Revolution of o2o is happening in China

Revolution of o2o is happening in China.

You have probably heard millions of times about the revolution of o2o. What does this is consisting in? Basically, all the concept is relying on looking for potentially purchased items online and after that going directly in stores to enjoy the real experience with the product in real.

But why this phenomenon is mainly representing as a revolution in China? Here we will explain to you why the o2o is becoming part of Chinese life.

Booming of Mobile in China

mobile addiction

Some figures:

  • More than 500 million mobile user
  • More than 200 million using 4G

Mobile is part of Chinese people life, you can see this phenomenon everywhere in China. They all stick to their mobile phone, either for chatting, browsing information, playing games and purchasing online.

We are tending to go towards the boom of an M-commerce. Why Chinese people tends to prefer using their mobile rather than PC to purchase online? Because more convenient and faster. Nowadays, consumer’s needs and expectations are different, they are looking for something convenient, easy access and fast. When chatting with their friends on their mobile, they can easily purchase on their mobiles.

What is the link between booming of mobile and o2o? The QR Code.

QR Code

QR code

This is not really common in the Western part of the world. However, in China QR Code is everywhere. The QR Code is the main link between the online and offline platform. How?

You can actually scan the QR code to get more information about the product or the website. Scan it and go directly to take a look at our products online. After this step, you can directly go to stores to check you product and purchase it.

 O2O seducing Chinese with the concept

All concept of o2o is basically seducing Chinese people.

First the design, more companies are playing on the modern design of their platform to offer to customers the best digital experience online.

Second, the trust. The smart idea here is to combine o2o features with applications that Chinese people trust. Here, is to use Wechat to offer interesting online deals or even mobile payments with this Wechat Wallet and Alipay.

Rely your o2o strategy on those applications that Chinese already trust and you will stand probably really close to your goal.

Third, don’t forget the offline. Digital experience is one thing but ensure the second part with the offline. Most of the companies are actually trying to optimize this second round with a showroom in place. Take the example of Ethnicraft, which has opened his showroom at Shanghai to let the customers enjoy touching and feeling the furniture wood material.

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