Chinese Distributors want to Import Quality Honey Brands only in 2024

Chinese Honey Importers, distributors, and wholesalers are actively searching to buy imported quality honey, with Brand or a Label .

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Honey demand is increasing in China, due to fake Scandals, and the Chinese Middle Class is looking to buy mainly imported honey Brands. Many Chinese Distributors are searching to buy Quality Honey.

We can sell you a List of Chinese Food distributors.


Honey Market in China

The total purchase of foreign goods by China would amount to $ 30 trillion over the next 15 years, while its purchases of services would amount to $ 10 trillion over the same period”, explained Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Chinese International Import Forum. Honey and bee products offer unique market opportunities in China for all Honey producers in the World. China is the leading Honey consumer in the world source

The imported quality honey market in 2024 is shaped by several factors and trends:

  1. Increased Consumer Awareness: There’s a rising awareness among consumers about the health benefits of honey. This awareness, heightened during the peak pandemic period due to honey’s natural immunity-boosting properties, is expected to continue influencing consumer choices.
  2. Organic Honey Demand: Organic honey, which commands a higher price, is expected to offer better growth opportunities. The market is witnessing an increased preference for organic products, particularly among more affluent consumers.
  3. Challenges in Supply and Authenticity: The honey market faces challenges such as climate change affecting bee colonies, the prevalence of fake honey in the market, and the high prices of organic honey compared to its adulterated counterparts.
  4. Diverse Applications and Uses: Honey is extensively used in various sectors, including food and beverages, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. Its natural and versatile qualities make it a popular choice in traditional recipes and new culinary ideas.
  5. Technology Advancements in Production: Technological advancements in beekeeping and honey production are revolutionizing the industry. Innovations like smart beehives and automated extraction processes are enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Winners are Honey Brands 

Distributors are not interested in Basics Product

New Zealand’s Manuka Health, one of the country’s leading producers of manuka honey, signed a three-year distribution deal with Chao – Sanchez Distribution Ltd. The distribution partnership agreement was signed at the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise offices in Auckland, in the presence of Trade Minister Todd McClay. (source China Daily)  Chao-Sanchez distribution will distribute the full range of Manuka Health NZ honey products to major retailers, as well as to online sales in China. Chao & Sanchez have a large network of 20,000 retail stores, as well as major online e-commerce resellers.

“This announcement reflects the many and growing opportunities available to New Zealand and Chinese companies through successful cooperation”

Manuka Health NZ chief executive John Kippenberger said the agreement will allow Manuka Health’s Chinese exports to account for up to a quarter of its sales volume in three years.

Founded in 2006, Manuka Health NZ was acquired by Pacific Equity Partners in December 2015.

“We are searching for High-End honey Brands from a Western country, with a Brand easily trusted by Chinese Consumers,” Says a Chinese distributor in the Center of China

China Honey Scandals



According to Chinese customs statistics, total imports of natural honey in China have increased in recent years:

  • in 2017, China imported 5,660 kg of honey valued at $ 91,297. The main countries supplying natural honey to China are expanding.

Why the Chinese market is huge for natural honey?

Chinese middle class is massive led in the Chinese market is huge, and natural and healthy honey consumption in China has been ranked first in the world in recent years;

  1. Nutritional value-added – With Chinese consumers sensitized to health and nutrition,
  2. the Anti-aging effect is more alert, and the nutritional value of food, natural honey is one of the best choices for the oldest and youngest.
  3. In addition, given the potential of the one-child policy in terms of reduced birth rate and outcome, honey and bee products will continue to ensure that consumers focus on ingredients imported into infant foods.
  4. Premium food products – Chinese with high and middle incomes are developing more and more the taste of food products containing honey-based ingredients.
  5. Bakery Demand: Cakes and snakes contain honey because key ingredients attract and greet more consumers, same as chocolate

Main countries supplying natural honey to China:

  1. New Zealand (Manuka), big winner
  2. Australia,
  3. Germany,
  4. Thailand,
  5. France,
  6. Russia,
  7. Malaysia,
  8. Chile,
  9. Italy,
  10. Portugal,
  11. Switzerland, UK (United Kingdom)
  12. Spain,
  13. Canada,
  14. Greece,
  15. Kyrgyzstan,
  16. Brazil,
  17. Denmark.
  18. Mexico,
  19. Hungary,
  20. Poland. 

If you want to sell your honey to Chinese Distributors we can help you 

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  2. Build Brand Reputation 
  3. Contact Honey distributors and other food distributors  

Sell Honey in China

Do you have a honey distributor list?

Yes, We have contacts and a list of Chinese Honey Importers, distributors, and wholesalers. (we do not send it for free) see more info here


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  • Contact them
  • Participate in Trade Fairs
  • Marketing 2 distributor Campaign

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  1. Hi,
    We are a Chinese New imported store chain, we will open soon 1000stores all over China, and we are searching to import Austalia, NEw Zealand, France, Germany and Italia Honey Brand.
    We are searching for premium brands with history, and already famous in China.

    1. Greetings from Nepal

      Everest organic home is nepal based company who supplies Himalayan Cliff Honey.
      Himalayan Cliff Honey is 100% natural wild raw honey. We work with Gurung tribes and Locals of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayan ranges of Nepal forests where tribal Honey hunters collect the Wild Raw Honey from natural Bee Hives in cliffs and trees. It requires special skills to collect this honey and is very hard to collect it due to which its price is comparatively higher. This Honey is made by the Himalayan Giant Honey Bees (Apis Dorsata Laboriosa) by collecting the nectar from rhododendron and other wildflowers of the forests in the Himalayas. The forests of these mountain ranges are rich in medicinal plants and this honey is highly popular for its medicinal use and is used extensively for Ayurvedic treatments.

