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Native ads as audience-friendly advertising form a huge potential to reality, and it is now evolving in China from search ads in the beginning to more rich and integrated form/

What Is Native Advertising Exactly?

The definition is that native advertising is that the ad cohesively matches the form and function of the platform on which it’s displayed.

It is confusing and blurry: a native advertisement adapts to the platforms, and match with readers’ interests.

I do not know if you have seen when a recommendation post is integrated to the media. , you have an online publication with blogs, the native advertisement would be a blog article with an attractive title, and it looks exactly like all other blog posts on that website, apart from the simple fact that you can find a note somewhere that it has been sponsored by an external brand.

There are several types of native ads, and they can be segmented according to the place they originate from and the platforms on which they can be found.

iResearch evaluates the development of Chinese native advertising will hit $16.85 billion in 2018 with a share of nearly 40% in the whole online advertising market, and it’s expected that the revenue will account for half or even more of the online advertising market by 2020. Many Chinese marketers don’t know what native advertising, never heard about it. They have heard about it, but they have no idea of what it is … do not understand the difference between a traditional online advertisement

That leaves us with only 3 percent of experts that are familiar with native advertising. The good news? Our go-to native advertising guide for beginners will help you unpack the intricacies of this marketing strategy and help you discover how it can grow your business.

What are the Top 5 platforms for Native advertising?

  1. Weibo Ads

Weibo is the second largest Social Media platform in China. It operates like an advertising platform called “Weibo fensitong”, which offers 7 formats of information feeds and precise targeting function to the advertiser.

More information about Weibo here

2. Sina Ads

Sina has a large network of websites and has its own Native Ads network called “FuYi”.

FuYi is Sina’s traffic from PC and news app

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The platform has (officially) more than 200 million page views per day. The advertisers can also gain insights from both Weibo and Sina’s big data.

3. Toutiao Ads

Toutiao is Top mobile App with User Generated Content. They revendicate  120 million daily users. By analyzing the type of content users’ interaction with content, the company’s algorithm models generate a tailored feed list of posts for each Toutiao users. They accept accounts settlement based on performance (CPC, CPA..)But most of the app’s users are concentrated in small cities, mostly young people with no revenue.

4. Tencent Ads

Tencent is Wechat & QQ, so it is the leading social media player in China. with more than 1Billion people.

They have also Tencent news (QQnews), WeChat, Tencent video …

  1. WeChat The No.1 social communications app for Chinese around the world
  2. QQ Messenger: Most popular instant messaging client in China
  3. QZone: The No.1 open social platform in China with global coverage

 The leading mobile news site in China with the latest coverage Tencent

But be careful usually advertising is strictly cçntrolled and limited and Ads are usually NOT cost-effective, price per click is the highest.

5. Baidu Ads

Baidu is famous for its Search engine in China. Baidu has also a large network of websites and a “ts in-feed ads” service for DSP, to display advertising in its mobile app, Baidu Zhidao +Tieba (BaiduQ&A  forum,)  and assimilate Content to the Right Ads.

Baidu revendicates 100 million viewers daily to the Baidu platform. See more information about Baidu for Brands

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