Baidu news : Baidu Eye, cluster, and the right to censor the Results in China

This article includes three news about Baidu, the Chinese search engine.

Baidu Eye, Cluster technology or justice’s issues by the hand of Baidu

“Baidu Eye”, the new Baidu’s product.

Baidu, largest search engine in China has developed a wearable headset very similar to Google Glass. This product is calling “Baidu Eye” and it is a portable device of augmented reality with voice recognition for the mandarin Chinese lenguage and also with image search.


Baidu has showed its prototype which is more like an augmented camera than a pair of glasses. There is no screen and is focused in analyze information in its current field of vision, as for example indentifying plants or finding products.

According Kaiser Kuo, Baidu’s director of international communications, Baidu is “planning on syncing [Baidu Eye] up with different social gaming and social networks” and other functions like hands-free phone use and picture/video taking will later be included.


In addition, Baidu is cooperating with the chip maker Qualcomm in order to improve and prolong the battery life until the 12 hours of this new product.

The product is still in development and no price or release date is yet available.

Cluster, a Baidu’s technology it will be the future of search.

According to Bloomberg, Baidu is building ” Cluster” in order to improve image recognition in search.Cluster will be 100 times more powerful than “Google Brain” due to the over 100 billion digitally simulated neural connections that “Cluster” will has.

Andrew Ng, Baidu’s chief scientist is also the founder of the Google Brain project and he said that Baidu’s engineers are working in Cluster’s design and it will be built in Beijing in about six months.

As reported by Robin Li, Baidu’s chief executive, within five years, text queries will be surpassed by image and voices searches as a result of an easier access to information.

It is a fact that image recognition will be very important in the future of search. That is the reason why Baidu is developing “Cluster”.

Baidu and the Court of Justice

Baidu has been demanded by pro-democracy activist due to an improperly blockage which do not allowed them see their content on the chinese search enginee. They claimed that people in the United States couldn’t see their content  as result of Baidu’s block.In addition, the plaintiffs were looking for  $16 million in damages.


Finally, the lower court dismissed the lawsuit saying that Baidu has right to censor its search results as a consequence of the First Amendment to the US Constitution. The purpose of this law is protect and promotes free speech as a anti-censorship rule. That’s why the Court’s decision seems ironic.

However, plaintiffs will appeal the judge’s decision in order to win the lawsuit.

As a result of its popularity and its developments Baidu is always on everybody’s mouths.



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