with agents who can sell our packages, we are a licensed mobile safari company.

    -day trips, overnight trips, transfers, mokoro trips, scenic flights arrangements, cultural village tours

    -Okavango delta
    -Chobe National Park

    contact us on whatsup for more info.

  76. Hi everyone,

    I m sales manger in travel agency in Agadir-Morocco, would to promote chinese market here in Morocco please we need chineese partners. if you are intrested in our cooperation please send me signal by whatsapp +212 84 17 76 48.

    Thank you.

  77. Dear Sir,

    Let me introduce myself, I am a 34 years old male – a Balinese who lived in Bali – Indonesia
    I want Collaborate with Chinese Travel Agencies

    Almost over 10 years ago I started to work as a freelance English speaking tour guide and driver in Bali
    Sometimes I arranged most of my tourists activities, apart of arranging their sight seeing tours, for instance` trekking, diving, white water rafting or sometimes arranging something which can not be offered by regular travel agency, for examples, staying with local family house somewhere in a small village, cooking together, feeding our animals and see how we live our life as the real Balinese people – it’s almost since we wake up in the morning until we go back to bed and some other things which related to a unique trips in Bali
    Most of my tourists were originally from Europe, such as Poland, England, France. However now I realised that I could see a lot of Iranian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Singaporean, Malaysian and some other Asian tourists here in Bali and I personally would like to offer my services to you to cooperate.
    Just in case, if you have a group of people to come, I would also be able to organise it
    Thanks a lot and I hope you find it interesting, if you need more information, please feel free to write me back to my contact as a signature below,

    Best regards,
    Nura Chico

  78. Hello, dear friends!
    We are happy to offer you a co-operation in China – Russia (Murmansk)
    We want to find travel agent in China.

    destinations. I’m sure you’ve heard about Northern Lights, group Northern Lights hunting,
    Husky Park, Saamy Сulture, arctic nature, gastronomy, icebreaker Lenin and other attractions
    of Murmansk area.
    We are a travel agency with more that 20 years of experience,
    and Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is one of our main offers.
    We are located directly in Murmansk (heart of all Russian arctic travel destinations),
    and that makes our prices very affordable! You don’t have to contact Moscow agencies first
    and wait for them to contact us anyway!
    We work with major hotels in Murmansk

    The prices are individual and depend on any desire a client may have
    (we can do pretty much anything).
    Please, feel free to visit our site

    Also, you can find all the additional information on the site, such as legal information,
    we are a travel agency licensed by Ministry of Tourism in Russian Federation

  79. Warm greetings from Startinbali
    We are a Wedding organizer company based in Bali.
    We accommodate prewedding photos and videography and wedding ceremonies located on the island of Bali.
    we want to establish B2B cooperation with world wide Tours and Travels.
    we are a company that has been established since 2007 and has a team that is trained and professional in the field of weddings.

    Should you need any further information or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    E-Mail :

    Thank you very much, and we hope to receive your favorably response soon.
    Best regards,

    Sales Executive

  80. Greetings from Naftalan Tours and Travel Services, based in Baku, Azerbaijan!

    First of all I would like to give some brief information about our agency. We are one of the oldest travel agencies in the country, founded in 2000. We work exclusively with incoming tourists and local tourism in Azerbaijan. Since we are one of the biggest incoming travel agencies, we have great relations with a large number of hotels. We can offer our partners cheaper hotel prices in Baku and surrounding regions.

    Thanks for your cooperation,
    Shadiman Narimansoy
    +994 70 847 38 37 Whatsapp, WeChat

  81. We are a tour operator based in Ecuador, We offer combinations with Peru and Mexico. We specialize in China Market, we have special Cheff in all our Tours. We work on Incentives and Up escale clientes….. Top Quality in America…. We are looking for a partner in China. our facebook page is soon we will have our Web site.

  82. Hi,

    Greetings from Kombeni Tours and Safaris in Zanzibar.

