Introduction Native Advertising in China: Best platforms

This article will provide a full introduction to native advertising in China update 2022 which is the most popular paid advertising method in China.

Native ads are content that blends with other content on a website and provides relevant information to users. This article will discuss how this type of advertisement works, who should use it, and what its benefits are. It will also offer some guidance on how to deploy them correctly for maximum impact. Native Ads are basically the same as any other ad except they blend into the background and allow you to advertise your product or service without being too intrusive or interruptive of someone’s experience on a website…

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Native Advertising in China

Native advertising is the concept of creating ads that match the contents and the platform’s design where it is displayed. A native ad is consistent with the behaviors of the platform, matching the interests of the readers and viewers without feeling that the ad doesn’t belong there. Native ads are a common form of content-based marketing advertisements nowadays. They have replaced the traditional banner ads on web pages as they are more engaging and trustworthy. They also generate more clicks and sales as they focus on the target audience. Popular examples of native ads are sponsored social media posts and promoted search results.

You have probably seen a recommendation post popping up when you visit a webpage. The suggested posts are usually similar to the content you consume at that particular time, attracting your attention. Native ads come in different types and forms. They can be segmented according to their origin or the platforms where they can be found.

In 2022, 81.5% of total ad spending in China mainland will go to digital.

source emarketer

  • No other economy in this world focuses on digital to such an extent
  • With 11.5% spending growth rate , Chinese ads economy continue to grow

China is the largest advertisement economy in Asia and the second-largest after the United States, Native advertising in China is more efficient than traditional advertising in China

About 3% of Chinese marketers are familiar with native advertising. If you have no idea how to start on native advertising

We have a specialized guide to help you get started on native advertising in China’s marketing strategy.

Top 5 platforms for Native advertising in China

1. Weibo Paid Advertising

Unlike the rest of the world, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the typical social media platforms, Weibo is one of the largest social media platforms in the country with a varied user base making it a great app to run native advertising in China. It is considered the Twitter of China because it has similar functionalities to Twitter. With Weibo, users can upload photos, videos, audio, music, and even attach URLs (Uniform Resource Locator).

Users can also follow other people and celebrities, send and receive messages, and use keywords to research. Many brands consider this app as the most effective way to advertise and promote a brand in China. WeChat is a better advertising platform. It is designed with specialized advertising features that are more similar to those on Facebook. In 2018, over 70% of advertising revenues were generated from advertising and marketing on Weibo. With 511 million monthly active users as of 2021, Weibo will increase to 613.7 million monthly active users by 2025.

More information about Weibo here

2 Main Types of Native Ads on Weibo

Weibo Fan Tunnels

If you want to reach new customers and consumers on Weibo, Fan tunnels are the most effective advertising tool to use. Just like headlines, the ads appear on top of the user’s news feeds. With Fan Tunnels, you can target your advert to your preferred audience based on age, gender, region, or interests. Fan Tunnels adverts cost 5rmb for 1000 views.

Weibo Display Ads

Display ads are designed to redirect your target audience to your webpage. Based on users’ searches and keywords, Weibo displays your ads on top of their search results. Advert pricing depends on the size of your ad, page placement, and keyword association. You can also advertise your brand on the opening page such that your ad will appear as soon as users log on to their Weibo accounts. You can choose to have a static ad or a video, though videos are more effective in capturing users’ attention. The price for banner ads varies according to placement and size.

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2. Sina Native Advertising

Sina is a big online advertising company in China with 200million daily users. It also serves other countries around the world. Sina Weibo advertising is interesting because one doesn’t need to have an account to advertise. There are two Sina Weibo advertising platforms: Fensitong and Sina Fuyi. Most advertisers use Fensitong to promote Apps, accounts, or posts. Like Facebook page targeting, Fenistong adverts target audiences based on demographic info, geographical location, device type among other categories.

3. Toutiao Native Ads

Toutiao is a news aggregator à la BuzzFeed and is one of the popular mobile apps in China. Over 120 million users log in to the site to consume over 200000 daily user-generated videos and articles from private publishers, brands, bogs, and official media houses. Toutiao relies on user algorithm models to place ads on users’ feeds depending on the user’s behavior and interaction on the platform. Like Weibo paid Ads, Toutiao users don’t have to be your followers to see your ad content. When it comes to doing native advertising in China, Toutiao is a great platform for B2B companies.

Toutiao Data from 2017

Toutiao helps advertisers target their ads to consumers depending on age, gender, occupation, interests, phone type, internet connection, and region. The app has three ad formats for both picture and video display ads. The app algorithm being the same as the one on Douyin, it is extremely precise and targets relevant users.

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Because of the user demographic of the platform (majority of men with a higher education degree), the app is recommended to B2B companies wishing to advertise in China.

Types of Native Ads on Toutiao

Full Cover Open Ads

These types of ads cover the entire screen. One can choose a banner that covers the whole screen or a maximum of 3 smaller images.

