Chinese Outbound Tourism Guide

The tourism sector is one of the most developed sectors in China with more than 120 million people going abroad in 2015, an increase of 12% compared to the year before, investors and hotel owners have what to scratch!

Yes, the Chinese do not hesitate to pack their bags once they want to change the air and get out of the routine and stress of everyday life, and the destinations are so many and different which boost the opportunities to seize for the investors!

  • There is no doubt that the tourism sector is the sector to invest in if you are passionate about China or the Chinese market.
  • Do not go blind! Developing a well-defined marketing strategy is essential before taking the slightest step, we have collected some tips to follow to face the diversity in terms of competitors, and generate more leads because after all … it’s your goal!

Are you ready ? Let’s go!

Do not think too much … yes before hiring maids you first need a website; I will even say that it is essential that you have one! After all, that’s what represents you, it’s the image you’d like to give to your potential customers.

You will not speak to Chinese in German …

  1. Find a translator who will faithfully translate your content, by the way the content … must be original and above all attractive, so you have to make sure to improve it continuously, since customer trends are changing and their interests too. Be attentive and above all be interactive, they like that!
  2. There is no worse than not answering a customer under the pretext of lack of time! And keep in mind that a satisfied customer will talk about you to 8 other people, while an unsatisfied  one will to 24 other people! So be careful about this, and say that certainly there are many hotels but yours is the best!
  3. So diversification will be your only weapon to maintain your position in a market as active as the Chinese market, follow the trends while respecting the culture of the Chinese since the slightest misstep may cost you …
  4. Your content must be clear and concise but above all original; the reader has eyes hurting every time he crosses the same phrases or the same expressions, he needs something that surprises takes him out of his routine everyday life …

Where were we…?

Oh yes, SEO (Searsh engine optimization), no need to remind the social networks are not the same in China, the classics are even blocked … So you must adapt to Chinese social networks, namely Baidu or WeChat  the well known app,  by which you will be even closer to your visitors and interact more, in terms of SEO on Baidu you should know that it is not the same as on Google.


Mobile marketing in China

You are a marketing specialist, but you are a bit clumsy when it comes to “mobile marketing”?

Mobile marketing is the current trend in the digital world, so you must have a set of sub-strategies that will allow you to integrate mobile and segmenting a well-defined population, don’t forget that 90% of the Chinese population uses its phone, so it will be a shortfall to not take advantage of this opportunity !

Everything is done by WeChat, whatever the transaction; pay a dish, pay a shirt in a store … all thanks to the QR code that makes the task easier, and whish will facilitate yours if you know what mobile strategy you will use to encourage the Chinese tourist to spend his stay in your hotel!


Mobile marketing = mobile app!

  • Ctrip Tuniu, CY, LVmama and Aoyou … These names tell you something?

These are special mobile apps for Chinese people who want to travel. What are you waiting for?! Check into one of these famous travel agencies in China, (Ctrip you tell me … knowing that it holds ¼ of the market!) This is one way among others to attract tourists to spend a few nights in your hotel!

  • Social networks

The Chinese are more connected than ever, since the majority has access to the Internet and therefore to social networks like WeChat which is a must in China, but it must be present in all other social networks, namely, QQ, or Weibo , to have a wing that covers the sky of social networks in China.


The KOL & Ereputation

We say KOL for (Key Opinion Leader) they are people known in China by the content they publish, and we have an audience of their own, precisely generated by the large number of people who follow them, subscribe to their channel or still share their content with other people, making their publications more viral on the Chinese Web.

As you can see, a KOL can help you to generate even more visitors thanks to people who follow him and like his content, you just have to choose the right KOL, that is to say the one that represents the best  your company, which has the same values as yours, otherwise you will fall into the trap of opting for the best-known KOL (with a million followers), but that will not generate you any lead simply because it does not target the same population as yours, and you will therefore invest money for nothing!


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