Key figures of E-commerce in China

Key figures of E-commerce in China

In this analysis, we will give you a landscape overview of E-commerce in China through with key figures and key figures.

Rapid growth of e-commerce in China: 668 million users

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  • In 2000, China counted only 2, 1 million Internet users.
  • In 2015, China registered 668 million Internet users in China.

There is a real booming of Chinese Internet users due to the increased use of digital mobile devices: smartphone, PC, Ipad…Etc. The technological boom has led to the rapid growth of e-commerce in China.

Chinese people have other needs, they want easy access, fast delivery and a large range of choice of products. More and more companies are competing together to offer the best service to customers. Take the example of Jindong which has invested million in the online delivery with more than 3500 deliveries hubs in China.

What are the most profitable e-commerce segments?

  • B2B: 10 trillion RMB
  • Online retail: 145 billion dollars

The most profitable market in China is B2B market registering for about 10 trillion RMB because it is knowing a constant progression each year.

However, the online retail is booming in one shot between 2013 and 2014. This is due to the big Chinese players in the market such as, Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba having succeeded to lead a strong and efficient strategy on the e-commerce in the Chinese market.

What is the future of Chinese e-commerce?

  • Mobile commerce: 80 billion dollars
  • Saturation of online retail market: 12% of total retail sales

future digital

  • Mobile transactions on e-commerce are clearly exploding these years with an increase of 240% compared to last year with a turnover of nearly 900 billion of RMB. More Chinese people are willing to pay with their Wechat Wallet or even thanks to the Alipay system.
  • Saturation of the online retail market brings opportunities for companies to find this outstanding idea that will stand out them from their competitors.
  • The booming of cross borders e-commerce. Chinese people are interesting in products coming from abroad because they think that the quality is better. They are not only looking for the price because they want quality and price. Besides this, they want to have a larger choice of products among other brands than Chinese ones. Moreover, when they are ordering online, they can get rid of the taxes.

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