How to Sell Products on Little Red Book?

Impossible to talk about the digital influence of Beauty, Fashion, and Luxury Brands in China without mentioning The Little Red Book, a social platform with more than 90 million users. Also known as XiaoHonghshu or Little Red Book or RED. The Little Red Book has been conceived as a Great place of exchanges and conversations, based solely on User Generated Content. It works as a collaborative space where each consumer is invited to give their opinion on a proposed purchase or made: rates, models, colors, editions available … For ease of use, the contents are listed in different categories: House, Fashion, cosmetics …

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But that’s not all. Related services, such as shop experience or delivery terms, are also screened. “I use it to know which shop to choose for my luxury purchases,

The magic APP Little Red Book gives a lot of information about the sales staff and the feeling in store. If I heard that the store of such brand, based in Hong Kong offered a better service than that of Paris, well I go! The Little Red Book works as a real social network where comments and photos can be discussed, shared, and saved, ensuring viral content. An algorithm allows the rest to offer tailor-made information to users based on their attitude of navigation.

It is the platform for Female Star in China

How to move to Social Commerce?

The Little Red Book has integrated e-commerce links, redirecting to official shops that have been audited. The Houses also have the opportunity to work their presence through good plans, much sought after by the community, and collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders like the actress Fan Bing Bing.

Using KOL is the best way to Sell on this plateform

LIttleRedBook is also a Crossborder E-Commerce platform

Interestingly, the platform also offers feedback cross-borders e-commerce by developing tour guides and shopping internationally.
Result: in less than five years of existence, The Little Red Book has become a reference for Chinese consumers and especially for Millennials “anxious to have a maximum of information before investing in a product, even more, when it is a luxury product
The network has over 200,000 new users every day and about 80% of the users are women, mostly between 18 and 35 years old. A growing success pushed the Alibaba group to invest 300 million dollars in the platform last spring.

LIttleRedBook encourages like-minded consumers to create a “safe space” to write reviews and share their shopping experiences, good or bad.

It is the App for KOL (or influencers) in China

The app contains an “Explore” section to explore the user’s content on topics such as fashion, food, and travel. However, the most popular category on the app is beauty and cosmetics.

For example, KKS use this App to promote her new Perfume and fashion Brand

The application is often used when a user is studying a new cosmetic product they want to try and is curious about the experience of other customers. When reading a message, users typically add “hyperlinks” to the brand’s page that may contain an e-commerce section. There can be a smooth transition between content consumption and e-commerce. LIttleRedBook moves from social network to Social commerce platform
Before becoming today’s social and e-commerce hybrid, LIttleRedBook was initially an editorial tool allowing Chinese users to create fashion and beauty shopping lists before traveling in the world, with a similar interface. to Pinterest. It was essentially a content-sharing platform for the unsatisfied desire of Chinese buyers to discover and share their shopping experiences.

After accumulating a considerable amount of social and consumer data from a predominantly urban user base, LIttleRedBook has since developed a closed shopping cycle for cross-border luxury goods sales.

RED is fostering e-commerce via IWOM ( Internet word of mouth)

Red User content that informs purchase decisions

Premium International high-quality Content (information) before purchase. Driven by candid product reviews (like  Shopping Testimonial), authenticity is at the heart of LIttleRedBook user publications.

It’s like an illustrated textbook that teaches you to go shopping (on topics such as emerging brands you need to know, how to spot counterfeits, and the best time of the year to shop for the best deals, etc.)

Users can purchase through a purchase note, ensuring a smooth and efficient purchase process that is fully integrated with the platform.

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