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Musical Instruments Distributors in China

musical instruments distributors in china

You are aware that western musical instruments are now very popular among Chinese music lovers. More parents in China think that it is important that their child learns to play an instrument and their first choice is western instruments like the piano.

As a musical instrument supplier, have you targeted the growing Chinese market? Are you looking for musical instrument distributors in China and expand your business?

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Located in the heart of China, we are a Shanghai-based Distributor /Agent of musical instruments in China. We assist firms in setting up distribution and growing their businesses in mainland China.

With so many musical instrument distributors appearing in the Chinese market, it’s difficult to know where to start. But with our years of experience and valuable relationships, we can help you connect with the ideal vendors for your products. We’ll work with you to develop a distribution strategy tailored specifically to your products and business goals.

List of musical instrument distributors in China:

  • Beijing music art import and export co. LTD
  • Fujian quanzhou hongyuan musical instrument co. LTD
  • Zhejiang yongkang cityhao musical instrument manufacture co. LTD
  • Anhui hefei xiangsheng musical instrument co. LTD
  • Jiangsu suqian city bao musical instrument co. LTD
  • Liaoning shenyang musical instrument manufacture co. LTD
  • Shandong yantai musical instrument co. LTD
  • Guangdong xinji musical instrument factory

Why Musical Instruments market is growing in China ?

Chinese parents agree that Music education creates lifelong benefits that can enrich a child’s life, including increased social skills to higher levels of confidence and self-esteem. That is why more and more musical instruments are sold throughout China. A global survey found that 82% of current and would-be parents think it’s important that their child learn to play an instrument, with the most popular preferences being piano (18%), drums (17%), and violin (16%).

How to reach musical instrument distributors in China?

It appears to be a straightforward procedure. Yet it may be a little more complicated than you think. In China, the western ways of trading do not work. You have to Chinese your marketing strategies. Chinese resellers and vendors are apprehensive of dealing with unknown small businesses in China. To persuade them to work with you, you must first build your e-reputation in China. If you want to approach successfully to musical instruments distributors in China, there are several measures to take.

How do distributors work in China?

Distributors are basically Chinese companies. They buy musical instruments, then stock them in their warehouses. And resell them to small Chinese retailers or direct to Chinese customers. 

musical instruments distributors in china

You must be aware of a few key points when looking for a musical instrument distributor in China:

  • Distributors in China provide manpower.
  • They may provide cash support to the supplier 
  • They do not provide other services
  • They will not invest in your brand

Why is working with a Chinese sales agent in China a good idea?

First of all, let’s make it clear that only a few distributors/wholesalers can operate everywhere in China. They use other distributors to sell to another region/province. You are required to find many local distributors to cover the whole Chinese market. Starting to work with the strategic areas is significant for the new entrees to the market. Hiring a sales agent is of course recommended if they have the experience. The agent will connect with shops, distributors, and malls on your behalf. 

In Asia, many distributors are searching for musical brands

Tips to reach musical instruments distributors in China 

1- Extensive research:

Before contacting Chinese distributors, study and develop an understanding of the Chinese market. This way, you are more likely to gain their trust as a reliable business partner.

2- Adapt your products to the Chinese audience

Chinese distributors are more likely to respond to a brand that has been adapted to the Chinese parents. Having Chinese-language packaging, a website, or employing Chinese social media influencers can all assist you in achieving this goal.

3- Have a plan:

As all experienced distributors know, the Chinese market is tough to crack. You’ll need more than just a great product. you’ll need an extensive, well-researched plan for how exactly you’re going to descend into this new market.

4- Offer something special:

Chinese distributors are always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind items that can set them apart from the rest. If you have a product that is genuinely unique and different, Chinese dealers will pay attention. Many global companies are competing for Chinese retailers’ favor. You must distinguish yourself from the competition.

5- Evaluate your risks

If you’re looking for a Chinese distributor, be willing to offer a commission and take on some of the risks. This way, you’ll appear as a more appealing partner who is worth investing in.

6- You need a Chinese partner:

Many Chinese suppliers tend to deal with other Chinese businesses. If you’re not a native speaker, consider working with a company based in China that can act as an intermediary.

7- Find a reputable agent with experience in China.

Our agency can help you create Chinese-specific marketing materials and relationships with potential distributors.

Our team of experts has worked with many well-known brands to establish their presence in the Chinese market—we can do the same for you!

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