How to Find Sex Toy Resellers in China

How to find Sex Toy resellers in China

Have you ever considered exploring the market for adult products and wondered about the possibilities offered by China’s manufacturing prowess? The global demand for intimate products has spurred the growth of this industry, making it essential to find reliable sources for such items.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of sourcing sex toy resellers in China, it’s crucial to approach this process with cultural awareness, legal understanding, and meticulous research. With a thoughtful and respectful approach, you can navigate this unique market landscape and establish connections with reputable resellers.

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In this guide, we’ll delve into the steps required to embark on this journey, keeping in mind the importance of cultural sensitivity and legal compliance.

Why is Selling Sex Toys in China an Opportunity Today?

The Chinese adult products industry is:

  • A market that surpassed the 143 billion yuan size in 2020
  • Sex toys represent 80% of this market while erotic clothing and personal care products represent 20% of it
  • 60% of sex toy consumers are women, and their consumption already doubled in only two years!
Market size of adult product industry in China

Excluding basic sex items such as condoms or gels, Chinese people have their preferences. Women are more likely to buy lingerie and vibrant sex toys while men are more likely to buy masturbators and sex dolls.

Even though 70% of world sex toys are manufactured in China, Chinese consumers are looking for good quality accessories. That is why foreign sex toy brands can meet great success in the Chinese market. And even more, if the brands offer innovation or a different experience for their consumers.

For example, two of the most popular condom brands in China are foreign brands: Durex and Lelo. Especially for the case of Durex, the brand became a leader in the sex-related market in China: condoms, sex toys, and personal care products, Durex is successful in all of these markets.

Research and Familiarization

Understand the Cultural Context

Navigating the realm of adult products requires a deep understanding of cultural norms and sensitivities. Different cultures perceive these products in varying ways, often attaching taboos or stigmas to their discussion and use. This cultural context is particularly relevant when dealing with a market like China.

Respect for cultural differences is paramount in your approach. Take the time to research and comprehend the societal attitudes towards adult products in China. By demonstrating cultural sensitivity, you’ll lay the foundation for respectful and effective interactions with potential resellers.

Legal Considerations

The legal landscape surrounding the sale and distribution of adult products in China is complex and subject to change. It’s imperative to be well-versed in these legal regulations to ensure that your business dealings remain ethical and compliant.

Research the current laws governing the production, sale, and distribution of adult products in China. Pay close attention to any licensing or certification requirements that may apply to these items. Ignorance of these regulations could lead to legal complications, so investing time in comprehensive research is vital. Stay updated with any amendments to the laws to avoid surprises down the line.

Find Sex Toy Resellers in China

Online Marketplaces

Sexuality in China is not taboo anymore, but it is still embarrassing for a Chinese to buy a sex toy product in-store. That is why about 50% of Chinese people choose to buy adult products online.

They choose to buy on the most reliable platforms where you can find B2C digital stores.


Tmall, a prominent and well-established e-commerce platform in China, extends its reach to a diverse array of product categories, including the realm of adult products. As one of the leading platforms under the Alibaba Group, Tmall provides a reputable avenue for both businesses and consumers to explore and purchase a wide range of goods.

Within the context of adult toys, Tmall serves as a bridge between manufacturers, resellers, and consumers, offering a platform where individuals can discreetly access a variety of intimate products. With its user-friendly interface, robust seller verification processes, and a strong emphasis on product quality, Tmall presents a unique opportunity for those seeking to source adult products from China.

However, while Tmall can offer convenience and accessibility, potential buyers should always exercise discernment, verify the authenticity of sellers, and ensure that their business dealings align with both cultural norms and legal requirements.



JD.com, one of China’s largest and most reputable e-commerce platforms, has expanded its offerings to encompass a wide spectrum of products, including the discreet domain of adult toys. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, JD.com provides a secure and reliable channel for individuals seeking to explore and purchase intimate products.

As a platform known for its stringent seller vetting procedures and emphasis on customer satisfaction, JD.com offers buyers the assurance of engaging with verified resellers who adhere to established standards. By hosting a variety of adult products, JD.com not only reflects the evolving consumer landscape but also respects the privacy and preferences of its diverse clientele.

