How to find Sex Toy resellers in China

There is thousand of Sex toy resellers in China, and today the trend is to resell online. You will find a list of sex toy wholesalers and how to contact them.

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After remaining as a taboo topic for long years, sexuality is now clearly more liberated than before.


The sex toy market is booming in China.



Why is selling sex toys in China is an opportunity today?

The Chinese adult products industry is:

  • A market that surpassed the $5 billion size in 2014
  • And that is expected to grow beyond $9 billion in 2020
  • Sex toys represent 60% of this market while erotic clothing and personal care products represent 20% of it
  • 60% of sex toy consumers are women, and their consumption already doubled in only two years!

Excluding basic sex items as condoms or gels, Chinese people have their preferences. Women are more likely to buy lingerie and vibrant sex toys while men are more likely to buy masturbators and sex dolls.

Even though 70% of world sex toys are manufactured in China, Chinese consumers are looking for good quality accessories.

That is why foreign sex toy brands can meet great success in the Chinese market. And even more if the brands offer innovation or a different experience for its consumers.

For example, two of the most popular condom brands in China are foreign brands: Durex and Lelo. Especially for the case of Durex, the brand became a leader in the sex-related market in China: condoms, sex toys and personal care products, Durex is successful in all of these markets.

Find a sex toy reseller in China

Sexuality in China is not taboo anymore, but it is still embarrassing for a Chinese to buy a sex toy product in-store. That is why about 50% of Chinese people choose to buy adult products online.

They choose to buy on the most reliable platforms where you can find B2C digital stores.

  • Amazon
ourquoi le SAV d'Amazon est VRAIMENT l'un des meilleurs

 As sex toys are sensitive products that are supposed to have direct contact with your skin (as makeup, skincare products, etc…), the reliability of the platform where the customer will buy is his first criterion to buy.

Still about purchasing online, some customers prefer to buy on specialized sex products local websites as the following:

  • Aizhigu

And for the consumers, they rather buy this type of product in regular stores where they will be able to find high-quality brands like Durex, Skyn or Lelo in the following stores:

  • Carrefour
  • Walmart
  • Watsons
  • Family Mart

Whether you choose to sell only online, or only in physical stores, or both, you should plan your marketing strategy to be efficient when getting into this market.

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After you managed to be present on these platforms and the stores you want to be, you have to make your promotion and begin your marketing campaign for the launch of your product in the Chinese market.

You need our help to contact these distributors and understand how to enter to this sex toy market

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