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Basics you need to master about Baidu

Basics informations

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You have probably search for more informations about SEO in Baidu and you have found out : language, quantity over quality, local domain, anchor text…etc.  What are these informations? 

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Language? If your target is mainly chinese people then it’s obvious that you have to get a  simplified chinese website. If you want to be well indexed on Baidu, your website has to be in Chinese.

Quantity over quality? Google likes quality content but Baidu has not yet reached this top modern level yet. Quantity seems to be more important than quality. This means that there are many opportunities for spamming. However be carefull because Baidu has updated its own algorithms for those bad quality websites. 

Local Domain and hosting of your website. Some will say that your website need to be hosted in China if you want your SEO strategy to be successfull. However this is not true anymore. Your website can be hosted in Hong Kong and it works too.

Trust and Page Ranking on Baidu


You have two main characteristics on Baidu giving the trust ranking:

  • You have two types of verified account, one if for the biggest international brands. The other is paid search verified account on Baidu. For this one you have 3 types of V, in order for you to get a better ad position on Baidu ranking page, you have to get this V. When you click on the V, you can see more details about the verified site.
  • Page ranking from 0 to 10, depending on the quality of your links and website content, Baidu gives you a mark. If you are keeping constant on the content and links, then your mark must not change a lot.

Baidu ads

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Have you ever heard about PPC campaign? Baidu ads are very strong and has can have a huge influence on your website ranking. At first you may invest to some PPC campaign but in order to be efficient you need to complete it with a SEO campaign. PPC campaign is not enough just for itself for a long term perception of your website strategy.


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