    We are inbound tour operator based in Zanzibar, we are specialized in organizing accommodation, excursions, transfers in Zanzibar and game safaris in Tanzania Mainland.

    We are looking for business partner(outbound tour operator/travel agent) to co-operate with.
    We have a qualified team with trained Chinese speaking tour guide.

    Please feel free to write us back in case of any further information required.
    Thank you and look very much forward to hearing from you soon.

    Managing Director
    Kombeni Tours and Safaris
    +255 685 801 351 | +255 779 993 513

  83. We, Pinnacle Leisure & Adventure (pvt) Limited (hereinafter as “Pinnacle Tours”) an independent travel partner located in Sri Lanka & intends to operate across globe while extending its network with other local as well as foreign travel related personnel & agencies to strive growth by achieving atmosphere for both parties.

    Pinnacle Tours offers comprehensive & attractive tourist packages which range from Leisure, Adventure, Eco-Adventure, East-coastal, Honeymoon to Cultural aspects of Sri Lanka. We always believe that the comfort, safety & utmost experience for the traveler who engages with us.

  84. Dear Partners
    Greetings from sunny Georgia.
    We are ltd Company Harmony- Travel organization located in Tbilisi. we want to get more Chinese Clients, and collaborate with TO in China.
    LTD Company Harmony was established in March 2005, to offer to the customers well planned all kind tours in Georgia. We offer our service to the individual persons and to the tourist groups. Our partner companies are local and international tour operators, hotels and other organizations that have enabled us to provide a better affordable service to all of our customers.

      1. Dear Sir,

        We appreciate your taking the time to hear about our business proposal .

        Our Company ALLA VOYAGES is one of the best agencies in Morocco.
        We are looking for ourbound agencies to collaborate and work together.

        We are looking forward to hearing from you.
        Best regards,
        Miss Rachida
        Travel agent

  85. Ubuntu Voyages is tour and travel agency specialized in gorilla trekking, mountain hike and wildlife safaris in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. We would like to partner with chinese agencies for african destinations.
    Email: info(at)
    Tel: +250 786 778 461 (whatsApp)

  86. Hello,
    Broveny Safaris is looking for Tour operators and travel agencies who sell Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda as tourist destinations to work together. Broveny Safaris is a full registered, reputable and professional tour company with experience in Mountain Gorilla Trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, Wildlife safaris, Adventure safaris, primate safaris, Birding safaris, mountain climbing safaris, Tree climbing lions’ game drives and wild migration safaris in Masai Mara – Kenya and Serengeti – Tanzania.
    We specialise in tailor made private and group mid range and Luxury safari tours in East Africa. Working closely around our client’s needs, budget and time frame to achieve an authentic tour package and create a more rewarding African safari holiday. Our services are truly amazing and have been giving us impressive customers reviews in all major travel platforms.

  87. we are searching for China based travel Agents for partnership.
    “Sheherazade Voyages” Ltd. offers travel and transportation services in Uzbekistan and Central Asia such as: Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Iran. Our agency has its own highly qualified personal guides (our guides know a great variety of languages), we also have our own fleet of vehicles, it includes buses, minibuses, comfortable cars and air-conditioned, which allows us to offer services high quality transportation.
    we can also do the program according to your wishes. We would like to combine with a Chinese travel agency and get clients who likes to travel to Central Asia

  88. Very helpful article! Thank you for introducing us in the primal obstacles for chinese market!

    Furthermore, I would like a few Chinese outbound travel agencies/tour operators that would like to cooperate with company.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Willing to assist you anytime.
    Thank you

  89. Dear Chinesetouristagency, Welcome and Namasté,

    Star World Tours & Travels is Kathmandu based Tour and Trekking Agency, established by experienced Trek/Tour professional with the objective of rendering specialized and quality services to inbound visitor and adventure lover of Nepal.

    The Agency specialized on cultural heritage tours, trekking ranging from week long low elevation to month long adventurous high elevation in Nepal Himalaya.