Feeds Ads

With free ads, one can choose from different advertising styles, including three small images, full-width images, app downloads, ads with text and pictures, and images with call extensions.

Streaming feed Ads

These types of ads are designed to blend into the Toutiao feed and video formats for a seamless user experience.

Toutiao is a well-rounded platform where you can understand ad performance and develop personalized ads to promote your business or services.

Features for effective Native advertising on Toutiao :


With Toutiao ads, you can make huge sales from just a single geographic location. This is because people living in the same geographical location tend to have similar consumer habits, such as dressing style, food, or even household appliances.


With Toutiao ads, brands can target people with certain apps installed on their phones. This helps brands target customers from a specific niche and of particular interests. This form of advertising is currently available for Android phones.

Seed audience automation

Through Toutiao’s DMP, brands can upload and store the traits of their existing customers. Other brands can use this information to find the target audience.

Toutiao advertising is a paid service. Each payment is designed for a different ad type.

The following payment options are available for advertisers:

  • Optimized Cost per Millennium (OCPM): For better audience targeting for your ads, this is the best AI technology to use.
  • CPM and CPC
  • Cost per View: The advertiser pays to depend on the number of views on the video advert.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Advertisers their advert has been successfully converted.

4. Tencent Native Ads is a powerful group of internet-related companies in China with more than 1B users. Tencent Ads is a popular platform for native advertising in China. With over 90% of online users in China, it generates 16B page views daily. It allows companies to advertise their products and services on several apps which belong to Tencent. With Tencent Ads, you can promote your products and services on WeChat and QQ, the most popular social platforms in China. WeChat is the most popular social media app for Chinese worldwide, while QQ Messenger is a popular instant messaging tool used by business owners to message clients in China.

You can also use Tencent Ads to advertise on Q zone, which is also available for users outside China. Tencent provides precise targeting options by demographics, location, interests, and keywords depending on the advertisers’ target goal. Advertising through Tencent Ads is expensive, with the highest price per click among other online advertising tools.

Wechat is a great app due to Native Advertising in China if your brand is well-known in the country.

Wechat Moment Ads

They are the ads that pop in your WeChat feed. They can take several forms such as pictures and videos, when clicking on the ads, users are often redirected to a mini-program or WeChat post designed for the campaign where they can find more information about the product being advertised. WeChat Moment Ads are expensive and we only recommend them to companies already well established in China.

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WeChat Banner Ads

WeChat allows advertisers to advertise using banners. These banners have similar designs to advert banners found on most websites and are found on the bottom of an Official WeChat Account message. These are the three main components of WeChat Banner Ads:

  • WeChat article: Banners ads appear at the bottom of an article on official WeChat accounts
  • An Ad banner: This banner has the advertiser’s logo, headline, and account name. When one clicks the banner, it redirects the user to the product page where they can get detailed information about the advertised product or service.
  • Call to action: This command redirects WeChat users to the landing page of the advertised product.

5. Baidu Paid Ads

Baidu is a famous search engine in China with 100 million daily users, a vast potential audience for your product. The platform offers paid search advertising for brands. In recent years, major updates have been made to the platform with more sophisticated advertising options, making it easier for advertisers to reach their target audience.

Native Advertising in China with Baidu

Since Baidu is widespread, its features have been optimized to see your ads by PC users and mobile phone users. Here are the four most common ways to advertise on Baidu:

1. Baidu Tuigang

Just like Google Adwords or Adsense. Baidu Tuigang uses the pay-per-click advertising method. It allows advertisers to place their ads on users’ search results pages of Baidu’s search engine. The ads can also be displayed on websites associated with Baidu. Though its interface is purely in Chinese, the Baidu English version has also been developed.

2. Pay for placement (P4P)

Pay for placement (P4P) is a service that allows advertisers to buy priority placement for their web links. Once the web information is prominently placed in the search engine, reaching customers becomes easy. Unlike Baidu, Google does not permit Pay for placement (P4P)

Native Advertising in China: Baidu Brand Zone
Baidu Brand Zone

3. Baidu Pro Theme

Baidu service members can use its ProTheme feature to display promotional links on specific web pages. Unlike Tuigang, ProTheme targets more relevant web searches.

4. Baidu TV

Baidu TV allows advertisers to choose sites which they would like to use to display their marketing ads.

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6- Taobao Ads

You can find advertising on Taobao via alimama platforms. On tmall , Taobao, brands can buy ads and get traffic on their store.

Taobao new ads to promote double 12.

Native Advertising in China: Conclusion

As the Chinese internet ecosystem expands, there are more and more opportunities for foreign brands to tap into these platforms. If you’re looking to get started with native advertising in china on Baidu, Weibo, WeChat or Toutiao then be sure to contact us about our services! We can help you create a successful campaign that meets your goals while also creating value for your customers in China.

Do you want a Plan for your Native Advertising in China?

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Contact us with your budget, and we will advise you on the Right Platform for your Native Advertising in China.

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