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WeChat SEO: How To Rank On WeChat Search?

Ever felt like you’re caught in an episode of “Lost” while trying to get your brand noticed on WeChat? You’re certainly not alone. This powerhouse platform dominates the Chinese digital market, yet mastering its SEO ranks up there with deciphering Einstein’s theory of relativity for many of us.

But fear not! I’ve been delving deep into the labyrinth that is WeChat SEO and have unearthed some surprisingly effective strategies to boost your place in its search engine rankings and in WeChat app.

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In this blog post, we’ll sprawl out our virtual map and embark on a journey together to navigate through the twists and turns of WeChat’s search feature. Buckle up as we dig deeper into those buried secrets under layers of cryptic WeChat SEO codes!

Key Takeaways

  • WeChat SEO helps your brand to shine on China’s biggest social media platform.
  • Use tools like the WeChat Index for your research. It shows what people search for a lot.
  • Be active and social on WeChat. Share good stuff that users want to talk about!
  • Keep track of changes in how WeChat ranks pages. This will help you to adjust, keep up and do better.

What is WeChat Search?

WeChat Search is a powerful tool that works much like a traditional internet search engine but with its own unique features. As businesses look to expand their reach in China’s growing digital market, understanding how WeChat search operates becomes vital.

One key feature of WeChat Search is the Brand Zone – an exclusive space for verified official accounts where brands can showcase articles, news, and more! The potential this holds for brand visibility and business growth is immense.

How WeChat search works

The WeChat search function works in its own unique way. It only looks at content and accounts within the WeChat world. This is different from other search engines which scan the whole web for valuable data. On WeChat, users can find posts, articles, or profiles by just typing words into the search bar.

Keywords play a big role here. If you add them to your posts or profile info, it will be easier for people to find you on WeChat search result. Your stuff could also rank high if many people view or like it, as engagement is highly valued by their system.

Why you should implement WeChat Search in your strategy?

WeChat Search is a big help for businesses. It lets users find content within WeChat interface. This function is key in China’s digital world. With WeChat, domestic and foreign brands can rise to the top.

They do this by giving their WeChat account ID a boost and making a Brand Zone on WeChat. If done right, your brand will stand out more on WeiChen search pages with SEO-friendly content and proper keywords used from research work done before hand.

While search engines in China might not offer as much visibility as their Western counterparts, it doesn’t diminish the significance of optimizing for platforms like WeChat. Here’s why:

  • On average, individuals dedicate over 4 hours of their day on WeChat.
  • Sogou, closely linked to WeChat, stands as China’s second-leading search engine, right behind Baidu—often referred to as the “Google of China.” Industry experts predict Sogou might rival Baidu more closely soon.
  • In mobile search preferences, Sogou holds third place, capturing roughly 32% of the market. Yet, when it comes to the average daily time each visitor spends browsing, Sogou significantly outpaces Baidu, clocking in at over 38 minutes.
  • Typically, the Chinese populace relies on WeChat’s search feature to gather information on products, brands, their official accounts, or associated mini-programs.

What type of content can be searched through the WeChat Search Engine?

  • Official Account & Mini-Program
  • Brand Zone
  • WeChat Moment posts
  • H5 brochure & Official Account articles
  • Products & Third-Party services (Zhihu, Douban, Mafengwo, etc)
  • eCommerce links
  • Music through QQ (that belongs to Tencent)
  • WeChat Channels
  • Q&A
  • Wiki
  • Stickers
  • Top stories found in the Sogou search engine

The results are not only from the WeChat platform but from all the platforms connected with Sogou and Tencent.

WeChat Brand Zone and its benefits

Owning an Official WeChat Account empowers brands to carve out a dedicated “Brand Zone” on WeChat. Think of the Brand Zone as a brand’s personal space that pops up at the forefront of WeChat Search when users type in specific keywords.

Here’s an interesting part: The privileges a brand enjoys on its Brand Zone hinge on its WeChat popularity. Let’s break this down:

Class C Brands

These brands see over 100 daily users, boast an “impression click-through rate (CTR)” above 30%, have been WeChat-verified, and maintain an account for a minimum of 6 months. Their Brand Zone showcases the brand’s logo, a brief introduction, and a streamlined menu. They get the edge with just one SEO keyword link.

Class B Brands

With daily traffic surpassing 800 users, an impressive CTR of over 50%, and at least a year-old verified account with a verified brand logo, Class B brands pack a punch. Their Brand Zones have three modules and are tied to three SEO keywords.

Class A Brands

The top-tier, Class A brands have operated an Official account for over a year, have a verified logo, partake in WeChat promotional activities, and pull in more than 1,000 users daily. Their Brand Zone notches up traffic of over 800 users every day. The perks? They can jazz up their zone with a prime banner, four modules, and additional marketing slots, linked to a total of five SEO keywords.

Brands have the flexibility to pepper their Brand Zone with links, be it to mini-programs, e-commerce channels, FAQs, live-stream content, and more. The key? Showcase your stellar products and information that resonates most with users.

And a pro tip for Class A brands: Prioritize the aesthetics of your Brand Zone. It’s this visual allure that can magnetize users searching for your brand on WeChat’s search engine.

Tips and Best Practices for WeChat SEO

To excel in WeChat SEO, you need to master certain techniques such as optimizing your content for WeChat search, using the right keywords and tags, and leveraging social mechanisms like sharing and likes.

