Use WeChat H5 E-Brochure to Find a Chinese Distributor

Introduced in 2011 by Tencent, Wechat rapidly became the most popular app in China, establishing itself as a must-have for Chinese people to use in their daily life. WeChat’s ecosystem is indeed one of the most complete in terms of services and mini-programs. Because of its immense popularity, Wechat was also quickly invested by businesses and brands, to which Tencent answered by offering more tools. One of the most useful Wechat features for businesses is the H5 brochure. Wechat H5 Brochures are suppliers’ best friends but also the best alternative to listing mass mailing in a market where mails are not a thing.

What is a WeChat H5 Brochure?

H5 is an interactive media that allows WeChat users to create appealing digital campaigns. This can include games, invitations, animations, mobile shaking triggers, and many other interactive platforms. One of the most common uses of H5 for businesses is Brochures. H5 brochures can be compared to your PDF presentation/listing, the difference is that they can be animated, contain videos, and so on. The point being, they are fully integrated with WeChat, load fast on the app & can be shared easily via message or QR code (extremely handy in salons and fairs). H5 also allows users to track the data of people viewing their campaigns. Data can be collected from a variety of different areas such as interactive forums, comments, and votes, etc…

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How Wechat H5 Brochures can help you find distributors in China ?

  • Use it as a digital business card: These brochures offer an all-encompassing experience that allows you to easily grasp the user’s focus. Make it your company intro, share it instead of a paper business card.
  • Create an H5 Brochure as a listing to introduce your products/services: You have the possibility to use an H5 brochure to create visually appealing pages of information and image displaying for purposes such as brand introductions, product catalog, and/or look books. This allows users to get to know your products in a quick and efficient way. It is a perfect way to replace your PDF listing that may have a hard time finding a public in China.
  • Distributors in China are expecting this format: This is a common business practice in China. Using an H5 brochure also shows you have a grasp of the Chinese market and you are already invested, it’s reassuring for business partners. It totally is a localization effort on your part: Adapting to local format/media to have a better chance to reach out efficiently to your target audience.
  • Easy to share on Wechat (group/ text message/access on official account etc) & Offline with a Q5 code: Because a wechat H5 brochure is in a format that is optimized to work with Wechat, the sharing of it in the app will be smooth. You can obviously link it in your official account menu, but also share it in a group/text message. The other benefit of an H5 brochure (or any H5 program in wechat), is that you can generate a QR code that can be used outside of the app and offline to encourage peoples to see it. For instance, it is particularly effective for fairs & exhibitions, print your QR code, let peoples scan it. They now have your listing/company intro… in their favorite app, instead than on a paper flyer that has high chances to ends up in the trash and can be shared easily around.
  • Alternative to Mass mailing which does not work in China: Mass mailing in China is not an efficient strategy as mass mailing is not particularly used and even if tried your mailing campaign would without a doubt end up in the spam folder… However there is an alternate solution to contacting a wide quantity of users at the same time, that is by increasing your contact database within WeChat. You can achieve that by joining business groups and networking either on WeChat or Linkedin. Once your contact list is consequent enough all you have left to do is to send a grouped message to your contacts, without forgetting to add a link to your H5 Brochure and voilà! The other way to replace your email strategy would be to build a following on your wechat official account (have one, it matters) and post every week interesting content to nurture your followers. Just like having an H5 brochure, it shows you understand the market, that you are legit. Access to your account can be shared through the app and offline as easily as a brochure and mainly you can host your brochure so it is available at any time. Your weekly post would be equivalent to a “newsletter”.

To find a reliable Distributor in China, set up a strong online presence

Baidu SEO is Key

To succeed in marketing campaigns geared towards Chinese consumers, it is very effective to create a strategy that combines both SEO and SEM (paid advertisement on search engines), as both have a very significant weight on the visibility results. That being said SEM offers the possibility to sponsor sites with targeted campaigns. In this way, your brand’s site will get a better online reputation and visibility, an increase in visitors, and of course higher market feedback.

Press Releases (PR)

PR are one of the most efficient strategies when it comes to building your online reputation in China and at the same time boosting your website’s ranking on search engines. PR agencies will help to increase the companies’ exposure and to build it’s reputation. However, the main downside to PR is that it is one of the most cost-effective methods. In order to have have the best advices and choosing the best solutions suited for them, companies can make use of an expert.

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