WeChat CRM: How it Works and How to Make the Most out of it


If you’re a business owner, then you know that keeping in touch with your customers is key to success. That’s where WeChat CRM comes in – it helps you keep track of your customers’ interactions and conversations on WeChat, so you can stay informed and provide better customer service. In this article, we’ll cover how WeChat CRM works and how to make the most out of it

What is a Social CRM?

Social Customer Relationship Management, more commonly referred to as Social CRM, is a useful method that many businesses use to learn more about their customers. This technique requires the use of social media and the latest technology available in order to engage with the target audience. Social CRM gives businesses a more personal and first-hand connection to leads, prospects, and existing customers, allowing them to communicate with each other and resolve issues in a swift and efficient fashion.

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Its main purpose is to generate customers and sales from a brand’s social media followers by learning how to work with its audience. Social CRM is widely used in businesses worldwide, including in China. However, the tools used and the approach is taken vary depending on the location, seeing as each country has its own trends and unique demographics to target.

What is WeChat CRM?

WeChat is a type of Social CRM that is most commonly used in China. It is one of the biggest social platforms in China to date, reporting a total of 1.2 billion users in January 2022. With that, many brands and businesses have taken to promoting their products on the platform.

With such a large number of brands and consumers, WeChat has released certain features that allow optimized user experience as they interact with different brands. That’s why the number of brands promoting their products on WeChat has greatly increased over the years; the vast audience makes the platform a perfect channel for Social CRM. It generates more traffic to their official websites and content, which is usually linked through their posts on WeChat.

Why Use WeChat CRM?

There are many advantages to implementing WeChat CRM in your shop. Here are some of the best examples.

  • Great opportunities for brand awareness: With WeChat’s large user population, brands have a massive audience at their disposal. As they use WeChat CRM to enhance their customer relationships and engagement, their brand awareness can increase greatly as a result.
  • Know your audience better: By using various third-party integration tools that are compatible with WeChat, brands are able to obtain data and study their audience by monitoring their purchase patterns, behavior, and preferences. From there, they can use this data to implement targeted marketing to increase their conversion rates and generate more potential customers.
  • Gain trust and customer loyalty: Implementing WeChat CRM provides more opportunities for direct contact with Chinese consumers. With useful assets like chatbots or personnel on 24/7 chat support, users will gain access to around-the-clock assistance for their inquiries, issues, and requests. This benefits a brand’s reputation, making them look trustworthy in a consumer’s eyes and encouraging them to trust in their services again in the future.

What Integration Tools Exist for WeChat CRM?

With the competitive market on WeChat, standing out from your competitors might prove to be a challenge. WeChat CRM is already an effective way to persuade customers to purchase your products, but certain tools can enhance your productivity and efficiency on WeChat CRM.

There are many applications and services that can optimize a brand’s performance in WeChat CRM. The compatibility of these services may vary depending on what the brand’s product is about and what they need. The following are reliable services that offer useful features for the majority of sellers:

1. Drip

Drip focuses on the marketing backend, which basically means that its main purpose is to improve relationships with existing customers. Drip allows brands to work closely with their customers and receive their messages directly, allowing any issues or inquiries to be resolved much faster. Its unique features make it easy to promote customer engagement, as it allows brands to create lottery games, articles, and informative websites to interest their followers.

Drip was designed to be user-friendly and simple, so all of these features can be easily found and utilized from its simple interface. Since it’s also a free service, it’s one of the most accessible WeChat CRM Integration tools.

2. Weimob

Weimob is a CRM integration tool specifically designed for WeChat, which makes it one of the most effective tools that sellers can use to improve their social CRM on the platform. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that it has gained popularity as the biggest third-party CRM integration tool in the Chinese market. Weimob’s features focus primarily on building website templates that sellers can use to showcase their products to their audience.

The selection of templates available on Weimob is quite extensive; most products on the market today will likely have an existing template to match, and Weimob’s selection is only growing larger as time passes. Aside from website templates, Weimob also offers other useful features like target messaging, a data analytics backend, a WeChat shop, and more.