By regularly posting quality content that resonates with your audience’s needs and interests on your official verified account, you can improve your brand’s visibility. It is also beneficial to utilize the Brand Zone feature for targeted exposure.

Make sure that your SEO strategy has a user-centric approach focusing on high user engagement rates – more clicks, interactions, and higher CTR (click-through rate). Keep monitoring changes in the WeChat algorithm to stay updated with newer optimization practices essential for better rankings in various search properties of this bustling digital ecosystem.

And remember: being consistent with all these practices is key!

Optimize content for WeChat search

I’m here to share how you can boost your brand on WeChat.

  1. Make use of the WeChat Index for keyword research. It lets you see the most common searches. You can adjust your content based on what people look for.
  2. Viewer engagement rates matter. The amount of clicks, views, and reactions to your posts affects how you rank.
  3. High-quality content wins in SEO. This is no different with WeChat marketing. Bring out your best ideas to captivate audiences and rank higher.
  4. Relevance is crucial too! Be sure that your content speaks to what people want.
  5. Check if your account iD includes the brand name and has no mistakes.

Utilize the right keywords and tags

I want to share a few tips about using keywords and tags on WeChat.

  1. Start by picking the right keywords. You need to know which words your audience uses when they search for content like yours.
  2. Use these keywords often in your posts, but only if it makes sense to do so.
  3. Put the most important keywords in your titles and in your tags as well.
  4. Check out what’s trending on WeChat Index. This can help you find new keywords that people are searching for a lot.
  5. Do not overuse the “hot” keywords just to get seen. Your content still has to be good or people will ignore it.

Post regularly

Consistently updating your WeChat content with a strategic focus on keywords is vital for maximizing your visibility within WeChat’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here’s the deal: At the pinnacle of WeChat search results, you’ll typically see the freshest news and trending stories. Following that, mentions of your pals pop up. Then, there’s a compilation of articles from Official Accounts, channel activities, snapshots, video clips, results from the Sogou search engine, and, finally, outputs from other Tencent-owned social platforms.

By posting routinely, you up the ante for your brand to frequently emerge in search outcomes and prime stories within WeChat. The mechanics of WeChat Search aren’t too different from familiar search engines—it emulates many of their features. So, many tactics you employ for giants like Google or Baidu can seamlessly transition to WeChat.

Leverage social mechanisms for better visibility

Getting more eyes on your brand is key. Being social on WeChat can help do that. People use WeChat not just to chat but also to search for topics they care about.

If you share quality content, it will make people want to talk about your brand with others. This helps you climb up in WeChat’s ranking because their system cares about viewer engagement rate too! To add, using the platform’s tools like the Index search lets us find what’s hot among users and match our strategy with it.

In short, being seen on WeChat means being active, creating worthwhile stuff, and knowing how its parts play together.

Updates and Evolution of WeChat Search

Since WeChat’s inception, it has continually evolved its search capabilities to enhance user experience and increase its efficiency. Below is a timeline illustrating these crucial developments:

2011WeChat was launched, initially as a messaging app without any search capabilities.
2013WeChat introduced search functions, enabling users to find friends and official accounts.
2014WeChat added a discovery feature, allowing users to explore nearby people, restaurants, and locations.
2015WeChat improved its search functionalities in collaboration with Sougou, a search engine company. This made the WeChat search engine more powerful.
2017WeChat unveiled the Brand Zone feature, making it easier for businesses to be discovered in the search results.
2019WeChat added the functionality of information retrieval, meaning users can now search for articles, posts and other content shared by their friends or official accounts.
2020WeChat optimized its search functions, allowing users to search for relevant content using keywords. They also introduced new metrics to its analytics tool to enhance functionality.

WeChat’s evolution is indicative of its commitment to providing the best user experience and efficient search function for its users. The table above shows the noteworthy developments in WeChat’s search capabilities over the years.

Growing opportunities for WeChat SEO

WeChat SEO has grown a lot. Updates have made WeChat’s search better to use. This is very good for businesses. Now, more than ever, there are chances for your brand to reach out on WeChat.

With the right content, your brand can rise up in WeChat’s search results. The users will see them and click on them more often. This is why having an official account is so important here.

It opens doors to China’s big market without needing ads. These changes make it easier and cheaper for brands like yours to connect with customers on this platform.

We are Your Local WeChat Partner in China!

Navigating the intricate web of WeChat’s search algorithm can be challenging, especially if you’re diving into China’s digital landscape for the first time. That’s where the Gentlemen Marketing Agency steps in.

Our expertise isn’t just drawn from years of experience, but also from a deep-rooted understanding of the Chinese digital ecosystem. We’ve helped numerous brands, just like yours, harness the potential of WeChat’s search to reach their target audience more effectively.

From crafting keyword strategies to optimizing content for the top stories, we ensure that your brand stands out in the bustling world of WeChat. Moreover, we offer insights and tactics drawn from other search giants like Baidu and Google, tailor-made for the WeChat platform.

Don’t leave your WeChat search strategy to chance. Partner with Gentlemen Marketing Agency today and let’s make your brand’s presence felt in China’s premier social media app.

Reach out, and let’s discuss how we can elevate your WeChat game.

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