The most Important Chinese luxury Travel Trends 2017

Hurun Report and ILTM Asia Launch 2017 Luxury Traveler in China: 60% of Outbound Luxury Travelers Willing spend RMB 3000 to purchase one-night Room and Business-Class or First-Class Cabin. Adventure tourism is the theme of choice for three years. The rise of beach holidays, last year’s travel theme, luxury travel agency are also booming.

Custom travel services have started to spread, with more than half of high-profile travelers saying they have experienced this.

Tourists love adventure tourism, which will be the next three years of luxury travel trends.
Traveling around the world, polar expeditions and outdoor excursions are the topics for luxury Chinese travelers over the next three years. Compared with the dominance of leisure and tourism in the past few years, there has been a marked increase in this year’s luxury travel and adventure tourism in China.

It is noteworthy that this generation has gained more and more interest in the African and polar regions since the 1980s, with the figure for this year rising from 23% and 17% last year respectively to 36% and 32% this year.

From “Modern Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary

One year’s time has a big impact on the choice of location. In the summer and autumn, luxury travelers after 80 obviously preferred Island hopping, with Phuket (27%), Maldives (18%) and Fiji (16%) as well as China Sanya (16%) the most popular choice. In winter and spring, Australia (16%) and Phuket (18%) are favored by sun worshipers, while ski lovers flock to Japan (32%), Canada (8%) and Switzerland (7%), Possible destination.

Beach Island is the dark horse of last year’s holiday theme

Although 41% of leisure breaks remain the most popular holiday theme, polar expeditions and outdoor adventures have continued their momentum over the past two years, finishing second (31%) and fourth (20%) respectively, .

As a new choice for this year’s study, Island Holidays is the dark horse of the holiday theme, surpassing cruise ships (13%) and traveling by car (14%), making it the third most popular tourist destination. In the late 1980s, island vacations were particularly popular, ranking first with nearly 50% (46%).

Europe and South East Asia are the preferred destinations for departure.

Last year, Europe and Southeast Asia were becoming more popular with destinations reaching 45% and 44% of respondents respectively. In just two years, Southeast Asia’s success in surpassing the Americas as a new option for China’s luxury travelers shows a staggering 34% growth in the millennium and a year-on-year jump from fourth place to the championship this year.

Hurun Report said the chairman and chief researcher Hurun Report: “In the past few years, China’s luxury goods tourists outbound on average 3.3 times, an average of 27 days stay, tourism growth of 5% to 69%.”



1) Luxury hotels are still the top choice for luxury travelers in China. The Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons Hotel is the most popular choice, ranked number one and number three. Boutique hotels are increasingly favored, banyan jumped


from sixth last year to fourth place this year, Oman is into the top ten.

Hilton won the “most popular luxury business hotel,” the title, and Shangri-La, Sheraton Hotel and Marriott’s top ten new products followed. The Ritz-Carlton hotel is also the richest member of the Ritz-Carlton, a brand that has grown 19% in popularity over the past two years, winning the Hilton. However, the number of Marriott dropped from one-half to one-sixth in the same two years. Rupert Hoogewerf said: “Compared with the airline members, hotel membership and not too much value.”

2) 81% of resorts are very popular among luxury travelers and are their favorite type of luxury accommodation. Business hotels (18%), bed and breakfast (9%) and apartment hotels (6%) are also preferred, but travelers are marginally less profitable.

3) 60% of exiting luxury travelers spend more than 3000 yuan per night. 32% of the luxury accommodation budget is more than RMB5,000 per night. Human service is the most important consideration, followed by a good view of the room.

4) 56% of local cuisine is a favorite food choice among Chinese luxury travelers. Japan and Cantonese respectively at 32% and 31%. French, Italian and Sichuan are among the top 10, with Korean cuisine and hot pots top 10.

5) Private restaurants are receiving more attention as a venue for private dinners and business dinners.

6) accommodation sharing in the luxury market is still in its infancy. Only 25% of respondents chose private residential options like Airbnb, behind the boutique hotels (48%) and the cruise line (45%). 69% of respondents remain neutral or not

Explore family accommodation in the next three years. Luxury travelers in China enjoyed greater comfort while traveling, with 61% of respondents traveling on business or first class on their most memorable trips.

The most popular airlines in China (54%), China Southern Airlines (22.4%) and Cathay Pacific (21.9%). Among foreign airlines, Emirates and Singapore Airlines lead by 23% and 22% respectively, benefiting from the reputation of providing cost-effective and high-quality services.

Singapore and Dubai airports are important hubs for flight transition and also contribute to their popularity. Personalized travel services began to spread, travel agents emphasize the quality of travel itineraries to retain customers.

More than half of luxury travelers (58%) said they have experienced a personalized travel service. They prefer travel agencies that offer well-designed itineraries, personalized service, and proactive problem solving, emphasizing 59%, 55% and 49% respectively.

Travel agency focus on problem solving increased by 11% in two years. Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hurun Report, Hudson, Diadema, D-Lux

* CITS American Express, HHtravel, My Travel, Magic Travel, Ctrip, Zanadu, Agents of Hurun’s Top Luxury Travel Offices in 2017, 2017 include Wincastle Tours Ltd., Cathay Holidays, Charlotte Tours *, AmericanExpress, Swire Travel and Westminster.

Agents at Hurun Taiwan Outbound Luxury Travel 2017 2017 6 include One Style Tour *, Ocean View Escape, Let’s Travel *, American Express, International Travel Information Service and Lions Travel. (In alphabetical order, * new list) .8. Travel retail.

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