The Chinese Education Market is Becoming a Big Industry

China, even though they refer themselves has a developing country. They have become the second biggest economy in the world. Chinese families are accumulating wealth and they are investing it in the future generations through EDUCATION.

The education market in China has many opportunities for your business but you must understand Chinese needs and desires. The Chinese education system is one of the most renowned in the world. Many western countries are inspired by the education system in China. However, it is also a very competitive and challenging system.

The education market in China

China’s education market is vast and set for further expansion in upcoming years as Chinese families prepare their children to compete in an economy incredibly different from the one they grew up in. The Chinese education market is estimated to reach US$572.51 billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 11.3%, for the period spanning from 2018-2023. Education is the number one priority for parents desperate to help their Children get ahead in competitive and modern China.

Years of rapid economic expansion were previously based on the masses of low cost workers. Now with a growing middle class, higher disposable incomes and higher standards of living, China is making the transition to a more mature development model.

The Chinese state are focusing more on creative innovation, domestic business, services and skilled labor with wealthier families investing in education to meet this demand and adapt to modern Chinese expectations.

The culture of pooling together family resources for their children’s educational development remains prevalent. According to many researches, Chinese families prioritize spending money on education ahead of any other area, even above real estate and retirement savings. 

  • Chinese mothers are quite famous for pushing their kids to get the best Diploma and enter to the top universities and Business schools of the world. 

In Shanghai, Chinese Wealthy Families start to using private kindergarten to give their kids an advance for English speaking or way to solve math problems.

British Style School are very popular in Shanghai and big cities of China. (Read this)

How to promote your School in China ?

Social media : Target Chinese mother Communities

China is the world largest connected country: more than 90% of Chinese people have an account on at least one Chinese social network. Wechat is the social media the most used in China and, regardless of the size of your company, it is an essential media to develop your marketing strategy in the country.

By promoting your school on social media, you can build a community surround the school, reach your target, get feedback and create a friendlier image among families.

Number of monthly active users of Sina Weibo from 4th quarter 2017 to 3rd quarter 2019https://www.statista.com/statistics/795303/china-mau-of-sina-weibo/

Sina Weibo, the second largest social media in China, has got a nearly 88% penetration rate among the nation’s excess 497 million users. in the third qarter of 2019. It has also attracted over 130,000 companies including one-third top 500 enterprises in the world.

They don’t just join Weibo on impulse, but for the benefit Weibo can bring them. Some come to Weibo for brand awareness, some for brand image and others for closer relationship with customers.

E-reputation and public relations : Because Reputation of School is everything

Public Relations is one of the key points on which any digital marketing strategy should be based. More than attract Chinese visitors to your website, it is important to raise your brand awareness and to make your school more visible for Chinese families by using online Public Relations.

You have to keep in mind that your message needs to be carefully tailored for your target. Indeed, all the content that is released must be in line with the school’s positioning as well as with its intended families. Moreover, it is important to choose the right media for your Public Relations. You should avoid offline media because the most par of PR activities are now taking place online.

SEO on Baidu : Because Chinese Mothers Search

SEO on Baidu is the key for the visibility of your school in China. Baidu is the 5th most visited website in the world after Google, YouTube, Tmall, and Facebook according to Alexa traffic rankings. in 2020. currently has more than 800 million web pages. Baidu now offers a wide range of services, such as web searches, image search, music, forums or a Q&A service.

SEO on Baidu requires several steps, which may be different from what needs to be done on Google. The notions of trust and notoriety remain essential for schools wishing to enter the Chinese market and be visible on Baidu. Key SEO strategies include keyword optimization, backlinks, and content sharing, this is the way to generate quality traffic.

Compared with SEA, SEO takes more time, but it is long term solution in terms of developing a better e-reputation and is ultimately more stable. The quality search result won’t disappear after you stop the campaign, on the contrary, you will remain higher in the rankings and continue to drive traffic.

A Chinese website

A website in Chinese is necessary to enter a market and realize branding. This is an efficient solution to increase the popularity of your school, influence families with content and design, and develop the image of the school in the country.

Moreover, having a website written in mandarin is essential. Chinese consumers spend more than 40% of their daily life on Internet and these internet users trust more Chinese websites than English websites.

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