Chinese consumers discover and love Chocolates Liquor Moutai*Dove

Chinese People have been surprised by these new Chocolate Liquor , a Sensational Innovation from Dove & Moutai

Liquor Chocolate is totally new in China.

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A unique blend of taste and brand power when Chinese liquor heavyweight Kweichow Moutai paired up with the sweet indulgence of Dove, unveiling their wine-filled chocolates. This unexpected duo sent waves through the market, with their creation becoming a hot favorite almost instantly. Official online shelves went barren within a blink.


Eager consumers took to alternative e-commerce platforms, including, Pinduoduo, and Xianyu, where the chocolates were priced substantially higher – with some markups ranging from 60% to 150%. In the wake of this frenzy, Moutai urged for “sensible buying” and pointed consumers towards official purchasing channels. To quell concerns, they highlighted that they’re ramping up production and the beloved chocolates would return soon.


Some social media circles floated the idea that perhaps the scarcity was a strategic move, hinting at “intentional hunger marketing”. Dove was quick to clear the air, pointing towards the unexpected surge in demand coupled with initial production limitations. They were clear: these chocolates weren’t a limited-time offering, and they advised against purchasing from unofficial outlets with inflated prices. source

Moutai, the specialist of Viral Cobranding

Moutai, not new to collaborative endeavors – one being with Luckin Coffee, has become the subject of light-hearted social media chatter. With its numerous partnerships, netizens playfully remarked that Moutai might soon be a universal additive, like cooking wine. The jesting hashtag “Moutai, the next cooking wine?” even topped Weibo’s trending list, attracting immense attention.

Diving Deeper: The Marketing Perspective

Beneath the immediate buzz, there seems to be a deliberate strategy. Given the slowing momentum in the chocolate segment, Dove’s alignment with Moutai appears to be a masterstroke, potentially revitalizing its market stand.

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The Moutai-Dove alliance exemplifies how brands can intertwine to craft a unique narrative and tap into fresh consumer territories. Yet, this episode also holds a lesson. Beyond the initial excitement, it’s pivotal for brands to ensure they’re equipped to cater to the demand they’ve ignited. After all, sustaining the momentum and transforming fleeting intrigue into enduring brand commitment remains the ultimate goal.

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