Easy Steps to Register a WeChat Official Account (2022)

register wechat official account 2020 guide

Step to register a WeChat official account explained, with marketing tips and all WeChat news.

WeChat in 2022

With 1+ billion accounts, WeChat is the largest social media platform in China. In addition to messaging, Wechat has many features. In fact, people share their moments, play games, follow their fitness goals, make voice and video calls, shop online and use it as a payment method. This app, is almost a basic of china marketing, a must-have for companies seeking to do business in the country. Your first step to start using WeChat as a marketing tool is to register a WeChat official account for your brand/company. In this post, we will take you through the process of opening a business account on WeChat, step by step.

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international brands or Chinese companies all use WeChat for business, With its advanced features, internal management functions, and WeChat Payment all WeChat Stickers it is the number one 1-to-1 Messaging and best messaging app for business accounts. 410 million audio and video calls per day on WeChat (2022). . 46TB of data is used over one minute of the morning rush hour on WeChat. Weixin Moments counts 750 million daily users The average user in China spends 82 minutes each day in 2022.

How to Open a WeChat Official Account: Step by Step

register official account wechat

Register a WeChat Official Account if You have a Chinese business license:

  1. Contact WeChat
  2. Provide the documents necessary to open the account
  3. Carry out verification procedures (which can last up to 2 months)
  4. Choose a type of account. 3 different types of official accounts exist, and they give access to different features. We will explain it below.
  5. Choose your name (Think carefully, you can’t change it afterward)
  6. Upload your logo
  7. Create CRM menus and submenus
  8. Choose your ID
  9. Start Uploading Articles
  10. Promote your WeChat (because an inactive account is useless)

PS: if you need help with setting up your Wechat accounts, we help Foreign companies to open WeChat certified accounts. WeChat Subscription is old. (WeChat Subscription Accounts). We prefer corporate Service accounts.

Wechat Business Accounts Types

If you want to use We Chat for your business, you can choose from three types of accounts. You need to understand the differences between these accounts in order to choose the one that best suits your business if you want to reach your KPIs.

wechat account type registration
  • Subscription account: it allows you to publish a message broadcast daily to subscribers. It has communication challenges.
  • Service account: this account allows you to share four messages per month. These appear in the list of friend sessions. It is the best way to promote your products or services.
  • Company account: it gives you access to business tools

WeChat Official: Chinese account vs foreign account

Chinese users can only access the Chinese account because they have to use a Chinese phone number. Therefore, if you are a foreign company and register abroad, Chinese users will not be able to see your account.

In this regard, you must also create an official Chinese account to reach the Chinese targets. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have a legal entity in China and a local phone number.

Chinese use WeChat for friendly chats, (impact on citizens every day) but they like to follow official accounts. All pro WeChat account should pass the application process, and the creation process of content is a big work.

Register a WeChat business Account as a WFOE

Because of local regulations, creating an official Wechat account as a foreign entity is not always easy. As WFOE you can enter the Chinese market but with limited conditions.

Some countries can skip this step since they can get a business license in China. In total, there are 17 countries or regions including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, England, and Italy.

If you are not from the 17 countries mentioned above, you must create a WFOE which can be expensive and time-consuming.

WeChat Service Account is like email… Via the messaging apps, companies can broadcast messaging, and send direct messaging. Emails are too slow for the Chinese and they prefer instant messaging. The Chinese government regulates WeChat, and customer databases with new internet laws in 2021.

Using a Third-Party Company to register a WeChat business account

Another solution is to obtain a partnership with a Chinese company. It can apply for an official Wechat account using your Chinese business license.

This procedure only takes 7 working days. The account will appear with the logo and description of your business. However, it is connected with the legal entity that created the account.

One of the drawbacks is that you cannot use this account to promote your product. Additionally, users may be confused and skeptical about the authenticity of your business. However, if your business is successful, you should consider installing an antenna in China.

How WeChat can help you promote your business in China


WeChat really cares about user experience, and always protects its users. Its user base is the largest in China. WeChat is a marketing strategy in China and the end of the marketing funnel (contact).

It is powerfully and associated with offline marketing (Qr Code) and can provide Instant Customer Service.

Wechat has many features you can use.

  • Promote via location: This feature detects the location of the user and suggests content/mini-app around him/her. This allows you to easily target the people around you.
  • Customize content: Some newspapers or magazines do it like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Vogue.
  • Connect with your followers: In other words, it means that you involve them in a real customer relationship,  get to know them better, and make suggestions to them. By involving them in your marketing, you condition them to unconsciously promote your brand. Setting up your WeChat CRM properly will allow you to do so without spending too much time on these tasks.
  • Advertisements in mini-games and mini-program to deepen customer engagement. For example, Coca-Cola Hong Kong has implemented mini-games in the chat interface. Users had to answer questions and play. They had the opportunity to win coupons to use in stores.
  • Wechat Brochure: If you don’t have one yet, it is time to step up your game; A WeChat brochure is an HTML5 page/WeChat minisite easy to share on WeChat. It can be animated to make it engaging, it can be plain text or picture, however, you like.  Do you want to launch a newsletter? Use the WeChat brochure, if one thing has not changed in 2020 it is that the Chinese don’t read emails.
wechat mini program design
Need a hand with designing a WeChat mini program? We can help

O2O: Promote your Wechat QR code

When you create your account, you automatically get a QR code. O2O or Online to Offline is a perfect strategy to promote your content and increase your visibility. Display your QR code wherever and whenever you can. Encourage people to subscribe to your account by offering them an instant reward. This technique still works in 2020. Chinese users love rewards and discounts, so don’t be shy.

wecaht QR code promotion

Subscription accounts are less popular for active users. Brands prefer service accounts or corporate accounts or public accounts A weChat management is necessary for international brands to the Chinese market with a clear contact form.

To target audience, WeChat Mini Program is a good way to message clients and with great customer service can be super good. WeChat Work is now and is a kind of B2B version for professional messaging platforms (LinkedIn + zoom) good for internal staff. Most overseas companies are facing problems registering accounts and struggle with Wechat chat lists and the verification process. You need China ID citizens, banks account, etc. company stamps and the validation of the Chinese government (and respect China policy).

Chinese audience loves Wechat and practices every day WeChat is part of Chinese culture. And the Chinese won’t trust unverified accounts.

To sump on Opening Wechat Official Account:

It is rather early in 2020, and we have not seen a lot of change compared to last year. If one thing, keep updated, the rules and requirements to register a WeChat official account can change from one week to another. This is China, evolving fast, if you are not ready to keep up with the pace, then maybe you are not ready for China.

We chat is an essential platform when you want to do business in China because Chinese people spend a lot of time on it. Plus, it is such a stable of marketing in China that a company not on WeChat does not look legit in the eye of Chinese consumers. It is a way of engaging with loyal customers

That being said, in our experience, registering a WeChat official account and running it is not enough to succeed in China.  Why? it is hard to get traffic and visibility due to the “close” model of this social media. The app is also not known for being ads friendly even tho it is slowly changing. WeChat, in the user’s head, links a family/friend circle more than commercial content. Weibo is a great platform for commercial content. Anyway, you’ll have to juggle between platforms to reach out to news users efficiently.

WeChat has an influence on citizens and is a good way to do interaction between brands and Chinese clients. With articles per message, you can create an engaging campaign message, with
design features, right contact field (Contact details in the menu).

WeChat needs a strong internal management, and the degree of performance is different from the quality of messages (content marketing) or has a design approach or export-oriented approach. The complex practices and algorithms for practices should be brand to engage Chinese staff to realize operation.

Learn more about WeChat functions with the following articles:


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