How to Develop a Service Company in China ? (Laywer, IT Software, Consulting, Agency …)

China is the world’s second largest economy and the service industry is becoming a major employer, contributing more than 60 percent to increased tax revenue and leading the country’s GDP growth. Last year, in the China’s tertiary sector companies saw stronger profit growth in the first three quarters thanks to rising demand for services and steady rising prices ( (Laywer, IT Software, Consulting, Agency …) . This profit growth is faster than that in the China’s industrial sector. Indeed, the consumption demand has been shifting gradually from goods to more services and it will help to maintain labor market stability during the period of economic transformation.

The landscape for international business has undoubtedly changed internally and externally.

What are the new solutions to market a service company in China ?

As China is a fairly globalized nation, the online eco-system is one of the most developed in the world ( (Laywer, IT Software, Consulting, Agency …) Almost all the Chinese population is using a phone to buy online or search information. The society is revolving around online in B2B, B2C and C2C, therefore digital is the answer to market a service company here. Due to state restrictions and regulation about what can be made accessible, it is important to use Wechat, Weibo or Baidu to develop your lead generation and marketing strategies. Regardless of your international reputation outside the country and because the vast majority of online researches are conducted in Mandarin, it is essential to have a presence on Chinese platforms.

Online lead generation

The key to succeed for service industry companies in China is digital lead generation.

Through lead generation you can go straight to your prospects with a targeted offering. Indeed, you can target very specific communities based on demographic profiling, search interests, online behaviors and keyword searches. These lead contact forms can be place in targeted news feed, applications, websites or targeted community forum threads. Chinese research more extensively and all the information available on users’ behavior allow you for more advanced targeting.

Using Baidu

In China, the number one search engine is Baidu and 75 percent of all first stage researches are conducted via Baidu. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your company to increase your visibility on Chinese websites with natural search results. A service company needs to optimize its online presence to ensure visibility over time. You need to drive targeted and qualified leads onto you landing page. Therefore, Baidu is to the most effective portal for reaching targeted prospects.

Targeted paid advertising

In order to efficiently reach users, you can use Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts based on keyword researches. You pay for your links to be in the paid results based on a series of targeted keywords. This solution can be costly, but it is necessary to drive leads to your site landing page.

Optimizing your website (Chinese Website) 

If you want to effectively market your service company in China, the landing page of your website need to be optimized for Chinese characters and in-line with paid Ad and SEO keyword ranking efforts. Moreover, the website’s contact form should be simple, clear and intuitive. You also should consider using live chat tools, which are the most popular way for instant communication with prospects.

The importance of the quality content

The market in China is different from the West market. Consequently, you need to readapt et rework your website’s content to suit your audience in the country. You will need to have the help of quality team of local copywriters.

The main research engine, Baidu, rewards fresh contents. Therefore, it is important to regularly produce new contents in order to rank highly. This is a way to establish your company as an international expert in your field of specialization.

Example in Education, to target Chinese Parents, content is the Key 

In China e-reputation is necessary

Being an international company in China is a major advantage because Chinese customers are more inclined to trust foreign companies. Indeed, they often have been cheated by local companies and Chinese local customer service or business practices are not known to have a high-quality. So, the e-reputation of your service company is essential. Using Chinese forums, such as Zhihu, Baidu Tieba or Baidu Zhidao, to build your reputation is an efficient solution to rank highly in the results based on keyword researches. In these forums, you need to create user to user conversations around your company and services. In the Chinese society, user recommendations and testimonies are very persuasive.

The necessity to communicate with the most used social media: Wechat

In China, Wechat is the most used social media with over 860 million active monthly users. It is necessary for a company to have an official account and a presence on Wechat. It allows you to create content that will be send through push notifications to followers. Moreover, you can develop your customers relation through group chats and instant messaging.

The Chinese media and the PR strategy

A PR strategy with the Chinese frequent news sites, such as News168, Xinhua or Sohu, is important for the credibility and legitimacy of your service company. You also should have a quality team of Chinese copywriters to relay your message.

Service Company in China

The service sector will continue to be a major factor driving the country’s economic growth as more policies are expected to be rolled out to support household consumption.

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