Taobao: The Most Affordable Platform

Introduced in 2003 by the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba, Taobao (淘宝网) stands as a premier online shopping destination and a thriving hub for entrepreneurial endeavors. Renowned for its extensive range of offerings, Taobao boasts an impressive collection of products alongside valuable service listings that resonate deeply with Chinese consumers.

The influence of Taobao is exemplified by its staggering user base, which, as of 2019, comprised 300 million daily active users and a remarkable 668 million mobile monthly active customers. In the same year, the e-commerce powerhouses Taobao and Tmall, both under the Alibaba Group umbrella, facilitated the sale of approximately 3.15 million sex toys in China, marking a pinnacle in sales for the year.

This surge in sales was largely attributed to China’s foremost annual shopping extravaganza, Singles’ Day on November 11 (11.11), during which businesses proffer enticing discounts to galvanize consumer spending. Notably, numerous sexual wellness brands opt to leverage Taobao’s platform for product distribution. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the prevalence of counterfeits and imitation in China’s market landscape. This factor impels Chinese consumers to exercise heightened caution when selecting products for purchase.

Other Online Marketplaces

  • Aizhigu

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Engaging in industry-related trade shows and exhibitions within China presents a dynamic avenue for forging valuable connections with suppliers, manufacturers, and resellers in the realm of adult products. These events serve as pivotal networking platforms, facilitating face-to-face interactions and the exchange of insights within the industry.

Participating in such gatherings not only grants you access to a diverse array of potential partners but also provides a firsthand look at emerging trends and innovations. Noteworthy among these events are the China Adult-Care Expo, a prominent showcase of adult-care products, and the Shanghai International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition, a comprehensive exposition highlighting the latest advancements in adult toys and reproductive health.

By immersing yourself in these trade shows, you can harness the power of personal connections and stay at the forefront of industry developments, bolstering your efforts to locate trustworthy sex toy resellers in China.

Adult Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Networking and Contacts

Industry Associations

Connecting with relevant industry associations that are tied to adult products is a strategic move that can yield invaluable insights and connections. These associations often serve as hubs for professionals within the sector, offering a wealth of resources and directories that list established suppliers and manufacturers.

Associating with these industry bodies not only provides access to a well-connected network but also enhances your understanding of market trends and best practices. Leveraging the collective knowledge and influence of these associations can significantly expedite your search for credible sex toy resellers in China.

Online Forums and Communities

The digital landscape offers an abundance of opportunities for engagement through online forums and communities specifically tailored to the adult product industry. Participating in these platforms allows you to tap into a global network of professionals, enthusiasts, and potential resellers. These forums provide a space for discussing industry trends, sharing experiences, and seeking advice.

By actively engaging in discussions and exchanging insights, you can gain a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and establish connections with individuals who might lead you to reputable sources. However, always approach these online spaces with respect and professionalism.

Due Diligence and Verification

Supplier Background Checks

Embarking on a successful partnership with a sex toy reseller in China requires meticulous supplier background checks. Prior to formalizing any agreements, it’s essential to delve into comprehensive research on potential resellers.

Verify their legitimacy, scrutinize their reputation within the industry, and assess their track record. This may involve examining customer reviews, seeking references, and investigating their business history. By conducting these checks, you can mitigate risks and ensure you’re aligning with reputable and trustworthy partners who uphold ethical and professional standards.

Product Quality and Certification

The significance of product quality and certification cannot be overstated when dealing with adult products. Before committing to a partnership, ensure that the products offered by resellers meet rigorous quality standards.

Check for relevant certifications that demonstrate compliance with regulations specific to your target market. This step is crucial to safeguard both your customers’ satisfaction and your own business reputation. An emphasis on product quality not only reflects your commitment to responsible business practices but also safeguards against potential legal and ethical pitfalls that may arise from subpar products.

Unlock Success in the Chinese Adult Product Market with Our Guidance

In navigating the intricate landscape of sex toy reselling in China, you don’t have to venture alone. We offer our expertise to connect you with distributors and guide you through the intricacies of entering this unique market. With over 20 years of experience in China marketing, our team is equipped to provide insights, establish connections, and ensure a smooth entry into the adult product industry.

Contact us now and embark on a journey with a seasoned partner by your side.

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