How to start business on WeChat

WeChat is, at its center, an informing application, yet that is truly just a small amount of what the administration can do. In the event that likewise offers more customary long-range informal communication capacities like video and picture sharing, amusements, stickers, and the capacity to impart and associate with companions through WeChat Moments.

Business on Wechat

It is also a social trade stage, joining WeChat Stores for web-based shopping and WeChat Pay and WeChat Wallet for installments to both on the web and physical merchants. It even offers proficient capacities like cost following. It can be utilized to book a taxi, a flight, or a physical checkup. It resembles Facebook, Skype, Slack, Amazon, PayPal, and Apple Wallet all moving up into one. No big surprise it’s China’s most prominent portable application.

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Basic Things You Must

How about we begin by taking a gander at the three sorts of WeChat business account: membership accounts, benefit records, and endeavor accounts. They all fall under the classification of Official Accounts, which are accessible to superstars, media, government associations, and organizations. Membership accounts offer all the more informing, however, benefit accounts offer more hearty usefulness. Undertaking records are principally for hierarchical administration and are not of essential enthusiasm to advertisers.


Subscription Accounts:

Allow one communicate a message for each day to endorsers; messages show up in the membership accounts organizer.

Service Accounts: 

Allow up to four communication messages for each month; messages show up in the companion session list. Confirmed records have entry to nine propelled APIs and can apply for WeChat Pay.

Enterprise Accounts: 

Offer informing and business instruments yet are just accessible in Mainland China.

How To Setup An Account

The rules are different for local and foreign brands. In the event that you have a business situated in China, you can get to the Chinese market by utilizing the Mainland China-Market Platform.

  • Assemble all the required data, including your business permit and individual ID. It’s a smart thought to check the full rundown of required materials before you start.
  • Go to the Official Account enrollment page and present your application.
  • It takes two weeks for your record to be evaluated. While you hold up, you can check your application status utilizing your application email and application number.

How to Use WeChat For Business


Here are some important features of WeChat that you can use to promote your business.

Create Valuable Content

A decent WeChat article ought to be instructive and reliably great. As indicated by late research, 49% of the WeChat clients would share the article on WeChat in the event that they trust it’s valuable. Individuals can get exhausted effectively and you have to make content that is intriguing and instructive so as to emerge and draw activity.

Location Based Promotion and Advertisement  

WeChat can identify client areas, empowering brands to target potential clients in a similar city. This capacity likewise joins the components like “Shake”, “Glance Around” and “Float Bottle”. This element covers more than 300 urban areas and 2,500 regions across the nation. Utilizing WeChat adherents’ area data can be valuable for on the web and disconnected organizations.

Business Advertisement Feature

WeChat publicizing is an amazing stage to lift adherents in the early stages. You have to make a considerable measure of substance before propelling the publicizing effort. WeChat gives two publicizing contrasting options to confirmed records: Moments Ads and Account Ads.

Creative Use of QR

WeChat naturally makes a QR code for every official record, alongside an inbuilt QR code scanner. You can likewise redo and customize the QR codes that match your marking impeccably. These codes can be posted on all advertising channels, for example, online networking, bundling, or even your physical store. This is an awesome approach to tempt clients by offering distinctive rebates, advancements or free WiFi get to. With one output away, you can support both deals and adherents.

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  1. Hello,
    How to Create a wechat business account for Oversea Business ?

    Do you recommand a wechat subscription account?
    How to create wechat article without Official account?

    Are you a wechat marketing agency?

    1. Yes we are a WeChat Agency and yes we can help you to create your WeChat Business Account (we do not recommend Subscription account anymore)
      Only WeChat account can create Post on WeChat .

  2. WeChat: a complete digital ecosystem

    Check your “moments”, chat with your friends, shop online, pay in physical stores, pay your electricity bills and share the bill at the restaurant, book and pay for a taxi, order food at home, buy food. movie tickets, playing casual games, checking your luggage before you fly, sending money to friends, accessing your health and sports data, making a doctor’s appointment, getting bank statements, find location-based coupons, recognize music, search for books in your local library, get to know new people, follow celebrity news, read magazine articles, donate money to artwork charitable …

    WeChat is used more and more by companies. Swiss small and medium-sized businesses can no longer do without communicating with their Chinese customers.

  3. Procedure for opening the WeChat Pro Service Account
    Provide the documents requested in the list below
    we prepare the application file
    Validate the file and send back the color scan of the dated and stamped file
    And we file the file and notify the brand to make the transfer for the certification request
    Transfer $ 99 to Tencent from the same RIB provided in the list; return the justification (screenshot) of the transfer
    Wait for confirmation of the transfer by Tencent; follow the procedure until Tencent approves or refuses (one month maximum)
    When opening the account, affix a stamp on the proxy letter to authorize Our agency to manage your account.

    List of documents for opening the WeChat Pro Service Account
    Official Account name in French or / and Chinese or / and English.
    Presentation in French and / or Chinese (max. 100 words in Chinese)
    Manager’s ID (in color)


    Contact: Mobile number, Email

    Logo in PNG or JPEG (if you have a logo saved)

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