China attacks stars for Fake Advertising

China’s market regulator bureau has fined a Chinese actress with a 7.22million Yuan (RM4.73million) for false advertising.

Chinese state administration is very strict now

Jing Tian, Guangzhou-registered Infinite Free’s ambassador, claimed that the company’s vegetable-pressed candy could prevent sugar, oil, and fat absorption without verifying its functions. Global Times reported.

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China’s advertising laws state that ordinary foods are not permitted to be promoted as having therapeutic properties.

The portal quoted a statement by the State Administration for Market Regulation. It reported that Jing’s income from endorsement of 2.58 million yuan (1RM1.69million) was also seized. She was then fined an additional 4.64m Yuan (3RM3.04million), totalling 7.22 million yuan.

Public excuses on Social Media

Miss Jing Tian apologized to Sina Weibo for not checking on the contracts and deceiving consumers after news of her fine broke.

Jing stated that she has acknowledged her errors and paid the fines. She also promised to be responsible for consumers, and to not endorse untrue products in the future.

The pressed candy was sold at a price of 100 Yuan (RM65), and has been removed from major e-commerce platforms such as Taobao or

Chinese stars will be more selective when doing endorsements

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Beijing send messages to Tax evasion of stars

This star who starred as Pacific Rim 2 in Chinese, is now involved in legal cases. Deng Lun, a Chinese actor, was recently fined 106 millions Yuan (RM69.5million) for tax evasion.

China send messages to all stars for not playing tax evasion or risks bad buzz and huge fine explained this lawyer in Shanghai.

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