List of Lingerie, Bikinis & Pantie distributors in China

Among the wide choice of products for adults in China, lingerie is THE women’s favorite. They love lingerie and especially high-quality lingerie, bikinis, and panties from foreign brands.

More generally, Chinese people are adopting a Western lifestyle and culture. And this translates into the purchase of foreign brands’ products! Of course, lingerie, bikinis, and panties markets are not spared.

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In the last decades, we saw many foreign brands like Victoria’s Secret that got into China. They have a huge success and expand in Chinese cities at a fast pace.

With this cultural shift, Chinese women do not feel afraid or ashamed of being glamourous and sexy anymore. They are willing to spend more money on this type of product and this represents a great opportunity door for foreign lingerie and bikini brands.

If a woman is willing to spend more money than the average on lingerie, bikinis, or panties, they will require high-end products. And what can be better in terms of quality than a foreign brand specialized in these products?


Just by being a foreign brand, it enjoys a positive brand image that produces high-quality products and whose prices are justified.

But it does not make all the work! Working on your branding in China is the most important part of any implantation in this market.

But first, let’s take a closer look at this market.

Lingerie, Bikinis & Pantie market

Lingerie, bikinis, and panties brands will no doubt remain as successful in China in the coming years. The local markets are getting bigger and foreign brands to hold their leadership!

  • Over 9% CAGR growth expected for these markets for the next four years
  • South Central, South-West, and East of China as the main lingerie markets
  • Foreign brands represent 60% of the underwear market
  • US$43.42 billion only for the lingerie market in 2018
  • Expected to be worth US$64.49 billion by the end of 2020!

The bikini market is still an unexplored market since it only represents 10% of the total women’s swimwear market. Since the majority of the sales happen during summer, bikinis are considered as seasonal products, but their total sales amount is getting bigger every year.

Case Studies

Watch this video

Success Zoom: Victoria’s Secret

One of the biggest successes as a foreign brand in China. VS got into China in 2018 and quickly became popular among Chinese women thanks to one thing: its branding strategy.

In 2018, VS was the second top underwear seller on Tmall!

Many other foreign brands are already well-known in China as Etam, Triumph International, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, …


By adapting its marketing strategy and brand image to the Chinese market, VS managed to get a positive image in China and efficiently sell its products.

Lingerie, bikinis, and panties distributors in China:

To encounter success in the Chinese market, the choice of online and offline distributors is a key point of the marketing strategy. Depending on your targets, your prices, and your quality, you must choose the right distributor that will best fit your brand image.

Offline distributors are more focused on bikinis and panties distribution while online distributors are more focused on lingerie, bikinis, and panties.

Offline distributors:

  • Hosa distribution
  • Arena Store
  • Decathlon
  • SportMaster
  • Walmart
  • RT-Mart

Online distributors:

  • Amazon retail
  • Little Red Book, the distribution division
  • Mia.com
  • SportMaster
  • Tmall

Being present in big distribution retailers, specialized stores or online stores can make your brand successful.

Branding and storytelling are the key to unlocking distribution in China

We have experience in the Chinese market and will know which retail method will suit your business the best. Contact us and give you the chance to succeed in China!

We can help you to find distributors and sell your lingerie Pants brand in China.

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