Sogou the Tencent Search Engine in China

Sogou is a Chinese Internet company Sogou, a Chinese tech firm acquired by Tencent in 2021

Sogou is also important when you consider about Search Engine traffic in China

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The company offers several services such as search engines, advertising news, e-mail, and games among others.

Search engine is the most famous one

They got around 10% market share on mobile search with their WeChat Articles search integrated function.

Sogou is one of the most popular search engine in China.

The company revenues come mainly from brand advertising and online games. Companies have the chance to advertise themselves via Sohu using several methods such as text or media formats including banners, buttons, logos, or streaming advertisements.


Sohu group owns several web pages: it is a site that incorporates web search, many content channels such as news, sports, entertainment, IT… it is a web search engine. focused on news and community for online games. It was launched in 2000 as the first game-dedicated portal. The site has more than 600 game zones and tens of millions of registered users. Is a website related to real estate news and sales portal. The site provides information for homebuyers, homeowners, and real estate professionals. It has become one of the largest online youth communities in China-related with online alumni. provides online maps.

Sogou,has launched a community-based social product called “Miaogeng,”

On this platform, users can create texts and pictures around trending topics and buzzwords, deploying emojis to express their emotions.

The interface of Miaogeng is divided into “Mood,” “Discovery,” “Creation,” and “Personal Center.”

In the Mood section, Chinese netizens can see some expressions in text and corresponding temperatures ranging from -80°C to 80°C – the higher the temperature, the better the mood.

Sogou in 2023

Sogou is owned by Sohu and its primary services are search engine, Sogou Pinyin input, and Sogou Web Directory. After Baidu, Sogou is the clear leader among the rest of the Chinese search engines with a market share by revenue of 6.24%, and last year, Sogou’s mobile search traffic grew by nearly 20%.


Recently, many companies have noticed that it is very helpful to reach audiences from lower-tier cities with a lower cost per click advertising.

Sogou pinyin

Sogou Pinyin is the leader input method editor in China which allows users to type in Chinese. The dictionary of Sogou Pinyin can be enhanced by adding so-called cell dictionaries that contain words in special fields.

In addition, Sogou pinyin allows customizing its dictionary, appearance, and function. For example, users can choose on Sogou’s website a variety of skins and animations in order to personalize the appearance.

sogou pinyin

In 2009, Sogou launched a tool called Sogou Cloud Pinyin that enables any browser to input Chinese characters on a website without the necessity of installing any new software or plugins.

Sogou Pinyin is maybe the most popular tool of Sogou that takes the first market share in China.

There is no doubt that Sogou plays a very important role in the search engine field in China. Therefore it can be a tool to consider for companies that want to increase their presence in China, especially in lower-tier cities where Sogou has good penetration.

The same as in Baidu, it is also necessary to develop an SEO strategy on Sogou in order to increase your visibility in the search engine and reach a huge audience.


What do you need to know to do SEO on Sogou?

SEO on Sogou is similar to Baidu , but they consider more Sogou and Tencent ecosystem.

Content must be in mandarin:

Sogou as a Chinese local search engine favors websites that have content in simplified Chinese. Therefore, companies have to create a website in Chinese with the aim to improve their rank on Sogou.


Having a huge number of backlinks is very helpful to Sogou optimization. It seems that the quantity of links is more important than their quality. Nonetheless, you should link your website with high-quality web pages.

Hosting & Domain:

There is no doubt that it is better to choose a local domain such as or .cn  because they transmit a major sense of trust to Chinese users.


Title tag:

One of the most important elements of on-site optimization is the title tag. The title tag describes the website content to users and search engines. Sogou gives a lot of importance to the title tag.

Despite Baidu is the largest search engine in China, companies have to consider other Chinese search engines like Sogou during their marketing strategy in order to reach a different audience.

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