Most Effective WeChat Marketing Strategies

This time, we need to study the Top strategies of WeChat marketing. After reading this article, you’ll learn how to get new followers and how to improve your existing foundation on WeChat. However, WeChat account owners cannot do this. If you show a strong determination and a strong spirit of striving for excellence, they will work hard to achieve their goals.


You can get WeChat followers organically

You just post the content, love its people and share with others. So you get followers and build a huge follower base over time. However, the private nature of the platform means you have to work hard to find your account more easily. Compared to Facebook or Weibo, simply searching for a service or product on WeChat does not lead to the expected result. You need to know the brand name or better understand the exact name of the WeChat account.

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Make your QR code easy to find

The most important WeChat marketing strategy is to make your company’s QR code easy to find. Scanning a QR code is the best way to find it on WeChat.

Your QR code should be understandable so that customers can scan on the application. This is the

Standard black and white QR Code for WeChat account:
Below you can find an example of a personalized WeChat account black and white QR code that now

Appears more conspicuous than the standard code

The most reasonable strategy for business is:
• Website and all social media platforms;
• Regular emails, newsletters, and other materials sent to customers;
• product packaging;
• Traditional media articles and ads, including leading magazines, newspapers, etc;
• Offline channels such as trade shows, exhibitions, and other public events.

Making your company’s WeChat more personal is an effective way to attract more customers. You can choose a style for your QR code from a variety of themes. They range from classic themes to more unusual themes.

You can change the design of your QR code and it’s easy to manage style.

For example, if your business is a bakery, you can choose a very special style – a food-related style – the QR number on your company’s WeChat.

wechat marekting: identify wechat users

Correctly identify your target audience

Your company has sellable products or services. You have created a public account on WeChat. Now it’s time for the ball.

Now you have to invest a lot of time and resources to determine the target market. This will help you maximize your return on marketing and business investment. Your business needs to know what accounts and groups may be interested in these products.

Now you have to identify your target audience and then choose the right WeChat marketing strategy. The best way to do this is to hire a Chinese digital marketing agency established and operating in China.

a great wechat marketing strategy has great content

The effectiveness of social media relates to the intrinsic aspirations of customers and friends and the world to share content. Therefore, you must pay attention to the power of this wish when creating content for your WeChat account. You need a curiosity that draws the reader and draws them to read more.
There are some important guidelines that can create great content. In this case, your content will contain more value. If you can include as many of the following rules as possible, you have a greater impact:
• Make sure your content gives rise to positive emotions;

• Create interesting and interesting things
• Make your content unusual and, if possible, unique;
• Write useful and informative articles, blog articles, etc;
• Choose the title that arouses curiosity and reverence;
• Create “what to do” types of content that answer the most common questions and find solutions

The most pressing business problems;

• Complete your content in a style that really resonates with your target audience;
• Prompt release of high-quality content covering real-life issues.

The best WeChat marketing strategy is to create content that is the best mix of well-structured, well-written text with images and videos. Do not forget to include your QR code in your content! If WeChat accounts impress the customer, they will share with others.

  • Content

Once your content is ready, post it to your account. Consumers will share with their followers and their online social circle. Word of mouth will also help you build strong bonds with your clients and conquer their loyalty.

Others WeChat account owners to establish relations

You can promote your WeChat account by working with WeChat account owners with a large number of followers. Many fashion brands and celebrities record a lot of fans.

This wechat marketing tip will make you buzz

Submitted to the public for evaluation. According to a study done by Bomoda, brands such as Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are among China’s most successful luxury brands and have produced KOL, the highest key opinion leader.

The following luxury brands have a public account on WeChat: If you have a fashion business and have a public account on WeChat, you may want to consider working with them to promote followers.

The problem with KOL may be that they are very expensive, and you cannot predict the outcome in advance. All in all, if you choose to work with WeChat account owners to promote

WeChat marketing strategies, you need to follow;

  • Identify and engage influential personal, brand and media accounts that have official accounts on WeChat;
  • Pay them for their service and then wait patiently while they will work to reach your target audience.

Promote your WeChat account on other social platforms You must determine which internet communication channels your target audience uses.

  • Where is your potential client more active?

What platforms do they prefer and spend the most time on? Confirm, narrow your mind: Now you need to understand which networks provide the most services to your business.

Based on your research, you can decide to market your product to Chinese customers. Maybe you’ll choose one or more of the famous platforms like Weibo, QZone, QQ, WeChat, and friends.

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