Interested by the Chinese market ? Everything is happening online (in 2023)

2023, China is Back… and all the economy in China is online. Think online when you want to enter China, when you want boost your sales, when you want distributors contact your brands, when you want develop the B2B …

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online … online and online.

Even cat are using Online in China. lol

The Chinese Internet has its own characteristic

Chinese consumers are very different from Western consumers. The first reaction they will have if they don’t know anything about a brand or a company will be to check on the Internet what is said about it. It isn’t half of them or a majority here, we are talking about 80% of the Chinese. Thus, the tool that Internet has become, especially in China, can not be set aside when it comes to e-reputation or direct sales.

In fact, this taste for everything that is online is so strong that we even talk about the « head down » syndrome to call those people who don’t speak to each other anymore and always have their head down on their phone or computer.

PinduoDuo the new way to sell in China online

Brands can use Pinduoduo to sell products in mainland of China.
There are highlights of requirements they need to meet

  1. Registration certificate of overseas enterprise;
  2. Identity certificate of the legal representative of the overseas enterprise;
  3. Identity certificate of store manager.
  4. Shipment place is outside mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and domestic cross-border bonded warehouse
  5. The customs/bonded warehouse registered by the enterprise;
  6. Record information of the enterprise at The Chinese Customs.
  7. It operates its own brand or authorized brand registered outside mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

Where does your visitor’s website come from? 75% of them come directly from search engines like Baidu or Google. To have your website indexed on the giant Chinese, Baidu, is good but to have an effective SEO strategy to optimize your visibility is even better!

RED marketing = marketing mode (paid ads, brand positioning, 4Ps…) 10%+ Notes’ quality 45%+ interaction with TA 45%.

  1. Making high quality and creative notes is the key to attract people to click. Through the production of high-quality and original brand-style unique content, coupled with attractive covers to attract users’ attention, comprehensive related hashtags to enhance exposure, precise keywords to fit the users’ search habits, supplemented by large amounts of comments, likes, collection, greatly improve the success of ‘make TA want to buy’.
  2. With the help of the celebrities and top KOLs recommendation effect, the brand or product can be exploded in a short period of time by sharing product knowledge, using skills, purchasing links and other actions, so as to create a star and cash-cow product.
  3. Middle-level KOLs: Deep cultivation in a certain vertical field creates exclusive sense of existence and belonging for people in a specific circle, and forms deep recognition of a certain brand and product in their hearts.
  4. A large number of KOCs (or even general users) share through a large number of their accounts, continuously form the effect of public opinion and word-of-mouth guidance, increase fans’ attention to the brand and products, and trigger fans’ comments, consultation, purchase and other follow-up behaviours.
  5. Note ranking optimization
    Analysed account weight of different dimensions, published content, published time, user behaviour and other platform algorithm mechanisms, optimized and improved the note ranking when searching keywords, so as to effectively increase accurate traffic.
  6. Soft implant product purchase links and interspersed user recommendations and welfare club (RED’s official e-commerce platform) product recommendations in guide purchase notes to improve product exposure, increase order volume and increase purchase rate.

Case study:
Derma Pella : Cosmetics Brands from Jordania

Price: At present, most of the affordable products within 300 yuan, there is a trend to expand high-end product lines

Place: Online to Tmall, JD, and WeChat mini program as the main selling channels. By September 2020, the number of offline stores has exceeded 20. The new retail territory has covered nearly 90 cities across the country,

Promotion: (The following words only include their strategy in RED) The brand entered RED and attracted 1.702 million view.

Promote by general users and KOCs to increase users’ trust . Derma Pella Choose testimonial to let Chinese consumers try.
Enter “dermapella” in the search box of RED, and more than 10,000 notes will appear.

Among them, most of the notes come from the experience of general users, consumers’ conscience-planting recommendation, and the application of life scenes, which greatly increase users’ trust in the brand and generate resonance

Case study : Perfect Diary

Perfect diary chose RED as the main battlefield of product promotion channel. Since the entry of Perfect Diary into RED, there have been nearly 500 official self-produced notes, attracting nearly 2 million crazy fans. The home page decoration of high appearance level has also become one of the reasons why users fall in love with it.

KOL – Star promotion and rapid growth of brand loyalty
Perfect Diary spent a lot of effort on the product ‘make consumers want to buy’. It invited many top and middle-waist KOLs to write original comparison notes, evaluate, test colours and compare their products, and guide consumers to buy products with their own consumer feelings. This marketing mode makes many consumers on the side-lines become loyal fans of the perfect diary.


Celebrities power, expand brand awareness with massive Budget

The success of Perfect Diary marketing strategy lies in that after it fosters all the basic data and obtains certain trust from users, it invites Lin Yun (young generation Chinese actress), Ouyang Nana (young generation Chinese actress), Angela Chang (middle-age Chinese singer)and other stars to recommend their products to users, resulting in explosive articles. This approach undoubtedly makes perfect diary famous, and many consumers have switched to this domestic beauty product.



Baidu Reputation is SUPER important in China

A good SEO allows bringing quality traffic. It means that people that visit your site haven’t been redirected by some ad they clicked on after grocery shopping. Those will be potential clients that already know what they are looking for. Attracted to your site by keywords, they are already interested in the products you are selling. You just have to win them over by offering the price that they are expecting.

In addition, don’t forget that all the search engines are connected.

If you have a good SEO strategy and that your Baidu positioning is on the first or second page then, you will also have a good place on Google or Bing. It is all about keywords. Our agency can help you to have a good place on those search engines and keep it for a long time after the contract is over. To do so, we offer you 2 possibilities: SEO Marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click)

Nevertheless, we will advise you on SEO marketing which is 5 to 6 times less expensive than the PPC. The price difference is caused by the prices stability whatever the situation or the number of clicks.


We know the extent of the Chinese market and the impressive number of opportunities that it contains. However, it isn’t easy to establish in it, to build a reputation et more than anything else, to seduce the consumer’s wallet. It is not without mentioning the real challenge for a foreign firm: the language barrier, the culture differences (especially between China and Western countries), the law system differences as well, and of course, the fact that Chinese competitors already know pretty well SEO techniques. To help you to improve your visibility and bring more potential clients faster, you can trust our agency and our expert team in Chinese SEO.

baidu get 80% market Share in China in 2022-2023


(even in 2023)

Only 1% of the Chinese are able to read enough English to understand and be interested in your site. Moreover, especially when it is about doing business, Chinese prefer naturally ready and listen Mandarin.

It is one of the reasons why your website has to be written in Chinese with simple characters. To enjoy a good place on the ranking, the translation has to be in tune with the Chinese search engine’s criteria and standards.

The services we offer are the best in SEO that you could find in China for foreign firms.

Businessman pressing virtual media type of buttons


  1. Analyse the market and the potential client
  2. Identify the keywords that will suit the best your firm’s website
  3. Analyse your competition
  4. Optimize your Website and its pages
  5. Create quality content
  6. Maintain your link strategy
  7. Analyse the result and give you a weekly minutes

Our main goal is to bring quality traffic to your website and give you sales contact. This includes improving your ranking on Baidu, which represents 83% shares of Chinese’s search engine, but also where you will be able to target white-collar and wealthy customers from Hong Kong. We are certain to be able to bring you the best SEO solutions in China, whether it is on Baidu or on at very competitive prices, and this is thanks to our comprehension and knowledge of the Chinese Internet’s culture and environment.

If you want to see what we can do for you in terms of services, go here

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