    We have also exciting Eco-friendly, environmentally suitable theme based adventure holiday packages to tailor made programs to suit all with reasonable and competitive market price.

    The company officially registered with Reg. No.68808 in the company registrar’s office and licensed with license no. 1602 from Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) of Nepal. It is also affiliated with various national and international agencies related to travel & tourism.

    we want to enter the Chinese Market and want collaborate with you for the marketing to Chinese TO and FIT

    Yam Lama


  90. Dear all, We are looking for China travel agencies which are able to sell a trip to Bosnia and other Balcans countries and will like to work together in future. We are Bosnia Travel, leading travel company owned and promoted by professionals dedicated to providing a wide range of leisure and outdoor adventure activities in Bosnia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Macedonia, …

  91. Welcome to Uzbekistan along the Great Silk Road!!!
    We want to partner with Chinese travel Agencies and with Tour operator in China.

    Tour Operator “FAMILY TOUR” LLC (Uzbekistan, Tashkent, №T-0395-01 licensed by “The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development” and a certificate – for all kinds of activities in the tourism sector, is pleased to offer you a wide range of tourist services) welcomes you welcome to our country!
    We are a young tour operator, but our experts have been working in the field of international tourism for more than 25 years of reliable partners, both in the region of Uzbekistan and Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan).
    Tour operators firms can develop and organize tours of every type and duration by appointment by providing a comprehensive and individual service on a free basis.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  92. Welcome to Cheery Trips Egypt

    With over 10 years of tourism experience in Egypt, we have created a company that can easily offer comfortable & happy trips to our guests from all over the world accumulating a vast knowledge of the specific needs of each nationality culture.

    Our guests deserve only the best in quality and professionalism with competitive rates. Our extensive range of programs is already designed to suit every taste and budget.

    Do you dream to ride a camel around the Great Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx, or sail down the Nile on a felucca, by a Nile Cruise between Luxor & Aswan? or to have a wonderful leisure trip by exploring the famous underwater Red Sea world in Sinai? maybe you’d prefer to eat fresh dates from a palm in Siwa oasis?

    Whatever your dream, we will make it real.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    Ms. Hala Ahmed
    Owner & Operation Manager

  93. Family Holiday safaris, a trail-blazer in the field of tours and travel, has been completely devoted to offering safari enthusiasts a perfect date with the African Safaris. With extensive experience and great exploration, we at Family Holiday Safaris expose some awesome safari destinations in Kenya Such as Masai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, Samburu National Park, Amboseli National park, The coastal beach among others. We offer camping Safaris, Mountain trekking activities, Luxury safaris as well as Car Hire services.
    Our best and entertaining safari packages are efficiently handled by the most efficient ground handlers, safari guides, rangers, and trackers. Operating with the philosophy to render quality and affordable service, we assure complete excitement and fun for all visitors along with the added comfort. Our sheer dedication and commitment have empowered us to meet and exceed the expectation of the most demanding and discerning clientele, which has helped us in building an excellent reputation within the travel industry.
    We hereby do request to be your ground handler for your clients coming to Kenya. It will be our pleasure if you contact us for our special rates in order for us to work together. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you for contacting us.
      Have a bit adaptation to the Chinese market can be good, a wechat account or Chinese website, is the minimum.

  94. Dear Sir / Madam.
    My name is Gabriel Oloo Ndege, I’m writing on behalf of Nature Tracking Adventure
    regarding our Company’s entry into this market. Nature Tracking Adventure is a premier
    tour operator based, registered and licenced in Kenya {East Africa} by Ministry of
    tourism, department of Tourism Regulatory Authority and operates from Nairobi the
    capital city of Kenya. The Company is a service provider in the tourism Industry with the
    ability to organize and arrange the best quality services needed mostly in this Industry
    with the use of our skilled and professional tour guides.
    Nature Tracking Adventure offers special attention to unique tour packages ever made
    in Africa leading to new destinations such as The lake Victoria region of East Africa, the
    tribal tours in East Africa, pro poor tourism in East Africa, agricultural tours in Kenya,
    Uganda and the rich vast Tanzania. We also provide East Africa Inbound tour
    operations including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Luxury,
    honeymoon packages, budget safaris, private safaris, family tours, Mount Kenya, Mt.
    Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rwenzori and Mt. Elgon Trekking, Beach Holidays, flight packages,
    balloon safaris, car rentals, airport transfer also short tours and excursions.
    I therefore request you and your organization to consider partner / co-operation with our
    organization so that you allow us to be your ground handler when you have any tour or
    safari operations in the East African region. We are looking forward to hear from you as
    soon as you can.
    Best regards.