3. Youzan

If you are using WeChat CRM primarily to study your consumers’ behavior and activity, then Youzan is one of the most efficient tools for the job. Youzan allows brands to view their consumers’ activity and information regarding their purchases, such as their purchase behavior and VIP status. It also sorts the audience based on their demographics, like gender and location. This makes it easier for brands to execute targeted messaging and think of smart strategies to get these customers to buy their products again.

Aside from the user data, it provides about customers, Youzan also lets you monitor the performance of your brand’s WeChat shop and offers a scheduling feature for brands’ posts to ensure they go live at the most optimal time of day.

4. MikeCRM

MikeCRM is a straightforward but convenient tool for sellers on WeChat pay. It’s optimized to build mobile websites, so it makes interactive and accessible mobile pages easier to create on WeChat. Unlike other WeChat CRM integration tools that create a campaign and creative promotional events, MikeCRM mainly revolves around providing a smooth user experience and improving customer relationships.

This service enhances convenience on WeChat by giving sellers access to one-page mobile shops with payment options like WeChat payment and Alipay. It also has a lot of pre-made templates for certain events and purposes, like hiring posts, event signups, and more. Lastly, it makes communication with loyal customers and leads much easier because of its email function, wherein sellers can communicate directly with their clients.

5. Parllay

If you want to stay updated with the latest trends and changes in consumer behavior, then it’s best to try out Parllay. This service offers an extensive list of features to improve brands’ WeChat CRM. Like Youzan, it allows brands to keep a close eye on their consumers by monitoring their purchases. Many of their features are centered on customer analysis, which gives brands an opportunity to think of a solution and method that will help them appeal to their audience. In other words, Parllay enables effective predictive segmentation for sellers to take advantage of.

Parllay makes the management of your WeChat shop seamless through its detailed profiles and user tags, QR code tracking, and group chats. It also analyzes data trends to ensure that brands will be able to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the Chinese market.

How to Integrate Social CRM Into Your WeChat Account

Integrating CRM into your WeChat account takes only a few steps. Below is a brief guide to setting up an efficient and reliable WeChat CRM to help your business run smoothly and improve customer relationships.

1. Figure out what your brand needs

What kind of approach do you want to take with your WeChat CRM? Consider what you want your brand’s reputation to be. There are many tools available, each with its own unique features, some of which cater specifically to different social CRM strategies. Do you want to be seen as an interactive brand that holds creative campaigns, or would you rather be known for your shop’s easy navigation and swift customer service? Identify what you need and move forward with those goals in mind.

2. Identify what your audience wants

The audience in China is quite different when compared to consumers in other countries. All countries, states, and even cities have a specific demographic with special preferences; seeing as WeChat is primarily composed of Chinese consumers, brands must figure out what they need to do to appeal to these potential customers. Competition in the Chinese market is often cutthroat and innovative, so sellers consistently need to find new ways to stand out.

3. Find a reliable team to assist you

Foreign sellers and brands may have a hard time adjusting to the Chinese market and their selected CRM integration tools. To make the process easier, brands can hire a reliable digital marketing team that can help with CRM operations. Find experts with plenty of experience with the CRM integration tools; they can streamline your platform on WeChat and think of unique strategies to boost growth for your brand.

4. Test it all out

Even with expert agencies and individuals on your side, trial and error is an essential part of the process. Test out new strategies before they’re officially implemented. Monitor the progress being made once the WeChat CRM integration tools are in place. Identify which strategies and tools are most effective while considering what changes need to be made in order to improve your performance.

5. Focus on user relationships

Communication with customers is one of the biggest factors in WeChat CRM integration. Chinese consumers find brands with an accessible and responsive team to be more reliable and trustworthy. Whether it’s targeted messaging to boost your conversion rate or chat support services to help consumers resolve their issues faster, communication through WeChat CRM integration tools can leave a positive impact on a brand’s awareness, reputation, and overall satisfaction from a customer’s point of view.

Get Started with Social CRM in China

Social CRM is a way for businesses to manage their relationships with customers and potential customers through social media channels. It’s a relatively new field, but it’s exploded in popularity in recent years – especially in China.

With WeChat being the most used social media in China and a place where brands are expected to be present, setting up a CRM can only benefit you, help you understand your target audience better, and consequently target them more efficiently.

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