Tinder in China: 20 Questions and answers to really “enjoy”

If you want to enjoy Tinder in China, you have to read our Guide, with 20 communs questions to use and enjoy The pleasure of Tinder

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Is Tinder Blocked in China?

To access Tinder in China, users typically need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass the country’s internet restrictions. Instead of Tinder, locals and some foreigners use Chinese dating apps like Tantan, Momo, and others that offer similar functionalities within the confines of China’s internet regulations.

Looking for Love in China? Is Tinder the Answer? 🤔

Are you swiping through life in China and wondering why Tinder’s playing hard to get? Fear not, for we’re about to unravel the digital dating drama.

Looking for S@x in China? Is Tinder the good app?


Is Tinder a social Media in China?

Tinder is not traditionally categorized as “social media” in the same way that platforms like WeChat or Weibo are in China. However, it is a social application meant for networking and dating. As of my last update in January 2022, Tinder is blocked in China due to the country’s internet censorship policies, commonly referred to as the “Great Firewall.”

How Do You Get Your Swiping Game Strong in China? 📱

  1. Need Internet + VPN ? Where Can You Get It?
    • Public Wi-Fi Hotspots: Ever wondered if Chinese coffee shops, bars, and airports have something in common? Free Wi-Fi! So, whether you’re sipping on a latte or waiting for a flight, you’re good to swipe.
    • Thinking of Going Mobile with Tinder?
      • Consider grabbing a local SIM card. It’s your best bet against outrageous roaming charges. Just flash your passport at an official store of one of China’s telecom giants, pick a number, choose a data package, and you’re set! Usually, a budget of about 200 Yuan should have you covered for a good month.
  2. What’s the Key to Unlocking Tinder in China? 🗝️
    • China and some apps (like Tinder) aren’t on speaking terms. But there’s a sneaky trick: VPNs. Think of VPNs as your digital invisibility cloak. It’s magic!

Why is a VPN Your Best Wingman in China? 🛡️

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is your online superhero suit. It protects your digital identity by making sure no one’s peeping into your online adventures. Especially handy in China, a VPN keeps restrictions at bay by making your connection seem like it’s not in China. So, you get to swipe away without anyone being the wiser.

Which VPN Should Be Your Go-To for Uninterrupted Swiping?

💡 Many VPNs promise you the moon but deliver just the glow. Our top recommendation after swiping across China? ExpressVPN. It’s like the caviar of VPNs. But tastes differ, and we have a well-researched buffet of VPN options for you to choose from.

Who’s Keeping China’s Tinder Flame Alive?

🔥 While the VPN hoop makes Tinder a bit exclusive in China, here’s who you’ll likely bump into:

  • Ex-Pats: Those bringing a bit of their home to China.
  • Foreign Students: Here for the books, but why not some romance?
  • The Global Trotters: In China for business, leisure, or perhaps love?
  • The Returnees: Chinese folks who’ve lived/studied abroad and got the Tinder bug.
  • The Office Heroes: Those working at multinational firms, having a conference call in the AM and swiping by PM.
  • The Curious Cats: Locals with a knack for international mingling.

A massive plus?

A lot of these profiles are fluent in English. So, no more awkward translations. But, with the VPN game in play, you might find fewer locals. The exclusivity makes every match even more special, doesn’t it?

Are there any popular dating apps in China that foreigners use too?

WeChat is the commun App for Chat.

A: Absolutely! China has a plethora of dating apps that both locals and foreigners frequent. Let’s dive into some of the top contenders:

Q: What’s the scoop on Momo (陌陌)? A: Momo is arguably the most popular dating app in China. However, it once had a notorious reputation. To rebrand and revamp, the company transformed it into a kind of social network. This overhaul made it a tad complex for beginners. Despite its reputation, Momo is the go-to app for many foreigners.

Q: How about Tantan (探探)? Sounds familiar? A: Spot on! Tantan closely mirrors Tinder in its interface, making it a favorite among users familiar with Tinder. It’s immensely popular in China, and the cherry on top? It’s available in English.

Q: I’ve heard of Qing Chifan (请吃饭). What does it offer? A: “Qing Chifan” directly translates to “invite out to eat.” This innovative app lets individuals extend dining invites, specifying the place or cuisine. Interested folks can then express their interest, but the inviter gets the final say on their dining companion.

Q: What if I’m an animal lover? Any apps for me? A: Certainly! Say hello to Liu Liu (遛遛). It’s not just about human profiles but also your furry friend’s. It’s designed for pet enthusiasts looking to connect with fellow animal lovers. Your pet’s profile gets as much limelight as yours.

What’s the deal with Tinder Platinium or Gold

A: Tinder Platinum, priced at $39.99 per month (as of 2023), is Tinder’s priciest subscription. It offers unique tools like messaging someone before matching.

Q: Is it worth the cost?
A: I tried a three-month trial. While there were exclusive perks and no ads, it didn’t vastly improve my matching experience.

Q: How does Tinder Platinum compare to other Tinder subscriptions?
A: Tinder has three paid levels: Plus ($19.99/month), Gold ($29.99/month), and Platinum ($39.99/month). Prices can vary based on the subscription length.

Q: Have Tinder’s paid features changed over time?
A: Yes, previously, all users got a daily Super Like. Now, only subscribers or those who make individual purchases get Super Likes. Plus no longer offers Super Likes or monthly Boosts. However, current subscribers keep their original features unless they cancel or upgrade.

Q: What features does Tinder Plus offer?

Unlimited likes (basic account limits to 100 right swipes per day)
Unlimited rewinds (to undo left swipes)
Passport feature (to change location)
No ads
And Tinder Gold?
A: Gold includes Plus features and:

  • Five Super Likes a week
  • A free monthly Boost
  • Visibility of those who liked you
  • Daily “top picks”
  • Q: What about Tinder Platinum?
  • A: Platinum offers Gold features plus:
  • Message before matching (with a Super Like)
  • Prioritized Likes
  • View of Likes sent in the past week

“Hide & Seek Champion: Tinder’s Incognito Mode

Keep yourself hidden until you spot someone you fancy. Because who doesn’t love a bit of mystery?

“Unlimited Swiping: Swipe-a-palooza!”
Swipe to your heart’s content! But remember, quality over quantity, unless you want Tinder to give you the side-eye.

“Age & Distance Control: Because Some Secrets are Fun”

Decide what you show and what stays your little secret. Mysterious much?

“Oops! Unlimited Rewinds to the Rescue”
Got butterfingers? No worries! With this, you can undo those “Oops, I didn’t mean to” swipes.

“Ad-Free Swiping: Swipe Without the Sales Pitch”
Swipe uninterrupted. Because who needs another ad for socks?

“Tinder Plus: The Good, The Bad, & The Swipely”

++ Shine bright like a diamond: Get noticed by more local singles!
Global Swiper: Chat up folks in cities you plan to visit.
Sneak Mode: Choose who sees your dashing profile.

— Travel-shy? Shy-shy? Maybe these features aren’t for you.
Not all that glitters is Gold: Swanky features can’t fix lackluster photos or bios.
Time-sucker Alert! You might end up spending more time swiping and less time dating.
“When Tinder Plus Feels Like a Million Bucks (And When It Doesn’t)”
When should you upgrade? We break down the best and worst times to shell out for Tinder Plus.

Comment your best tips for Tinder in China ?

What VPN do you use?

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