10 Facts to understand the top search engine: Baidu

You should know by now that Google isn’t the number 1 search engine in China, the pole position is held by the internet giant Baidu,


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Here are 10 facts you didn’t know about Baidu (or maybe you did)

  1. 11 Billion Dollars

The fortune of Robin Li, Baidu’s CEO, has an estimated value of 11 Billion USD (67 Billion MB). He is ranked among the 3 richest men in China.

  1. 60 Percent!

60% is the market share held by Baidu, the number one search engine in China, followed by the challengers 360 Search and Sogou that are gaining more and more market shares each year but Baidu is still ranked #1. While Google is holding less than 2% of the market share.

  1. 105

105 is the number of products and services offered by Baidu while Google ‘only’ propose 43 of them. Baidu have been treated of copying Google for a long time, to counteract these allegations, Baidu decided to create brand new services like Baidu Baike, which is Baidu’s encyclopaedia a Wikipedia-like website.

  1. 6 Billion

Everyday 6 Billion of researches are made via Baidu. Requests made by Chinese users are slightly different to Google requests made by westerners as Chinese users are much more specific when they’re looking for something, with precise keywords and targeted subjects.

  1. 570 Million

570 Million Of people are using Baidu, and these users are increasingly using their phones to use Baidu. Which leads us to the next fact.

  1. 30%

In 2014, for the 1st time, the mobile use of Baidu contributed in 30% of their turnover. 80% of Chinese are accessing to Internet via their mobile phones which has an impact on Baidu’s users’ habits.

  1. 23%

23% of Baidu’s traffic is redirected on its own websites like Baidu Baike, Baidu News or Baidu Zhidao. Baidu is sponsoring its proper sites by putting them on the first page of every researches related to these websites. SEO can be a true challenge in these conditions since 80% is occupied by Baidu’s domains. You need to manage an effective net linking strategy involving the massive use of backlinks and keywords.

  1. 40%

40% of advertising expenses are made via the Chinese internet are made via Baidu. Baidu is wishing to capture by 2020, 40% of these online expenses. The ambitious search engine owns a potential market 14 times bigger than Google.

  1. 76,5%

Advertising is responsible for 76,5% of Baidu’s revenue, mostly made thanks to Baidu’s Pay Per Click, a SEM tool to increase a website visibility more quickly on Baidu.

  1. 8

Upon entry into Baidu Stock Exchange in 2005, its stock was worth $ 27 now in 10 years, the price of the share was multiplied by 8 , which generates a total market capitalization of over $ 74 million.

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