NetEase is THE Place to be for Dj in China


NetEase Music is a “social platform” where more than 300 million users share music, the best place to communicate for DJ in China. NetEase is a free music-streaming service offering a huge songs catalogue that can even be locally downloaded.

NetEase has been investing heavily to support independent musicians generating a fresh supply of high-quality content.

Developement of Online Music Platforms Concerning Electronic Music (PRNewsfoto/NetEase Cloud Music)

NetEase is the place to be for Dj in China




UGC is User Generated Content covering music recommendations. NetEase platform is highly interactive as almost every user has been used to listen to music while watching the comments, write reviews and then share to other social media platforms. By 2016, the villagers (as users call themselves) had generated more than 400 million comments.

As NetEase music staff is interested in attracting independent original musicians, they spent a month traveling all over the Live scene in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Lijiang to explore and cooperate with those niche musicians. For example, the musicians can release albums on NetEase music, or operate a tour concert with NetEase music’s name.


The Landlord’s Cat, a Chinese indie folk duo formed by university friends in Wuchang city, planned to break up in 2016 to find “serious jobs”. A friend encouraged them to give it a final try by selling their album through Chinese streaming platform NetEase Cloud Music after fan requests.

The response turned out to be overwhelming with over 2,400 albums sold. Two years later the duo has reached over 1.3 million followers and that friend, Li Xiancheng, now manages The Landlord’s Cat.

“NetEase Cloud Music has given us exposure on the app by writing about us, featuring us in music shows and recommending our music to users. That helped us grow our followers by over 700,000 within a year … and brought us a decent income from royalties,” said Li.

The single “A Sunny Day” by Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou has already been commented on the service more than one million times. Recently NetEase Cloud Music was the first to release the single “Chengdu” by Chinese balladeer Zhao Lei which was quickly and widely shared across the social media networks, becoming a social phenomenon.

NetEase Supports Independent Music Artists

Over 70,000 independent musicians had joined NetEase Cloud Music as of September, making it the biggest platform for independent artists in China, according to the company. It also invested 200 million yuan in the first edition of Project Stone in 2016, which assists up-and-coming musicians with promotion and live performances.

NetEase Cloud Music offers a similar streaming service to Spotify, the No 1 music subscription service in the world, with albums and personalized playlists. However, NetEase users create an interactive music community to share their feedback and thoughts in comments. More than 640,000 comments are posted daily, and it had accumulated over 400 million comments by early 2017, according to the company.


Marketing for DJs in China

“The rise of millennials, smartphones, 4G, lower data rates, original content and heavy investment by internet companies are ushering in a golden age,” said Elinor Leung, managing director of Asia Telecom and Internet Research of CLSA, in a September report.

The number of internet users in China is expanding every day, and they are becoming more sophisticated having quality and even aesthetic expectations. This trend is pushing Chinese online services to deliver the best product experience. In China, Netease Cloud Music is called the Facebook for music with 555 million users in June, according to an August report by state agency China Internet Network Information Centre. Read also this article

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