  95. Hello
    Do you have a list of biggest chinese travel companies, with email and contacts ?

    What are china travel service, these travel agencies usually provide?

    1. hello arthur, this frank

      we are mpta tour travel in iran 09360050441
      we are dealing with china many years
      please contact me watsup

      wechat id: mpta-iran


  96. It is a great pleasure to introduce to you Go Tours Egypt, being one of the most reliable Egyptian Travel Agencies.
    We want to attract Chinese tourists and we may need help from your Agency.

    We have excellent standard full service available in all major languages that provides to individuals and groups of tourists from all over the world and give you the unique chance to experience and to enjoy the culture and activities and the beauty of the unforgettable leisure and ancient Egypt.
    We give you flexibility to design your own trip and start any day of the week and complete with private guide, transportation, or you can join one of our time – tested favorite packages. We offer a range of different types of tour packages, such as classic tours to Cairo, Aswan Luxor, enormous Variety of Nile cruises and hotels, Western Desert and Oases Safari and tailored particularly for our guests.
    Feel free to contact us for your pricelist service

    Best Regards

  97. Hello from the land of Pharaohs – Egypt 🙂

    We are a local inbound travel agent based in Cairo, Egypt, looking for international partners to collaborate with. We offer Family, Budget, Group, Honeymoon, students & tailor-made tour package. If you are interested, please feel free contact us on;

    We are looking forward to have a fruitful mutual beneficial partnership in near future! Hope to hear from you soon.

  98. Hello, we are trvel agency MeetPoint Travel ( with more than 10years of experiences. We are focused on Italy. We would like to offer our services in China market, how we can do this? Thank you Tomas

    1. Pinnacle Leisure and Adventures Tour(Pvt) Ltd is inbound travel agent in Sri Lanka. We want to promote the Sri Lankan travel packages different parts of the world. Any one interested please contact us.

  99. Hi Admin
    We are Rediscover Lanka Travels, and want to collaborate in China
    As a travel agent and inbound tour operator we are registered at Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.
    We cater for both small groups and FITs with highly customized and well personalized itineraries on demand. We are expertise and flexible to create and offer what particular traveler really looks for.
    We still do not have any active and adventure travel partner/operator in Chaina and would like to try a fine collaboration.
    Thank you.

  100. Welcome to Souvenir Travel, your gateway to the majestic land of Rajasthan. As the best tour operator in Rajasthan, we specialize in crafting extraordinary experiences for travelers. Explore the Rajasthan’s vibrant colors of Jaipur, Udaipur’s romantic lakes, and Jodhpur’s regal forts with our expert Rajasthan tour operators. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures as we take you on a journey through the desert, offering unique experiences you’ll cherish forever. Discover the essence of Rajasthan with us, your trusted tour operator in Rajasthan. Book your unforgettable adventure today at

  101. Hey there,
    We are travel agency in Maldives, looking for international partners (especially Europe, China and India) to collaborate with. We offer Family, Budget, Group, Honeymoon & Package Tours. If you are interested, kindly contact us on;

    We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership! Hope to hear from you.

    Tourish Journey

  102. We are travel agency in Sri Lanka, looking for international partners especially China to collaborated with. We offer family package, budget package,. If you are interested, kindly contact us on.

    We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership. Hope here from you. Ceylon Secret

    contact Us.

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