10 Olive Oil resellers in China

If you want to sell Olive oil in China, and need a list of Olive Oil wholesalers, this article is for you.

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Chinese lifestyle evolved a lot in the last decade: they are more aware of the importance of eating healthy products and regularly doing some exercise.

Thus, the consumption and import of fruits and vegetables are booming in China. The number of gym membership is also growing since people care more about fitness and their bodies ’ health.

The local market of fresh products is indeed growing a lot, but another market is also silently booming in China: the olive oil market.

Enjoying a Mediterranean image, this oil is considered as a dietary oil. Known for its benefits on health and as one of the best alternatives to regular cooking oils, olive oil use in China has grown a lot these past years.

The Chinese olive oil market

  • 37 000 tons of olive oil imported in China in 2017
  • Representing over $14 billion of sales value the same year
  • More than +10% of year-on-year market growth
  • A big preference for European olive oils (From Italy, Spain, Greece, …)

Even if the olive oil’s average price is higher than other oils present in this market (from RMB 70 to RMB 200 per liter against RMB17 for regular ones), Chinese consumption of olive oil increases unlike in other parts of the world.

There is a still big gap to fill in China:

  • China produces only 0,2% of the world olive oil
  • Almost the totality of olive oil brands in China are foreign brands
  • Olive oil sales are concentrated in large and medium cities, but less in other cities where the education is still to be done

So, China is thirsty for olive oil and will be even more in the coming years. As you understood, this market is almost entirely satisfied by foreign brands that meet great success there.

It is the perfect timing if you want to launch your olive oil brand in China.

Chinese consumers can find olive oils whether in Chinese supermarkets, foreign supermarkets, or in foreign products specialized shops.

Here is a list of 10 olive oil resellers with whom you can do business and use as distributors in China:

-Physical resellers

-Online resellers

  • Tmall
  • Tmall Global
mall and Tmall Global: the “Fast Track into China” for U.S. Retailers
  • Kate&Kimi

Since the vast majority of olive oil in found online, your presence on Chinese e-commerce platforms is essential. In western countries, consumers buy olive oil in physical shops which is also common in China, but it is even more common and probable that Chinese consumers will buy olive oil online.

However, betting on selling your products through physical resellers can be beneficial for your brand because, in most of the stores where Chinese people can find olive oil, the olive oil choice is very limited. There usually are two or three different olive oils offered, which means less competition and an easier way to clearly stand out from the competition in this market.

If you need our help, we can help you to contact these distributors and develop your Business

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  1. Hello,
    We are a taobao store and we would like to resell imported food in China.
    Brands need to understand a bit Chinese market and have a marketing strategy.
    We want to resell brand not raw material.

  2. Hello,
    We are a small imported store chain, and we would like to sell an Olive oil brands, with exclusive partnership.
    We would like to import and resell small and medium quantity.
    The brand need to be from Europe, good quality, good brand and reasonable price.

  3. I am looking to purchase a large amount of OLIVE oil in crates.
    There is a particular brand I recall that my father purchased. On the cap it had a crown/lion on it, may have been called Queen and it was from GREECE – CRETE.
    If you have this particular brand, I would like to purchase crates of it for Melbourne.
    Please advise if you have oil that fits this description.

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