      How our honey is produced?

      Himalayan Cliff Honey is produced by the Himalayan Giant Honey Bees (Apis dorsata laboriosa) from the nectars of Rhododendron, Bikh (Aconitum spp.), Pangra (Entada scanders) and Niramasi and other wild flowers found in high Himalayan range and harvested by the indigenous tribe from the Himalayan cliffs of Nepal.
      This honey is very rare honey and the Himalayan giant bees collect the nectars from the flowers of the forests of Annapurna and Manaslu mountain range very far from human settlements and can be harvested only 1-2 times per year. 
      In Nepal, there are at least 5 different honey bee species. The largest of them is The Giant Bee of Himalayas, Apis dorsata laborisa, a wild bee which builds huge nests on the overhanging rocks of cliff faces, in the high forests of Himalaya. These bees are commonly known as cliff bee or King bees.
      Apis dorsata laboriosa is yellow in color with black strips on each abdominal segment. It builds a single comb, 1 to 1.6 m wide and 0.8 to 1.5 m long, underneath a stout branch of tall tree or building or water tower or cliff to protect their nests from top predators (according to FLETCHER in 1952; SEELEY et al. in 1982; CRANE in 1990; WONGSIRI et. al. in 1996). The comb is protected by several layers of protective curtains. The protective curtains maintain a constant brood nest temperature between 30-33 °C.

      Key Benefits

      • Healthy Weight Management.
      • Improves Sexual Performance
      • Counters Pollen Allergies.
      • Cures Sexual health problems
      • Natural Energy Source.
      • Antioxidant Powerhouse.
      • Sleep Promoter.
      • Wound and Ulcer Healer.
      • Diabetes Aid.
      • Natural Cough Syrup.
      • Anti –Cancer/Cancer healer
      • Lowers cardiovascular risks
      • Heals joint pains and strengthens bones

      If you are interested to know more about our product please visit our website http://www.everestorganichome.com
      We are available in What-app/ We Chat – +9779849388031
      Email: eohnepal@gmail.com

      Team Eoh
      Love from Nepal????????

      1. Hey there,

        Your product sounds great but how will it compete against the big Chinese honey brands?
        Your claim alone, unfortunately, is not enough to convince Chinese distributors to sell your product.
        Are you planning on taking any action to spread the word about your honey in China?
        Let me know

      2. Hi Team Eoh,

        your products have good potentiel in China, however… it is not a brand. Chinese consumers want brands not products sorry

        1. Dear Wang Lei,
          We already add you in our distributor data base, and we will introduce you honey brands that meet your requierement. Do not worry.
          And happy to collaborate with our client.

  2. Hello . I know buyers of branded beauty and cosmetics products at tmall- they are interested to buy well known brands like Estée Lauder Biotherm L’Oréal etc etc. they buy large volumes of hot selling lines to sell to their clients on Tmall – if you have any major brand interested let me know and we can discuss further.
    My Wechat
    i have been to your office in Shanghai couple of times.

  3. Hello
    I am Brand sourcing manager of Guanshengyuan, a leading ecommerce distribution group in China of fine food in China.
    we would like to resell quality brand from west
    Contact me to collaborate
    Peter Liu

    1. Dear Peter,

      We will add you in our database , and will introduce you several clients that we have.
      keep in touch via wechat.

      PS: sorry can not show your wechat here, customer have to speak to us first, and then we send to you if they are serious.

  4. We are looking for a distributor for our premium brand of AUSTRA MANUKA HONEY, 100% real Australian honey. AUSTRA HONEY is produced by renowned Australian beekeepers and packers. The product is certified by Australian Manuka Honey Association and available in 250g and 500g jar packing. We also offer certified Australian Organic Honey.

    Kindly share your interest to sale and distribute our Australian brand as sole distributor and earn high profitability on long term basis as we offer very aggressive prices.


  5. Hi, my name is Fernando Caligiore. I am a part of a Honey Co-operative in NSW Australia. We can produce well over 50 tonne of honey per season and large tonnage of Bees wax, we are looking for an overseas buyer for our Raw Honey and Wax. Is this of interest to you and can I ask what you would pay for the Raw Honey and or Wax per kilo. We are still costing out all fees and transportation so only require to know if you are interested in our product. Happy to discuss further or conduct a Zoom meet.

    I can be contacted on this email or on my landline 0248353017.

    Kind regards
    Fernando Caligiore

    Calenny Orchard
    881 Mulgowrie Road
    Crooked Corner. NSW. 2583

  6. Dear Colleagues!
    We are the leading Russian exporter of high quality Honey to European Union. We are big producer for internal retail market also and we want to share our products with Chinese market. Our name is “Bee`s Mark”LLC
    We have our own brand and we can fill any retail package accordinly with the customer`s requirements.

  7. Hi everyone the best honey brand or even OEM private label can be found at pristinz.com which is New Zealand based selling Manuka Honey and other NZ honeys

    Talk to us.

  8. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company, which has been specializing in wholesale honey export to the USA and Europe for 9 years.
    Our desire is to offer our partners the widest selection of honey with the most convenient shipping and the best market prices.

    The possible quantity for an order starts at 20 MT – one truckload of honey packed in 300 kg, food-safe steel drums.
    We would like to collaborate with your company and build a reliable and long-term partnership with you.

    Email – ivan(at)denchers.ua
    Website – denchers.ua

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Hi there! Social media platforms like WeChat and Douyin (TikTok) are driving food trends in China. Viral food videos and influencer reviews are hugely influencing consumer choices.

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