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Billions of e-commerce markets in China. Online sales in 2016 reached 5.16 trillion yuan, about 758 billion US dollars.

E-commerce giant reported sales of $ 17.8 billion on November 11 last year during the “single festival“, the largest e-shopping festival in China. However, while there are too many other online shopping activities in China, few have been accredited by the West except for “single-bang”.

Just last month, Alibaba celebrated its shopping festival “618” with China’s main rival, In 18 days, the site’s sales reached 176 billion US dollars. Such a big shopping festival has great potential for foreign businessmen seeking to sell their products in China.

Chinese consumers have responded strongly to sales and special promotions. The Festival offers seductive opportunities for foreign investors wishing to get higher sales, gain brand recognition and market themselves to Chinese consumers. This article outlines China’s largest e-shopping festival.

Chinese New Year – January to February

The Spring Festival, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in China. There has been a gift exchange for a long time in this festival.

However, with the dawn of online shopping, gifts have come to new heights. Food and drink products are the most common gifts, as well as electronics and clothing. If they know they cannot go home during the holidays, people often send gifts to their relative’s address.

As the Lunar New Year is so popular, promotions are spread across platforms, though giants such as Alibaba and Jingdong have snapped up large numbers of consumers. This year’s celebration, online and offline sales of retail and food and beverage reached 124 billion US dollars. At the same time, the Chinese Union recorded a total of 68 billion U.S. dollars in online payments during the holidays.

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Valentine’s Day – February 14th

Valentine’s Day has become increasingly popular in China’s shopping day, whether it is married or optimistic single. From Lynx to UMC, most online retailers continue to offer more and more items that may be talented, such as cosmetics or perfumes.

According to Kung Fu Data, an independent data company from China, total sales of Taobao and Lynx, bags, women’s shoes and accessories reached 62 billion yuan (US $ 911 million) on this Valentine’s Day. In addition, while Lynx and Taobao sold approximately 60% to 90% of their online sales by category, other smaller retailers further increased their total sales.

Interestingly, February 14 is one of three Valentine’s Day in China, with the Lantern Festival in March and the Tanabata Festival in August. However, these festivals are more traditional and less popular among young people, so they see fewer online promotions.
Zhuomei Valentine’s Day promises to fold 80% of the 1000 brands

Women’s Day – March 8

China announced that it will celebrate International Women’s Day 60 years ago in 1949. Recently, online retailers stepped up their promotional activities on the same day to seize the benefit of Chinese female shoppers.

In 2017, online retailers chose alternate names for vacations to distinguish them from their competitors. Lynx calls its promotion “Queen’s Day” while Jingdong Mall participates in the “Butterfly Festival,” especially for cosmetics and beauty products. Zhuo Mei specializing in cosmetics hosted his

“Goddess Festival”, well received. However, these events are not without controversy. Some believe they emphasize stereotypes of women, while others believe that International Women’s Day should not be the first to be commercialized.

Chinese female shoppers represent a huge market: According to data from the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, 70% of Chinese women shop online more than offline. Kung Fu data released data show that in 2017 Women’s Day in Taobao and Lynx sales reached 30.8 billion yuan (about 4.5 billion US dollars), the main sales of women’s clothing, accessories, cosmetics and so on.

Children’s Day – June 1st

The Children’s Day, recognized in China, has recently become a popular shopping festival since 1949, starting from late May until the first week of June. Ads during the festival mainly target parents, who are increasingly looking to buy presents for the event.

Products sold during the festival include toys, board games, children’s wear and children’s shoes. According to Kung Fu data, on June 1, 2017, the total sales of such products on Alibaba platform reached 7.4 billion yuan (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars).

618 – June 18

E-commerce event after China’s second largest one-day event, 618 to celebrate Jingdong’s founding. This festival can be seen as JD’s response to Alibaba Novem’s own shopping feast
There are quite a lot of deals throughout the transaction and there are a lot of promotions before the incident happens.

Like the singles show, other retailers also host sales, though JD receives the most attention. Although the 618 and singles competition dates are not the same, but this year’s data is very impressive, with sales in 19 days reached 176 billion US dollars.

JD looks set to adjust in coming years as e-retailer’s market share has slowly risen from 18% in 2014 to 25% in 2016 and continues to rise.9.9 Wine Festival – September 1 – On the 9th, the founder of Alibaba announced that Jack Ma was in 2016, and 9.9 was a gift from electronic retailers to Chinese wine lovers. The so-called “nine” and “wine” have the same pronunciation in Mandarin, and the incident looks not just wine, but also the nine-day deal for Chinese liquor and other wines.

Alibaba did not release aggregate figures, but Kung Fu Data Statistics sold 1.9 billion yuan ($ 280 million) of alcoholic beverages during its first 9.9 shopping event on the company’s platform.

In the past, business gifts were limited to gifts, and wines were gaining popularity in China, especially in China’s millennial and upper middle class.

In the full year of 2016, the volume of wine imports increased by 47.3% over the same period of previous year, with a slight slowdown in 2017 due to the increase in supplier inventories.

Tmall 2016 Celebrates “Global Wine Festival” Singles Day / Singles From November 11 to November 11 Dazzle Sales Digital Singles Day is called “Double Eleven” in China. This is the brainchild of Jack Ma, together with 9.9.

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